Saturday, November 28, 2015

You Know That New Sound You've Been Looking For! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 28/15

the big pink - hightimes
coves - stormy
travis - everything at once
escapists - pyramid scheme
emma pollock - alabaster
mt. wolf - hex
francis lung - back one day
postcards from jeff - a house
the manhattan love suicides - bikini party / birthday kill
strawberry whiplash - never ending now
pins - got it bad
evans the death - enabler
the school - love is anywhere you find it
lemon jelly - '88 aka come down on me
happy mondays - dennis & lois
hot chip - dancing in the dark
wire - shifting
-----northern soul spotlight
major lance - ain't no soul (left in these old shoes)
james carr - that's what i want to know
the cooperettes - shing-a-ling
dean courtney - i'll always need you
billy joe royal - hearts desire
-----lp session- hurricane #1 "find what you love and let it kill you"
hurricane #1 - best is yet to come
hurricane #1 - crash
hurricane #1 - round in circles
hurricane #1 - leave it all behind
telegram - taffy come home
pulp - babies
fvc - don't think so
the wild things - hollywood
the jennifers - just got back today
field music - the noisy days are over
dry the river - coast
the verve - she's a superstar
money - i'll be the night
the spook school - i want to kiss you
fews - the zoo
the naturals - module
the foetals - nothing
the karma repair kit - your restless spirit
the candle thieves - umbrella in a storm
lanterns on the lake - through the cellar door

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Songs To Learn And Sing! Show tracks for Sat. Nov.21/15

Audience participation time! I leave this in your capable hands listeners. I am wondering how to feature the Festive 50 this year? Would you like to see The Festive 50 return to a more historical 2 week production or follow last year's experiment of a 1 week show. The one week show last year did not feature all 50 artists being played due to time constraints. It actually featured around 40. The two week version obviously allows time for all 50 to be played during a two show run. So which do you prefer?

david bowie - blackstar
dry the river - hooves of doubt
dry the river - five four
guy garvey - yesterday
hurricane #1 - think of the sunshine
money - you look like a sad painting on both sides of the sky
savages - t.i.w.y.g.
the naturals - 2hgs
hey bulldog - under my spell
our girl - sleeper
jean-michel jarre - if..! feat little boots
jean-michel jarre - immortals feat fuck buttons
formation - control
ho/pe & iv/an - panic room my heart
canvas - another time feat andrew montgomery
arthur beatrice - who returned
fat white family - whitest boy on the beach
public service broadcasting - korolev
-----lp session - chorusgirl "s/t"
chorusgirl - girls of 1926
chorusgirl - sweetness and slight
chorusgirl - shivers
lush - undertow
the long blondes - guilt
echo & the bunnymen - bring on the dancing horses
suede - outsiders
the jesus & mary chain - taste the floor
-----mixtape memories
abc - high & dry
china crisis - it's too late
heaven 17 - rocket man
wang chung - girls and boys
the hidden charms - love you cause you're there
blur - tender (live at wembley)
stiff little fingers - johnny was

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Popkiss! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 14/15

mt. wolf - hex
daughter - numbers
liines - never there
kite base - miracle waves
the hummingbirds - out of the rain
shake shake go - we are now
the libertines - heart of the matter
babyshambles - killamangiro
adam & the ants - the magnificent five
the pop group - s.o.p.h.i.a.
sex pistols - submission
the big pink - hightimes
fever dream - dance forever
splashh - nobody loves you like i do
girls names - chrome rose
-----northern soul spotlight
roy hamilton - crackin' up over you
billy butler - burning touch of love
shirley ellis - soul time
ketty lester - some things are better left unsaid
reparata & the delrons - panic
-----lp session - traams "modern dancing"
traams - sisters
traams - neckbrace
traams - car song
visage - aurora
durutti column - bordeaux
northside - my rising star (12" version)
gengahr - fill my gums with blood
sundara karma - prisons to purify feat marika hackman
the wake - english rain
the wake - provincial disco
secret shine - into the ether
white baer - exit four
blanck mass - double cross
the hidden charms - dreaming of another girl
surge - loveblood
the lovely eggs - goofin' around (in lancashire)
allusondrugs - am i weird?
beach baby - limousine
warm brains - now that i'm boring feat katherine whitaker
trust fund - scared II

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Like A Deer Caught In The Headlights! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 7/15

Back to business after the Pledge Drive week. Thanks to all who donated to CJAM this year! And a special thanks to those who donated through this program. You can still donate, at the link featured below in last week's post. It's never too late! WE ARE CJAM!

the charlatans - let the good times be never ending
bloc party - the love within
suede - outsiders
cinerama - deer caught in the headlights
simple minds & the stranglers - (get a) grip (on yourself)
the kooks - creatures of habit
iggy pop - sister midnight
spc eco - incomplete
cheatahs - hey, chen
slowdive - avalyn I
the sound - monument
coves - stormy
younghusband - she lies awake
younghusband - blonde bending
flowers - ego loss
sundara karma - run away
indigo child - shangri la
darkstar - stoke the fire
disclosure - magnets feat lorde
new order - unlearn this hatred
-----lp session - visage "demons to diamonds"
visage - before you win
visage - loving the alien
visage - star city
clock opera - changeling
los porcos - porc noise complaint
the luxembourg signal - distant drive
editors - forgiveness
dead ceremony - seventeen
the tuts - do i have to look for love?
skinny girl diet - fix me
ill - ill song
savages - the answer
bill ryder-jones - two to birkenhead
bill ryder-jones - put it down before you break it
paul heaton & jacqui abbot - lonesome and sad millionaire
the pogues - the ghost of a smile
storms - undress
chorusgirl - no moon
trash - urban glow


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pledge Drive/Halloween 2015 show tracks for Sat. Oct. 31/15

Our pledge drive show for 2015 is tonight! Hope you will tune in for a some Halloween theme tracks as well many reasons for you to support CJAM.
Every dollar we receive goes to keeping CJAM 99.1 FM on the air, accomplishing our mission operating a campus-based community radio station providing music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area.
Super easy, fast and safe to donate to CJAM using this dedicated page for our show.
Check it out and feel free to support volunteer driven campus community radio in Windsor!
Thank you for your support!

the automatic - monster
the wombats - tokyo (vampires & wolves)
the horrors - jack the ripper
the wytches - if not for money
japan - halloween
sun machine - the loudest of them
amy winehouse - you're wondering now
real lies - dab housing
lonelady - mortar remembers you
ian brown - f.e.a.r.
the levellers - the devil went down to georgia
the zutons - moons & horror shows
dodgy - melodies haunt you
the fall - there's a ghost in my house
-----northern soul spotlight
the wigan casino 3 before 8
tobi legend - time will pass you by
jimmy radcliffe - long before the night is over
dean parrish - i'm on my way
pulp - disco 2000
-----lp session - guy garvey "courting the squall"
guy garvey - harder edges
guy garvey - juggernaut
guy garvey - electricity feat jolie holland
ill - ill song
skinny girl diet - silver spoons
siouxsie & the banshees - halloween
curve - horror head
franz ferdinand & sparks - police encounters
outfit - boy
iron maiden - fear of the dark

Monthly Indiessential chart for October 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. ILLUMINATIONS (LP) ... Lusts (1965 Records)
2. SETTLED IN OUR HEARTS EP ... Cat Bear Tree (Cat Bear Tree)
3. THE ANSWER ... Savages (Matador)
4. IN DREAM (LP) ... Editors (Play It Again Sam)
5. PRIESTESS ... Pumarosa (Chess Club Records)
6. REAL LIFE (LP) ... Real Lies (Marathon Artists)
7. SEXWITCH (LP) ... Sexwitch (The Echo Label Limited)
8. SUPER TRANSPORTERREUM EP ... Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)
9. WHAT WE HAVEN'T GOT YET ... Jaws (Bad Co. Records)
10. DREAM SODA (LP) ... Demob Happy (So Recordings/Silva Screen Records)
11. THE BIRTHDAY OF THE WORLD (LP) ... Hatcham Social (Crocodile Records)
12. TIRED EYES ... Gengahr (Transgressive)
13. TAKE YOUR JACKET OFF & GET INTO IT (LP) ... Vangoffey (Distiller Records)
14. ORDINARY BOYS (LP) ... Ordinary Boys (Treat Yourself Records)
15. MIRRORS (LP) ... Reverend & The Makers (Cooking Vinyl)
16. BRING SOME ... Man Made (Soul Kitchen)
17. DIMINISHING RETURNS ... Model Railway Exhibition (model railway exhibition)
18. PARTS PRIMITIVE (LP) ... Primitive Parts (Trouble In Mind Records)
19. IT'S NOT ROCK & ROLL ... Trampolene (Mi7 Records)
20. SURRENDER (LP) ... Hurts (Columbia)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 24/15

Tonight on the eve of the big celebration Cowboys & Indies will be "Keeping It Peel"! October 25 is the anniversary of John's death, one of our musical idols. Tonight some new releases an LP Session and loads of Peel Sessions to celebrate!

Super easy, fast and safe to donate to CJAM during this year's Pledge Drive. The new look page is up and running. Check it out and feel free to support volunteer driven campus community radio in Windsor! Donation page is open now. No need to wait.
Join us Saturday Oct. 31 (yes Halloween) for our annual Pledge Drive show.

mitch benn & the distractions - a minute's noise for John
the undertones - teenage kicks (festive 50 1981)
the fall - rebellious jukebox (peel session)
savages - the answer
pj harvey - victory (peel session)
slow riot - city of colour
holy esque - hexx
jesus & mary chain - some candy talking (peel session)
the chameleons - nostalgia (peel session)
pleasure beach - dreamer to the dawn
the associates - party fears two (peel session)
kissing the pink - big man restless
david bowie - heroes (peel session)
simple minds - ghostdancing
spring king - who are you?
venice trip - said too much
trampolene - it's not rock and roll
vangoffey - alfie loves the birds
vangoffey - spilt milk
the smiths - still ill (peel session)
inspiral carpets - gimme shelter (peel session)
primal scream - crystal crescent (peel session)
the boomtown rats - mary of the 4th form (peel session)
television personalities - a picture of dorian gray (peel session)
dexy's midnight runners - tell me when my light turns green (peel session)
-----lp session - cheatahs "mythologies"
cheatahs - channel view
cheatahs - in flux
cheatahs - freak waves
cheatahs - reverie bravo
the shop assistants - i don't want to be friends with you (peel session)
delta 5 - delta 5 (peel session)
cabaret voltaire - walls of jericho (peel session)
the pop group - words disobey me (peel session)
kerosene - one hundred & twelve
east of eden - northern hemispheres
black sonic revolver - darken my door
sea pinks - depth of field
catholic action - l.u.v.
-----lp session #2 - lusts "illuminations"
lusts - temptation
lusts - bad weekend
lusts - mouthwash
a certain ratio - all night party (peel session)
blur - popscene (live at peel acres)
pulp - common people (peel session)
echo & the bunnymen - over the wall (peel session)