Sunday, November 19, 2017

Floating For You! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 18/17

paul weller - one tear
baxter dury - mungo
towers of london - shot in the dark
yungblud - tin pan boy
proletariat - kiss of death
paves - baby
shame - one rizla
noel gallagher's high flying birds - it's a beautiful world
belle & sebastian - like dylan in the movies
morrissey - the girl from tel-aviv who wouldn't kneel
morrissey - who will protect us from the police?
nick heyward - perfect sunday sun
insecure men - subaru nights
childhood - too old for my tears
turin brakes - would you be mine
jaws - 17
autobahn - creation
sisters of mercy - dominion / mother russia
-----lp session - viva brother "II"
viva brother - womankind
viva brother - i don't wanna be loved
viva brother - silver silk
seawitches - no answers
yonaka - bubblegum
wolf alice - space & time
wylderness - 72 & sunny
purest - waiting for
the night café - turn
headclouds - seen it before
the twang - subscription
sleepovers - good sides
black gold buffalo - pearls deep
demons of ruby mae - someday
-----lp session - spinning coin "permo"
spinning coin - money for breakfast
spinning coin - floating for you
spinning coin - sleepless
dream nails - tourist
jetstream pony - not the one
pink kink - bubblebutt
dolls - armchair psychiatrist
the lovely eggs - i shouldn't have said that
the names - limb by limb


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Instant Pleasures! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 11/17

elêphant - stranger it seems
honey lung - stuttering mind
phalcons - idle ways
elbow - golden slumbers
clock opera - you've got what i need
white room - cannibal song
dark horses - XIII
sunan - faster
insecure men - teenage toy
fat white family - i am mark e smith
ultravox - new europeans
british electric foundation - perfect day feat glenn gregory
primal scream - wise blood
hookworms - negative space
post war glamour girls - guiding light
-----northern soul spotlight
jimmy james & the vagabonds - this heart of mine
three tops - do it right (soul version)
petula clark - you're the one
the cherry people - and suddenly
-----lp session - shed seven "instant pleasures"
shed seven - enemies and friends
shed seven - butterfly on a wheel
shed seven - invincible
black honey - dig
the vapors - sixty second interval
the wombats - lemon to a knife fight
adam & the ants - dog eat dog
cross wires - walking wounded (rory atwell version)
the tates - water
morrissey - jackie's only happy when she's up on stage
red kite - point of light
pale waves - new year's eve
plastic flowers - how can i
drahla - form of luxury
-----lp session - martin carr "new shapes of life"
martin carr - new shapes of life
martin carr - the main man
martin carr - the van
bitch falcon - of heart
billy bragg - the sleep of reason
i, ludicrous - a very important meeting
i, ludicrous - it'll all be over soon


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mini Skirts & Go Go Boots! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 4/17

franz ferdinand - always ascending
noel gallagher's high flying birds - she taught me how to fly (later with jools holland)
ride - pulsar
amusement parks on fire - black beacon sound
hookworms - negative space
el goodo - i sit and wonder
el goodo - when
the wytches - double world
goat girl - cracker drool
hotel lux - the last hangman
slowcoaches - complex
the duke spirit - yoyo
siouxsie & the banshees - cascade
fehm - last breath
autobahn - low-high
-----northern soul spotlight
margo & the marvettes - when love slips away
lloyd & glen - mini skirts & go go boots
willie & west - get away from me girl
bobby rio - ask the lonely
geno washington - if this is love (i'd rather be lonely)
-----lp session - the luxembourg signal "blue field"
the luxembourg signal - there is nothing more beautiful than a well-made machine
the luxembourg signal - antarctica
the luxembourg signal - fall feeling feat bobby wratten
the fratellis - the next time we wed
serpent power - golden dawn
elêphant - stranger than it seems
the dead natives - i got menace
ummagma - back to you (dean garcia spc eco mix)
the stereophonics - caught by the wind
the stereophonics - before anyone knew our name
judas - ceasefire
the himalayas - sigh on a hurricane
new luna - opinionated
medicine club - reform
-----lp session - fever dream "squid"
fever dream - heads will roll
fever dream - ghost
fever dream - clear mind
out lines - buried guns
red kite - and yet you miss the sea
i, ludicrous - today's man


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - October

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. TIC TAC TOE ... Django Django (Because Music)
2. IN MEMORY OF (LP) ... Catholic Action (Modern Sky Entertainment)
3. PRINCE OF TEARS (LP) ... Baxter Dury (Heavenly Recordings)
4. GETTING OVER YOU (BY DRESSING UP LIKE YOU) ... Childcare (Elephant Records)
5. LET YOUR DOGTOOTH GROW ... The Orielles (Heavenly Recordings)
6. STARGAZING FOR BEGINNERS (LP) ... Pale Seas (Abbey Records)
7. ALWAYS ASCENDING ... Franz Ferdinand (Domino)
8. RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES ... Ist Ist (Scruff of the Neck Records)
9. THE FINISH LINE ... Embrace (CookingVinyl)
10. LOCAL FREAKS (LP) ... Sugarmen (Modern Sky Entertainment)
11. BITTERSWEET ... The Van T's (Lab Records)
12. SURVIVE / FREEFALLING ... Hollie Cook (Merge)
13. DAYLIGHT (LP) ... The Selecter (DMF Records)
14. GOOD TIMES ... The Rainkings (Hear Here)
15. LIMB BY LIMB ... Names (Libertino Records)
16. SUN BRIDGE (LP) ... My Sad Captains (Bella Union)
17. SILK SPIRIT ... Drahla (Blank Ad)
18. THE GOLDEN AGE OF NOT EVEN TRYING ... Dead! (Infectious)
19. THROUGH SNOW & SMALL TALK (LP) ... Adam & Elvis (Freak Power Records)
20. FEMININE HYGIENE SPRAY ... Art Trip and the Static Sound (Fiasco Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Artificial Pleasure! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 28/17

Well, the pledge drive is over for another year. Thanks to all who took the time to donate and support CJAM this year. Don't worry if you didn't pledge and still want to the links be will active for a long while, so surf on in. There's never a time limit on being a superstar and helping volunteer campus/community radio.

mogwai - crossing the road material
93millionmilesfromthesun - slowdive
the orielles - let your dogtooth grow
the go! team - semicircle song
teleman - repeater (boxed in)
false advertising - hey you
blushes - to the bone
brian eno & kevin shields - only once away my son
amusement parks on fire - our goal to realise
kite base - transition
the telescopes - the desert in your heart
franz ferdinand - always ascending
gengahr - mallory
names - limb by limb
hollie cook - freefalling
lions of dissent - shangri-la city
mark stewart - forbidden colours
sinead o'connor - jerusalem
-----lp session - baxter dury "prince of tears"
baxter dury - mungo
baxter dury - almond milk feat jason williamson
baxter dury - august
baxter dury - wanna
noel gallaghers high flying birds - fort knox
morrissey - i wish you lonely
egyptian blue - cut me a hole
the rainkings - good times
drahla - silk spirit
dream wife - let's make out
pink kink - munchie magic
cabbage - kevin (skeleton key mix)
cut glass kings - the devil inside
serpent power - golden dawn
nick power - sing along
-----lp session - catholic action "in memory of"
catholic action - say nothing
catholic action - doing well
catholic action - childhood home
artificial pleasure - wound up tight
autobahn - execution rise
fehm - human age
sex pistols - pretty vacant


Sunday, October 22, 2017

All Disco! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 21/17 Pledge Drive Show

Thank you for supporting CJAM! And for supporting Cowboys & Indies!

rose elinor dougal - all at once
saint etienne - dive
marnie - invisible girl
the horrors - press enter to exit
elbow - all disco
by the sea - i see a crystal sky
bauhaus - in the night
the sundays - what do you think?
the cult - revolution
sugarmen - ac
the charlatans - over again
cast - sandstorm
inheaven - world on fire
the jazz butcher - caroline wheeler's birthday present
slowdive - sugar for the pill
ride - cali
the orchids - underneath the window underneath the sink (2017 version)
the clientele - lunar days
jack cooper - gynn square
jack cooper - a net
girl ray - cutting shapes
the big moon - formidable
pete fij & terry bickers - love's going to get you
jesus and mary chain - mood rider
british sea power - don't let the sun get in the way
thousand yard stare - black & blue sky thinking
ulrika spacek - silvertonic
sundowners - great beauty
temples - roman godlike man


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Kids Of The Club! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 14/17

"A five day once in a lifetime event celebrating the best in Northern Soul and Motown Music. In the place that gave birth to "The Sound Of Young America" - DETROIT, MICHIGAN.
This week we finish spotlighting some of the artists playing this great festival in the Northern Soul Spotlight. Enjoy the festival!
The giving is underway! Our live pledge drive show is next week but you can beat the rush and donate now. NO donation is to small, they all help CJAM's volunteers to bring you quality programming for another year. I hope you can find it in your wallets to give to your fave campus/community radio station, CJAM!
To donate click here!

flyte - orphans of the storm
palace - live well
django django - tic tac toe
cristobal & the sea - goat flokk
childcare - getting over you (by dressing up like you)
the pink diamond revue - go go girl
art trip & the static sound - feminine hygiene spray
dead! - the golden age of not even trying
belle & sebastian - i'll be your pilot
lloyd cole & the commotions - forest fire
ardyn - life happens
johnny marr - there is a light that never goes out (live)
the big moon - total eclipse of the heart
hollie cook - angel fire
hollie cook - survive
david bowie - blackout
the dramatics - all because of you
lorraine chandler - i can't hold on
the contours - just a little misunderstanding
the velvelettes - needle in a haystack
tobi legend - time will pass you by
-----lp session - my sad captains "sun bridge"
my sad captains - everything at the end of everything
my sad captains - destination memory
my sad captains - curtain calls
noel gallagher's high flying birds - holy mountain
viva brother - bastardo
the fratellis - creeping up the backstairs
sheafs - this is not a protest
the libertines - boys in the band
ist ist - right before your eyes
luxury death - kids of the club
bugeye - wake up
yonaka - bibblegum
exploded view - summer came early
-----lp session - pale seas "stargazing for beginners"
pale seas - my own mind
pale seas - in a past life
pale seas - bodies
the wedding present - my favourite dress
the wedding present - shatner
adam & elvis - modern hitz
adam & elvis - hanging tree