Sunday, February 17, 2019

Slight Disconnects! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 16/19

New provincial government legislation could cut campus media funding by 3/4 or more. This would mean an extremely uncertain future for all campus/community radio stations as well as University media outlets, ex newspapers, across Ontario. See what you can do to help as well as getting more information. Stations, like CJAM, need you to speak up now! Follow the link for more info.

gemma ray - death tapes
lauran hibberd - sugardaddy
lexytron - i'm not a disco
foals - on the luna
saltwater - sun blood
maps - just reflecting
ten fé - here again
the house of love - shine on 1990
yonaka - bad company
ladytron - you've changed
ladytron - horrorscope
talkboy - someone else for you
lost under heaven - serenity says
catfish & the bottlemen - fluctuate
pulp - razzmatazz
suede - stay together
manic street preachers - you love us
blur - i'm just a killer for your love
mark stewart - favour
the specials - the life and times (of a man called depression)
codewalkers - part of the pride
monks road social feat dr robert - lost in rasa
-----lp session - piroshka 'brickbat'
piroshka - this must be bedlam
piroshka - never enough
piroshka - hated by the powers that be
stereophonics - chaos from the top down
teenage fanclub - your love is the place where i come from
spc eco - breathing
spc eco - gloria sudafed
pet shimmers - feels hz feat goat girl
-----lp session - bis 'slight disconnects'
bis - dracula, you broke my heart
bis - there is no point (other than the point there is no point)
bis - the big sunshine
seatbelts - spanish songs
-----lp session - stats 'other people's lives'
stats - lose it
stats - raft
stats - from a high sky
the pale fountains - just a girl
mammoth penguins - i wanna
sea girls - open up your head


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

CJAM funding in jeopardy!

I was hoping to write something eloquent but as it turns out that might be out of my ability. So I will tell you why CJAM means so much to me. I started at CJAM almost 30 years ago with my friend Scott Sparrow and together we started Cowboys & Indies. We both love this little program with the stupid name. Scott has physically moved on to bigger and better things with his family in England but he is still very much apart of this show. The fact that I often refer to the show as 'we' reflects that.

I love hosting this program on a weekly basis. It is the music that I love. But what I really love is the connections that I, we, have made through the years. People that have become friends, past volunteers of the station and past management as well. I hope our passion for the music is what you love about the show as well as the music. But I don't think our trip is done yet. Please help us continue our journey as a show and as a station as a whole. Please write your MPP and tell them why ALL campus/community radio matters.

Your opinion matters. Your voice matters. CJAM matters! Make sure that all who will listen know this. Help us smash all those preconceived notions! WE ARE CJAM!

CJAM FM to be Considered Non-Essential Fee – Funding in Jeopardy
Posted by CJAM FM on February 11, 2019

On January 17th, the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities announced the Student Choice Initiative through which every individual student in Ontario will be able to opt out of fees that are not “essential”, even if previously voted on by the student body via referendum.

Under the Student Choice Initiative CJAM is not considered an essential fee.

CJAM FM provides students and recent graduates with employment opportunities that help them build for the future. CJAM offers academic course integration, creative practice hours and volunteer experience for current students. This year the station will employ upwards of 5 students and integrate 11 students who will receive course credit for their work. Across the province, over 300 young people are employed every year in campus radio- over 80% of those salaries are funded directly through student fees and not government funds.

CJAM FM has worked hard in the last four years to integrate academic programs into its regular programming. Currently CJAM has two fourth year nursing students creating a weekly health promotion program as a part of their community clinical placement. CJAM also works as a service learning center for the STEM and Digital Journalism departments, offering students course credit while gaining valuable skills and promoting campus research/services. CJAM also has students volunteering from the Law, Women’s Studies, Communications Media & Film, and Sports Management programs.

Further, CJAM has been declared an emergency broadcaster by condition of license by the CRTC, which means we have purchased an installation system to interrupt our broadcast with essential information including amber alerts, weather warnings and more.

Email or call
Windsor MPP Lisa Gretzky

Windsor/Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield

Windsor MP Brian Masse

Office of the Premier…/fee…/default.aspx

This is URGENT. Please take the time to write, call, and make some noise for campus radio and independent media. We still have time to make a change. Over 300 young people are employed in Ontario at media organizations. We provide experiences outside of the mainstream and grow and garner skills for the real world.

More information on these changes and how they will affect CJAM FM can be found on our website…/

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dream Variations! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 9/19

sleeper - look at you know
thyla - only ever
lucia - blueheart
idlewild - dream variations
fontaines d.c. - big
the pitchforks - date down
the amazons - mother
mott the hoople - rock and roll queen
honeyblood - third degree
martha ffion - kennedy hair
soak - valentine shmalentine
freya beer - six months
penelope isles - chlorine (live at bella studios)
foundlings - enemy
ladytron - paper highways
ladytron - deadzone
superorganism - hello me & you
pet shop boys - on social media
0171 - 1000 words
circe - barely breathing
404 - fearful
sleaford mods - flipside
-----lp session - yak 'pursuit of momentary happiness'
yak - words fail me
yak - blinded by the lies
yak - pay off vs the struggle
the telescopes - don't place your happiness in the hands of another
spc eco - never can know
swervedriver - theeascending
soundwire - feed into me
soundwire - a little death
desert ships - idle daze
queen zee - loner
the heavy - heavy for you
abjects - the secret
callow youth - did it really matter
-----lp session - international teachers of pop 'international teachers of pop'
international teachers of pop - after dark
international teachers of pop - time for the seasons
international teachers of pop - love girl
red telephone - day off
calva louise - cruel girl
stats - the family business
threatmantics - shadow on your heart


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ride Your Scooters Like Evel Knievel! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 2/19

steve mason - america is your boyfriend
toy - sequence one
twilight sad - shooting dennis hopper shooting
edwyn collins - outside
blood red shoes - anxiety
voodoos - natalie
sports team - m5
the leisure society - god has taken a vacation
heavy heart - bed bug
these new puritans - inside the rose
primal scream - shoot speed - kill light
man of moon - ride the waves
richard ashcroft - rare vibration
ian brown - the dream and the dreamer
ian brown - break down the walls (warm up jam)
unkle - ar:mour feat miink & elliot power
chemical brothers - got to keep on
-----northern soul spotlight
jewel akens - wee bit more of your lovin'
varetta & the thomases - breaking hearts
emorise kelly - the biggest fool
irma thomas - i done got over it
-----lp session - the specials 'encore'
the specials - breaking point
the specials - embarassed by you
the specials - we sell hope
peter doherty & the puta madres - who's been having you over
demob happy - less is more
pretty vicious - these four walls
venus - deranged
calva louise - i'm gonna do well
calva louise - outrageous
jaws - do you remember?
elastica - line up
thyla - only ever
sacred paws - brush your hair
lauran hibberd - sugardaddy
ider - brown sugar
-----lp session - white lies 'five
white lies - never alone
white lies - denial
white lies - fire and wings
new order - love less
lucia - blueheart
good cop bad cop - silk and leather
circa waves - me, myself and hollywood


Friday, February 1, 2019

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2019 - January

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME (LP) ... The Twilight Sad (Rock Action)
2. HAPPY IN THE HOLLOW (LP) ... Toy (Tough Love Records)
3. ABOUT THE LIGHT (LP) ... Steve Mason (Double Six/Domino)
4. FUTURE RUINS (LP) ... Swervedriver (Rock Action)
5. EXITS ... Foals (Warner)
6. FEET ... Fat White Family (Domino)
7. MATADOR (LP) ... Red Rum Club (Modern Sky)
8. LONGSHOT ... Catfish & the Bottlemen (Uni/Island)
9. WHAT'S NEXT? ... Piroshka (Bella Union)
10. EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW EP ... Ist Ist (Kind Violence Records)
11. LOVE HATES WHAT YOU BECOME (LP) ... Lost Under Heaven (Mute)
12. PUBLIC CONFIDENTIAL (LP) ... The Beat (DMF Records)
13. SOUND OF A HEARTBREAK ... Bis (bis)
14. FIRST SIGN ... Rose Elinor Dougall (Vermilion)
15. BLUE MOVIE BABY ... The Seamonsters (The Seamonsters)
16. SOME HARD ADVICE ... Gently Tender (Zöetrope Records)
17. CATATONIC SKINBAG ... Blaenavon (Transgressive)
18. THE BALLAD OF REMEDY NILSSON ... International Teachers Of Pop (Desolate Spools)
19. YOU TELL ME (LP) ... You Tell Me (Memphis Industries)
20. ROOMS (LP) ... The Silver Field (O Genesis)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for January 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Happy In The Hollow! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 26/19

the fernweh - hand me down
fuzzy sun - heavy
buzzard buzzard buzzard - double denim hop
foals - exits
ian brown - ripples
blaenavon - catatonic skinbag
sundara karma - higher states
fehm - blue hour (nothing lasts forever)
yak - this house has no living room feat j spaceman
island - all in my head
gypsy circus - holy lights and shadows
gently tender - some hard advice
jah wobble, keith levine & youth - a very british coup ft mark stewart
mark stewart - liberty dub
gentleman's dub club - stardust
massive attack - wire (leaping dub)
the beat - long call short talk
the beat - a good day for sunshine
-----lp session - toy 'happy in the hollow'
toy - mistake a stranger
toy - last warmth of the day
toy - mechanism
rose elinor dougall - first sign
anteros - drive on
white room - bleeding
valeras - ricochet (nunca moria)
meme detroit - de moe
swervedriver - drone lover
swervedriver - good times are so hard to follow
ist ist - exist
king of the slums - jimmy flamingo
fur - him & her
the mysterines - bet your pretty face
the good arms - a libertine pleasure
-----lp session - james blake 'assume form'
james blake - assume form
james blake - barefoot in the park feat rosalia
james blake - where's the catch? Feat andre 3000
hands off gretel - i want the world
hey charlie - bad things
crows - chain of being


Sunday, January 20, 2019

10 Good Reasons For Modern Drugs! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 19/19

the estevans - 2 minutes from the lincoln
the kicklips - make her mine
youth killed it - what you're thinking
piroshka - what's next?
the cranberries - all over now
the sundays - can't be sure (uk version)
jade bird - i get no joy
kate nash - trash
snapped ankles - rechargeable
drenge - never see the signs
property - jumping off
corrections - when it's over
lost under heaven - bunny's blues
lost under heaven - serenity says
bis - sound of a heartbreak
the seamonsters - blue movie baby
bugeye - hey you
ivory wave - gold
cinematic orchestra - a caged bird/imitations of life w/roots manuva
adrian sherwood & pinch - one law for the rich ft daddy freddy & dubiterian
pwei Vs gary clail vs ranking roger vs the mighty diamonds vs on-u sound system - gimme shelter
-----lp session - the twilight sad 'it won/t be like this all the time'
the twilight sad - [10 good reasons for modern drugs]
the twilight sad - auge / maschine
the twilight sad - girl chewing gum
ist ist - jennifer's lips
rema-rema - rema-rema
the ninth wave - half pure
richard ashcroft - guilded halls
red rum club - honey
red rum club - calexico
flamingods - marigold
the comet is coming - summon the fire
the blurred sun band - the grass has never looked greener
sun mahshene - love jam
-----lp session - steve mason 'about the light'
steve mason - rocket
steve mason - fox on the rooftop
steve mason - spanish brigade
international teachers of pop - the ballad of remedy nilsson
the japanese house - maybe you're the reason
lunarcy - lunarcy