Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Sound Of The Crowd! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 18/15

How did your Record Store Day fare? Me, I chose to give it a miss this year. The release list was completely underwhelming for me. To be honest there were a few I would have purchased if the prices weren't so far out of whack. That's not to say that I won't have a look next week at whats left after all the insanity dies down. Maybe I'm getting old, but I just don't see the point in dealing with complete assholes and paying to much money for re-issues. But I hope you got some of what you wanted and enjoyed yourself, after all that is point of it all.

blur - there are to many of us
lonelady - silvering
franz ferdinand & sparks - johnny delusional
dutch uncles - don't sit back (frankie said)
b movie - they forget
parlour flames - manchester rain
vision fortune - tied and bound
vision fortune - sandrino
gengahr - heroine
the vaccines - dream lover
wolf alice - bros
spring king - dream boy
happyness - a whole new shape
pretty vicious - it's always there
honeyblood - the black cloud
the staves - the shining
mary epworth - ray of sunlight
-----northern soul spotlight
fred hughes - don't let me down
mary silvers - the power of love
the accents - spring song (new girl)
maurice williams & the zodiacs - being without you
roscoe shelton - running for my life
-----lp session - wire "wire"
wire - in manchester
wire - sleep-walking
wire - swallow
outfit - new air
southern - lone driver
jim jones & the righteous mind - 1000 miles from the sure
seagulls - girl you must be dreaming
morning smoke - isn't anything
-----mixtape memories
spandau ballet - to cut a long story short
classix nouveaux - guilty
john foxx - underpass
japan - visions of china
human league - sound of the crowd
abjects - gone
the vultures - weakest storm
the lucid dream - unchained
swim deep - hotel california
the anchoress - once upon a lie
the monochrome set - oh, you're such a star


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Culture Of Volume! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 11/15

Thanks for everyone who voted in this year's Jammy Awards. We unfortunately did not win in a very large and contentious category.
Maybe next year. All of our supporters and friends win an award every week for being there for our little show! Thank you!

spaceman 3 - ode to street hassle
white noise sound - never fall
stealing sheep - greed
mary epworth - long gone
bear's den - agape
palace - kiloran
lilac time - babylon revisited
lilac time - prussian blue
the school - all i want from you is everything
looper - oh, skinny legs
big deal - veronica
thelightshines - sunshine in my head
ride - vapour trail (live at coachella)
the blow monkeys - ok! have it your way
the bohicas - where you at
the magic gang - alright
-----northern soul spotlight
the rivingtons - i love you always
linda jones - you hit me like tnt
sidney barnes - you'll always be in style
the fascinations - girls are out to get you
-----lp session - east india youth "culture of volume"
east india youth - beaming white
east india youth - entirety
east india youth - don't look backwards
golden fable - royals (lorde cover)
the wytches - wastybois
telescopes - i wanna be your dog
kobadelta - ithaca
zefur wolves - troubled soul
-----mixtape memories
scritti politti - asylums in jerusalem
uv pop - no songs tomorrow
magazine - rhythm of cruelty
shriekback - mistah linn he dead
the fall - middle mass
pretty vicious - just another story
yak - smile
desperate journalist - hesitate
stalking hawks - falling down (demo)
fehm - hand to mouth
autobahn - beautiful place to die


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Make A Joyful Noises! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 4/15

the klf - last train to transcentral
stereo mcs - elevate my mind
the maccabees - marks to prove it
spring king - they're coming after you
franz ferdinand & sparks - piss off!
dutch uncles - realm
simple minds - east at easter
cheatahs - murasaki
swervedriver - english subtitles
pink teens - cola girls
hot chip - need you now
east india youth - turn away
jamie xx - gosh
blancmange - useless
we have band - out of the woods
-----northern soul spotlight
little richie - just another heartache
didi noel - let the music play
betty everett & jerry butler - getting mighty crowded
ted ford - you're going to need me
sam fletcher - i'd think it over twice (if i were you)
-----lp session - circa waves "young chasers"
circa waves - lost it
circa waves - good for me
circa waves - the luck has gone
the cribs - city storms
paul weller - saturn's pattern
the vaccines - dream lover
drenge - never awake
palma violets - english tongue
the slow show - augustine
spiritualized - soul on fire
nadine shah - matador
nadine shah - washed up
table scraps - electricity
-----mixtape memories
23 skidoo - coup
delta 5 - triangle
chaz jankel - 3,000,000 synths
section 25 - program for light
singers and players - make a joyful noises
the lilac time - she writes a symphony
the popguns - if you ever change your mind
summer camp - bad love
swiss lips - honey
robin guthrie & mark gardener - triumphant


Friday, April 3, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for March 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. I WASN'T BORN TO LOSE YOU (LP) ... Swervedriver (Cherry Red Records)
2. EXPECT DELAYS (LP) ... Evans The Death (Fortuna POP!/Slumberland)
3. EP1 ... Sundara Karma (Believe Recordings/203 Recordings)
4. THE LUCID DREAM (LP) ... The Lucid Dream (Holy Are You Recordings)
5. FOR ALL MY SISTERS (LP) ... The Cribs (Sonic Blew)
6. YOUNG ONES EP ... Formation (Meno Records)
7. POCKET ALBUM TWO EP ... Trampolene (Mi7 Records)
8. MORE HEAT! MORE PANIC! (LP) ... The Manhattan Love Suicides (Squirrel)
9. UNIVERSAL ROAD (LP) ... Robin Guthrie & Mark Gardener (soleil après minuit)
10. INSIDE OUTSIDE ... Telegram (Speedy Wunderground)
11. HANDSOME ... The Vaccines (Columbia)
12. HINTERLAND (LP) ... Lonelady (Warp Records)
13. THE SCENE BETWEEN (LP) ... The Go! Team (Memphis Industries)
14. LEASE OF LIFE (LP) ... Errors (Rock Action Records)
15. NO MOON ... Chorusgirl (The 100 Club Series #3)
16. CITIZEN ZOMBIE (LP) ... The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
17. LOVE ME ... Dressmaker (Dressmaker)
18. SEROTONIN HIT ... Fever Dream (Club AC30)
19. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE ... Pins (Bella Union)
20. HEAVY ECHO ... White Noise Sound (Rocket Girl)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Head Musik! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 28/15

This is not déjà vu! Tonight we have new music from Blur. The third track taken from the upcoming Magic Whip LP. If they keep this up we'll hear the whole album before it's
Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for their fave CJAM programmers this year. The award ceremony is in 2 weeks. I'll let you know the outcome then.

the bohicas - to die for
crushed beaks - memory loss
blur - lonesome street
kero kero bonito - picture this
lonelady - bunkerpop
lonelady - (i can see) landscapes
spring king - city
jamie xx - loud places feat romy
bernard & edith - heartache
formation - young ones
simple minds - midnight walking
robin guthrie & mark gardener - yesterday's news
robin guthrie & mark gardener - sometime
blancmange - like i do
crystal fighters - change
-----northern soul spotlight
alvin cash & the registers - alvin's boo-ga-loo
sam dees - lonely for you, baby
jackie lee - the duck
the valentines - breakaway
dee clark - that's my girl
-----lp session - the lucid dream "s/t"
the lucid dream - the darkest day / head musik
the lucid dream - unchained dub
the lucid dream - morning breeze
pink film - pressure
the isabelles - small stone
the red cords - scratch it off
yak - hungry heart
abattoir blues - awake
-----mixtape memories
shine! - bite the apple
the bardots - summerhouse
blair 1523 - take me there
catherine wheel - she's my friend
the suncharms - sparkle
errors - new winged fire
errors - genuflection
lusts - mouthwash
black market karma - the fifth time around

Download the show.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Electrical Language! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 21/15

Time is running out to vote for your fave CJAM volunteers! Voting closes on March 25th. So don't delay.
Vote now!

as elephants are - crown
shinies - waves
django django - reflections
circa waves - t-shirt weather
le volume courbe - the house feat kevin shields
lightning in a twilight hour - the death of silence
the monochrome set - iceman
blur - there are too many of us
telegram - inside outside
teleman - strange combinations
young rebel set - the girl from the 51
the view - marriage
malpas - under her sails
the staves - no me, no you, no more
the staves - make it holy
kingsley chapman & the murder - olympians
laura marling - i feel your love
nai harvest - all the time
white noise sound - heavy echo
the slow show - bloodline
curb - outside
-----lp session - the cribs "for all my sisters"
the cribs - finally free
the cribs - summer of chances
the cribs - spring on broadway
post war glamour girls - southpaw stance
trampolene - i'm on my own
delamere - bright young things
life - go go go
sauna youth - transmitters
-----mixtape memories
the eurythmics - wrap it up feat green gartside
be-bop deluxe - electrical language
simple minds - book of brilliant things
kitchens of distinction - railwayed
siouxsie & the banshees - mirage
the wombats - give me a try
life in film - get closer
the go! team - blowtorch
the go! team - gaffa tape bikini
all tvvins - thank you
disraeli gears - born and bred


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Moving Away From The Pulsebeat! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 14/15

Remember there is limited time left to vote for your favourite CJAM programmers and shows in the 2015 Jammy Awards.
Follow this link to vote, it will only take a few seconds.
And don’t forget to join us on April 10th at Venue Music Hall in downtown Windsor for our winners ceremony!

honeyblood - no big deal
sundowners - back to you
paul weller - long time
the cribs - different angle
spring king - the city
the charlatans - come home baby
noel gallagher's high flying birds - lock all the doors
kate bush - pi
big deal - pi
formation - back then
ultravox - maximum acceleration
wire - split your ends
-----lp session - evans the death "expect delays"
evans the death - intrinsic grey
evans the death - sledgehammer
evans the death - idiot button
evans the death - don't beat yourself up
joanna gruesome - last year
-----northern soul spotlight
howard guyton - i watched you slowly slip away
alfie davison - love is a serious business
barbara mcnair - you're gonna love my baby
roger hatcher - sweetest girl in the world
reuben howell - you can't stop a man in love
johnny marr - i feel you
everything everything - distant past
dressmaker - love me
fever dream - serotonin hit
the chameleons - intrigue in tangiers
-----lp session - manhattan love suicides "more heat! more panic!"
manhattan love suicides - goffin-king
manhattan love suicides - the blood club
manhattan love suicides - anything but satisfied
jesus & mary chain - never understand
-----mixtape memories
coldcut feat lisa stansfield - people hold on
saint etienne - you're in a bad way
blur - girls & boys (pet shop boys radio edit)
buzzcocks - moving away from the pulsebeat
the pop group - age of miracles
the slits - typical girls (brink style dub)
menace beach - pick out the pieces
dark horses - saturn returns
gang of four - the dying rays
spandau ballet - instinction