Sunday, July 24, 2016

Goin' To A Happening! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 23/16

It's getting to be second hand writing about musicians that have passed away. It's been a long year and it's not done yet. Hopefully, these tributes are for a while. This week the music community lost Alan Vega, co-founder of Suicide. He may not have been as well known in the mainstream as Bowie or Prince but his influences were huge to musicians. Tonight we open the show with 2 covers of his songs by English artists.

spaceman 3 - ché (suicide cover)
savages - dream baby dream (suicide cover)
pj harvey - guilty
big deal - v.i.t.r.i.o.l.
bear's den - gabriel
jc flowers - proletarieterette
peaness - i'm not your problem
the wedding present - bear
bat-bike - sean lemon
the cult of dom keller - broken arm of god
gangs - thieves
the zutons - valerie
amy winehouse - you know i'm no good
tim burgess & peter gordon - begin
crispy ambulance - leviathan
the deadline shakes - shelters
-----northern soul spotlight
sam ward - sister lee
the valentinos - sweeter than the day before
tommy neal - goin' to a happening
stanley mitchell - get it baby
-----lp session - bosco rogers "post exotic"
bosco rogers - anvers
bosco rogers - beach! beach! beach!
bosco rogers - drinking for two
bosco rogers - true romance
dead rabbits - get me over there
paws - clarity
syd arthur - sun rays
coves - i just don't care
pink flames - i'm just a star on a democratic flag
little green cars - good women do
last shadow puppets - used to be my girl
night flowers - amy
shura - what happened to us?
wild beasts - celestial creatures
oasis - d'you know what i mean (ng's 2016 rethink)
the indigo palms - glow
black market karma - phony ailments
black market karma - heavy headed
cross wires - i want radio
beyond the wizards sleeve - iron age
three trapped tigers - strebek


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pump Up The Volume! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 16/16

RIP Steven Young founder of Colourbox and M/A/R/R/S/. The debut Colourbox album was huge for me in my teens. So we open the show with some tracks in his honour. And play some through out the show.

Also congrats to Kevin from Windsor on winning the Deux Furieuses debut CD. We would like to thanks the Vas & Ros for donating a copy for us to give away.

colourbox - the moon is blue
colourbox - baby i love you so
manuela - cracks in the concrete
sugarthief - new ends
cold pumas - a change of course
clowwns - love vigilantes
soft riot - lovers in a dangerous time
ultimate painting - bills
bosco rogers - googoo
bad family - real fast car
the lapelles - grab life by
the ramona flowers - skies turn gold
deux furieuses - now you're gonna listen
deux furieuses - the party of shaitaan
beach baby - u r
fears chella - cool
palace - break the silence
factory floor - ya
m/a/r/r/s/ - pump up the volume (uk version)
colourbox - just give 'em whiskey
feeder - universe of life
biffy clyro - herex
-----lp session - lola colt "twist through the fire'
lola colt - eagle
lola colt - bones
lola colt - at war
eagulls - velvet
honeyblood - ready for the magic
fear of men - sane
semantics - games
heavy heart - high dive
war waves - horses
wolf girl - don't ask me questions (i can't even answer the phone)
-----lp session - climbing trees "borders"
climbing trees - tracks
climbing trees - set in stone
climbing trees - fall
travis - animals
m/a/r/r/s/ - anitina
colourbox - looks like we're shy one horse/shoot out


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Random Textures! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 9/16

Tune in next week for a CD giveaway! The great ladies of Deux Furieuses have graciously given us a copy of their new CD to give away.
It's an amazing album and you can have it for free. Tune in Saturday night!

Sorry, tried to post the Blossoms track but can't because it's not available in Canada. That seems to be happening a lot more nowadays. So much for the "world" wide web.

teenage fanclub - i'm in love
night flowers - glow in the dark
bugeye - never let you go
white lies - take it out on me
the van t's - no man's money
lull - cursed
doe - sincere
beyond the wizard's sleeve - diagram girl
blossoms - my favourite room
dexy's midnight runners - grazing in the grass
trampolene - the gangway
jake bugg - love, hope and misery
the caress - why don't we take a walk by the sea?
dodgy - now means nothing
white - step up
oscar - feel it too
jamie t - tinfoil boy
róisín murphy - mastermind
-----northern soul spotlight
the younghearts - a little togetherness
chairmen of the board - give me just a little more time
the commodores - keep on dancing
marvin gaye - can i get a witness
willie mitchell - the champion pt.1
-----lp session - metronomy "summer 08"
metronomy - back together
metronomy - mick slow
metronomy - love's not an obstacle
the veils - low lays the devil
lola colt - moonlight mixing
crispy ambulance - drifter
wild beasts - big cat
bones (uk) - pretty waste
joanna gruesome - pretty fucking sick of it all
apeman spaceman - have not love
baby strange - want it need it
ethan & the reformation - hollandia
asylums - second class sex
-----lp session #2 - biffy clyro "ellipsis"
biffy clyro - friends and enemies
biffy clyro - medicine
biffy clyro - flammable
bat for lashes - sunday love
let's eat grandma - welcome to the treehouse pt 1
shura - tongue tied
the rifles - wall around your heart

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Re-broadcast! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 2/16

Was it live or was it Memorex?
Hope you enjoyed the rebroadcast of the Sat. March 26/16 show.
Tune in next week for another live show.

the feeling - spiralling
travis - everything at once
simple minds - east at easter
teleman - dusseldorf
white - living fiction
wire - nocturnal koreans
man made - raining in my head
d.a.r.k. - curvy
avec sans - heartbreak hi
deux furieuses - kill us
kate jackson - metropolis
francis lung - dance 4 sorrow
savages - adore life
savages - mechanics
pj harvey - the wheel
-----northern soul spotlight
bobby bland - shoes
gloria lynne - you don't have to be a tower of strength
george kirby - what can i do
the elgins -heaven must have sent you
eddie holman - i surrender
-----lp session - the joy formidable "hitch"
the joy formidable - radio of lips
the joy formidable - fog (black windows)
the joy formidable - blowing fire
kobadelta - ride by the light
mogwai - bitterness centrifuge
mugstar - sky west & crooked
solar bears - separate from the arc
yak - harbour the feeling
dream wife - everything
the family rain - the girl is a gun
liines - blackout
the rain band - storm
suede - no tomorrow
the wonder stuff - for the broken hearted
the death of pop - locomotive
judas - sister
cupids - kickin' in
white room - freaking on
cut glass kings - only a daydream
the kvb - v11393

Friday, July 1, 2016

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2016 - June

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MINOR VICTORIES (LP) ... Minor Victories (Play It Again Sam)
2. TELL ME IF YOU LIKE TO (LP) ... Spring King (Island)
3. BEAUTIFUL THING ... The Stone Roses (Virgin/EMI)
4. YOU GIVE DRUGS A BAD NAME ... Dodgy (Cherry Red Records)
5. EP ONE ... Paul Draper (Kscope)
6. TREASURE HOUSE (LP) ... Cat's Eyes (RAF)
7. I'M IN LOVE ... Teenage Fanclub (Republic of Music)
8. SOLIS ... Rain (Close To Home Records)
9. BIRTHDAY BLUES ... Team Picture (Team Picture)
10. TRIP ON A TURNTABLE ... West Of The Sun (Phoney War Records)
11. KIDSTICKS (LP) ... Beth Orton (Anti/Epitaph)
12. STAIRWAY TO YOUR MIND ... The Watchmakers (Loaded Soul)
13. QUIET ROOM ... The Tourists (Tourists)
14. SAY YES (LP) ... Big Deal (FatCat Records)
15. I, GEMINI (LP) ... Let's Eat Grandma (Transgressive)
16. PARACHUTE ... Kaiser Chiefs (Caroline)
17. FALL FOREVER (LP) ... Fear Of Men (Kanine Records)
18. NO GRACE (LP) ... Paws (FatCat Records)
19. GIVE IT YOUR WORST ... False Advertising (False Advertising)
20. SPACECATRAZ ... Apeman Spaceman (Apeman Spaceman)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Europop! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 25/16

No politics or comments on the results of the referendum, although I do have both, just took the opportunity to do a little bit of a theme show.
A great selection of tracks with Europe in the title.

the sound - fall of europe
thompson twins - living in europe
ultravox - new europeans
spector - born in the eu
the divine comedy - europop
alphabetic - french boyfriend
wire - still
suede - europe is our playground
teenage fanclub - i'm in love
island - come with me
pins - i'll get mine
flowers - bitter pill
ulrika spacek - n k
primal scream - golden rope
fat white family - whitest boy on the beach
john foxx - europe after the rain
-----northern soul spotlight
ray charles - i don't need no doctor
patti & the emblems - i'm gonna love you a long time
the tams - be young, be foolish, be happy
etta james - seven day fool
-----lp session - paws "no grace"
paws - n/a
paws - impermanent
paws - gild the lilly
paws - asthmatic
metronomy - night owl
808 state - europa feat caroline seaman
roxy music - a song for europe
psychedelic furs - sister europe
bugeye - never let you go
jc flowers - china girl
the marsicans - far away (saudade)
allo darlin - europe
the au revoirs - my twisted heart
killing joke - europe
the hoo ha's - this is the new me
the stranglers - european female
dot dash - daddy long legs
section 25 - the last man in europe
zozo - international waters
seazoo - teeth

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Moog For Love! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 18/16

No birthday blues for me! I woke up an old man

minor victories - the thief
mogwai - little boy
kaiser chiefs - parachute
the view - marriage
viola beach - cherry vimto
floodhounds - soulmates to cellmates
night flowers - glow in the dark
pure youth - other side
softer still - new age
posture - i just can't wait to see my girl
blooms - porcelain
public service broadcasting - e.v.a. (dutch uncles remix)
boxed in - jist
disclosure - moog for love feat eats everything
-----northern soul spotlight
judy street - what
bobby womack & the brotherhood - home is where the heart is
the luther ingram orchestra - exus trek
edwin starr - time
the isley brothers - my love is your love (forever)
-----lp session - weird dreams " luxury alone"
weird dreams - binary
weird dreams - heaven's hounds
weird dreams - digital water
two door cinema club - are we ready? (wreck)
jarvis cocker - looking for the girl
alphabetic - french boyfriend
missing boy - stop that girl (i remember you)
team picture - birthday blues
placebo - bruise pristine
fear of men - undine
big deal - v.i.t.r.i.o.l.
west of the sun - compromise
syd arthur - apricity
arthur gun - spin
paws - no grace
let's eat grandma - chimpanzees in canopies
let's eat grandma - sleep song
sltp - the rattle
sweat - acid rainbow

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