Saturday, March 21, 2015

Electrical Language! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 21/15

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as elephants are - crown
shinies - waves
django django - reflections
circa waves - t-shirt weather
le volume courbe - the house feat kevin shields
lightning in a twilight hour - the death of silence
the monochrome set - iceman
blur - there are too many of us
telegram - inside outside
teleman - strange combinations
young rebel set - the girl from the 51
the view - marriage
malpas - under her sails
the staves - no me, no you, no more
the staves - make it holy
kingsley chapman & the murder - olympians
laura marling - i feel your love
nai harvest - all the time
white noise sound - heavy echo
the slow show - bloodline
curb - outside
-----lp session - the cribs "for all my sisters"
the cribs - finally free
the cribs - summer of chances
the cribs - spring on broadway
post war glamour girls - southpaw stance
trampolene - i'm on my own
delamere - bright young things
life - go go go
sauna youth - transmitters
-----mixtape memories
the eurythmics - wrap it up feat green gartside
be-bop deluxe - electrical language
simple minds - book of brilliant things
kitchens of distinction - railwayed
siouxsie & the banshees - mirage
the wombats - give me a try
life in film - get closer
the go! team - blowtorch
the go! team - gaffa tape bikini
all tvvins - thank you
disraeli gears - born and bred


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Moving Away From The Pulsebeat! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 14/15

Remember there is limited time left to vote for your favourite CJAM programmers and shows in the 2015 Jammy Awards.
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honeyblood - no big deal
sundowners - back to you
paul weller - long time
the cribs - different angle
spring king - the city
the charlatans - come home baby
noel gallagher's high flying birds - lock all the doors
kate bush - pi
big deal - pi
formation - back then
ultravox - maximum acceleration
wire - split your ends
-----lp session - evans the death "expect delays"
evans the death - intrinsic grey
evans the death - sledgehammer
evans the death - idiot button
evans the death - don't beat yourself up
joanna gruesome - last year
-----northern soul spotlight
howard guyton - i watched you slowly slip away
alfie davison - love is a serious business
barbara mcnair - you're gonna love my baby
roger hatcher - sweetest girl in the world
reuben howell - you can't stop a man in love
johnny marr - i feel you
everything everything - distant past
dressmaker - love me
fever dream - serotonin hit
the chameleons - intrigue in tangiers
-----lp session - manhattan love suicides "more heat! more panic!"
manhattan love suicides - goffin-king
manhattan love suicides - the blood club
manhattan love suicides - anything but satisfied
jesus & mary chain - never understand
-----mixtape memories
coldcut feat lisa stansfield - people hold on
saint etienne - you're in a bad way
blur - girls & boys (pet shop boys radio edit)
buzzcocks - moving away from the pulsebeat
the pop group - age of miracles
the slits - typical girls (brink style dub)
menace beach - pick out the pieces
dark horses - saturn returns
gang of four - the dying rays
spandau ballet - instinction


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Supercool! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 7/15

ultravox - the voice
midge ure - fade to grey (acoustic)
ultravox - lament
m.i.a. - can see can do
hot chip - huarache nights
8:58 - the clock
blancmange - paddington
coves - shot to the wall
girl one & the grease guns - suburban robot
the kvb - taxman
vacant lots - julia
red lorry yellow lorry - happy
dutch uncles - accelerate
belle & sebastian - the cat with the cream
echo lake - waves
a silent film - tomorrow
-----northern soul spotlight
the outsiders - lonely man
joy lovejoy - in orbit
the tempests - someday
the deletts - look at me
george kirby - what can i do
-----lp session - swervedriver "i wasn't born to lose you"
swervedriver - autodidact
swervedriver - everso
swervedriver - lone star
the new southern electrikk - theme to the new southern electrikk
furs - i want to know
pins - too little too late
errors - slow rotor
mark gardener & robin guthrie - the places we go
-----mixtape memories
absent friends - stand up & fight
mccarthy - red sleeping beauty
microdisney - dolly
the woodentops - plenty
the seers - sun is in the sky
decoration - one offs
chorusgirl - no moon
dark willow - flowers on the sand
sundara karma - loveblood
blur - go out
manhattan love suicides - burning embers


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for February 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SUNDOWNERS (LP) ... The Sundowners (Skeleton Key Records)
2. BLACK RIVERS (LP) ... Black Rivers (Ignition Records)
3. SUNNE EP ... Cheatahs (Wichita Recordings)
4. GO OUT ... Blur (Parlophone UK)
5. ALL WE ARE (LP) ... All We Are (Double Six Records)
6. LET IT REIGN (LP) ... Carl Barât & The Jackals (Cooking Vinyl)
7. O SHUDDER (LP) ... Dutch Uncles (Memphis Industries)
8. HUNGRY HEART / SOMETHING ON YOUR MIND ... Yak (Fat Possum Records)
9. THE ETERNITURTLE ... Froth (Number4Door)
10. CHASING YESTERDAY (LP) ... Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds (Sour Mash Records)
11. SCATTER (LP) ... Crushed Beaks (Matilda Records)
12. BROWN EYES EP ... The New Southern Electrikk (Louder Than War)
13. LOVE SONG / RATS ... Ist Ist (Ist Ist Music)
14. COLD KILLER ... The Lucid Dream (Holy Are You)
15. EVERYTHING EVER WRITTEN (LP) ... Idlewild (Empty Words)
16. THE RACE FOR SPACE (LP) ... Public Service Broadcasting (Test Card Recordings)
17. DYING (LP) ... Spectres (Sonic Cathedral)
18. JASPER ... Hooton Tennis Club (Heavenly Recordings)
19. SLOW CHANGES (LP) ... Lightning In A Twilight Hour (Elefant Records)
20. PAGE 59 ... CuT (Cut Music)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for February 2015

I Don't Like Reggae...I Love It! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 28/15

Black History month concludes at CJAM with a look at British artists influenced by the music of Jamaica. As it turned out I could have played many more selections but ran out of time. Hope you enjoyed the special segments this month.

carl barât & the jackals - we want more
pete doherty - flags of the old regime
the bulletproof bomb - 1-10
wolf alice - giant peach
shiners - karma (is coming to get you)
spring king - city
trampolene - imagine something yesterday
yak - something on your mind
circa waves - t-shirt weather
palma violets - danger in the club
hooton tennis club - standing knee
antelopes - it's you
the jacques - baby, turn the light off
spiritualized mississippi space project - always forgetting with you (the bridge song)
spectres - mirror
spectres - sink
kult country - hanging crown
lola colt - heartbreaker
honeyblood - no big deal
comet gain - to the city's core
the slow show - dresden
-----lp session - noel gallagher's high flying birds "chasing yesterday"
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the girl with the x-ray eyes
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the right stuff
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the mexican
black gold buffalo - penkenna
everything everything - distant past
bernard + edith - heartache
telegram - mr dans inside out dub
-----mixtape memories
10cc dreadlock holiday
rolling stones - cherry oh baby
the members - offshore banking business
the slits - man next door
the clash - armagideon time
the ruts - love in vain
kitchens of distinction - anvil dub
primal scream - vanishing dub
ride - king bullshit
the police - hole in my life
squeeze - cool for cats

Download here!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Just A Trick Of The Light! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 21/15

News of the week, new Blur! 'Nuff said.

Black History month continues at CJAM and this week we spotlight British Dub. Next week we finish the month off with a selection of British artists influenced by the genres we have featured the last 3 weeks. So look for a little reggae, a little ska and some dub.

black rivers - voyager 1
public service broadcasting - the other side
blur - go out
telegram - inside outside
du blonde - black flag
palma violets - danger in the club
lost dawn - count on me
the chameleons - monkeyland (radio 1 session)
the lucid dream - cold killer
froth - the rat
casual sex - the perfect storm
faerground accidents - she makes me want to die
dutch uncles - babymaking
dutch uncles - i should have read
stealing sheep - not real
sundara karma - waves
-----northern soul spotlight
the present - many's the slip twixt the cup and the lip
kelly garrett - love's the only answer
joey heatherton - when you call me baby
the sisters love - i'm learning to trust my man
the dells - run for cover
-----lp session - carl barât & the jackals "let it reign"
carl barât & the jackals - summer in the trenches
carl barât & the jackals - beginning to see
carl barât & the jackals - the gears
the jacques - weekends
ash - cocoon
cheatahs - campus
virginia wing - meshes
-----mixtape memories
adrian sherwood - dennis bovine feat denis bovell
dub syndicate - stoned immaculate
jah wobble - through the mist and up the mountain dub
alpha & omega - sea of dub
vibronics - red, gold and green
zion train - hailing up the selector
hollie cook & prince fatty - walking in the sand dub
-----lp session - idlewild "everything ever written"
idlewild - nothin i can do about it
idlewild - on another planet
idlewild - utopia
theme park - something good
the new southern electrikk - mother of earth
night flowers - north

Listen again!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fade To Grey! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 14/15

CJAM continues it's month celebration of Black History month. This week we look at the British contributions to reggae.
Next week we feature dub and the last week of the month will British artists influenced by Caribbean (mainly Jamaican) music.
This week we heard the shocking news of the passing of new wave pioneer Steve Strange. After some health issues he passed away from a heart attack at age 55. Much to young to lose anyone. We open the show with some of his music with Visage. RIP Steve.
visage - the damned don't cry
visage - night train (orchestral)
visage - in the year 2525
paul weller - white sky
the new southern electrikk - brown eyes
the cribs - i see your picture every day
the rhubarb triangle - wakefield city blues
crushed beaks - replica
crushed beaks - history
peace - imaginary
kasabian - bow
superfood - you can believe
wire - joust & jostle
gang of four - graven image feat robbie furce
hot chip - huarache lights
public service broadcasting - e.v.a.
public service broadcasting - valentina feat smoke fairies
-----northern soul spotlight
edward hamilton & the arabians - baby don't you weep
margie joseph - i can't move no mountains
melba moore - the magic touch
chris calloway - you're something else
dena barnes - if you ever walked out of my life
-----lp session - black rivers "black rivers"
black rivers - diamond days
black rivers - the wind that shakes the barley
black rivers - coral sea
anteros - anteros
swim deep - to my brother
movie - misty windowpane
-----mixtape memories
steel pulse - handsworth revolution
aswad - 54:46 was my number
musical youth - youth of today
ub40 - wild cat
eddy grant - boys in the street

smiley culture - cockney translation
tippa irie - it's good to have the feeling you're the best
bitty mclean - it keeps raining
holly cook - superfast
joanna gruesome - last year
princess - black widow
froth - the eterniturtle
fireworks - switch me on
lightning in a twilight hour - everyone talks about the weather