Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stories Of The Street! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 22/16

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Revolution Rock, the show before us, broadcasted a Leonard Cohen special. So we thought, let's keep that going featuring a nice selection of British indie/alternative artists covering Mr. Cohen.

desperate journalist - hollow
heavy heart - the world is a gumball
last shadow puppets - is this what you wanted
clock opera - whipporwill
dead famous people - true love leaves no traces
daughter - the end
david bowie - no plan
david bowie - killing a little time
david bowie - when i met you
lloyd cole - chelsea hotel
babybird - you're gorgeous
oaisis - do you know what i mean?
coquin migale - soft
jesus & mary chain - tower of song
inspiral carpets - flying like a bird
the jam - saturday's kids
d.a.r.k. - steal you away
d.a.r.k. - the moon
-----lp session - hooton tennis club "big box of chocolates"
hooton tennis club - growing concerns
hooton tennis club - o, man won't you melt me?
hooton tennis club - lauren, i'm in love!
sundara karma - olympia
maxïmo park - lover, lover, lover
nolita view - runaways
cross wires - slow waves
the hidden charms - left hand man
the novachords - nightmare
luv - loving somebody
fuzzbox - love is the slug
sacred paws - everyday
james - so long, marianne
rose mcdowall - tibet
the house of love - who by fire
-----lp session - syd arthur "apricity"
syd arthur - no peace
syd arthur - seraphim
syd arthur - evolution
ian mcculloch - hey, that's no way to say goodbye
crystal fighters - lay low
that petrol emotion - stories of the street


Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Perfect Rhythm! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 15/16

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the joy formidable - sleep is day
kobadelta - ride by the light
franz ferdinand - demagogue
spring king - detroit
heavy heart - the world is a gumball
sundara karma - she said
inheaven - drift
paul draper - friends make the worst enemies
david bowie - sons of the silent age
trampolene - divided kingdom
manic street preachers - out of time
jaws - work it out
cast - the seeker
sleaford mods - i can tell
fat white family - touch the leather
happy meal ltd - is that what you wanted
steve mason - to a door
our girl - being around
let's eat grandma - welcome to the treehouse part I
let's eat grandma - welcome to the treehouse part II
-----lp session - the beat "bounce"
the beat feat ranking roger - busy busy doing nothing
the beat feat ranking roger - heaven hiding
the beat feat ranking roger - work work work
the beat feat ranking roger - side to side
the vryll society - a perfect rhythm
toy - clouds that cover the sun
suede - we are the pigs
two door cinema club - ordinary
two door cinema club - invincible
estrons - i'm not your girl
blossoms - blown rose
the lovely eggs - drug braggin'
the wolfhounds - now i'm a killer
traams - slipping
desperate journalist - hollow
hannah peel - standing on the roof of the world
hannah peel - cars in the garden feat hayden thorpe
escapists - silence
patience - the church
exploded view - disco glove


Sunday, October 9, 2016

What's On The Radio?! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 8/16

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black honey - hello today
the tuts - what's on the radio?
the hidden charms - i just wanna be left alone
honeyblood - babes never die
catfish & the bottlemen - red
liines - disappear
toy - i'm still believing (c.o.a.m remix)
temples - certainty
factory - dynamite
the sunshine underground - shimmer
fenech-soler - kaleidoscope
siouxsie & the banshees - kiss them for me [request]
starsailor - good souls
palace - it's over
embrace - bash the rat
mexrissey - estuvo bien (suedehead)
-----northern soul spotlight
roy redmond - ain't that terrible
the temptations - girl (why you wanna make me blue)
world column - so is the sun
the sapphires - gotta have your love
the impressions - you've been cheating
-----lp session - kaiser chiefs "stay together"
kaiser chiefs - good clean fun
kaiser chiefs - press rewind
kaiser chiefs - high society
the lucid dream - nadir
the early years - hush
kobadelta - bathsheba
rain - lethargy
dayflower - neverfriend
deux furieuses - this is a red line
fuzzbox - rules & regulations
slowcoaches - drag
the idles - well done
menace beach - maybe we'll drown
-----lp session - white lies "friends"
white lies - morning in l.a.
white lies - hold back your love
white lies - is my love enough
the field mice - coach station reunion
oskar's drum - blackouts


Monday, October 3, 2016

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2016 - September

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. COMPULSION SONGS (LP) ... The Lucid Dream (Holy Are You Recordings)
2. WHAT ARE WE FIGHTING FOR (LP) ... Dodgy (Cherry Red Records)
3. GOING, GOING (LP) ... The Wedding Present (Scopitones)
4. EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME ... Ulrika Spacek (Tough Love Records)
5. LOVE IS A BASIC NEED EP ... Embrace (The Secret Festival)
6. SNOW ... Colour Of Spring (Swirly Records)
7. HERE (LP) ... Teenage Fanclub (PeMa)
8. DEAD BLUE (LP) ... Still Corners (Wrecking Light Records)
9. MR. APPLES ... Madness (Lucky 7/UMC)
10. SAME LANGUAGE, DIFFERENT WORLDS (LP) ... Tim Burgess and Peter Gordon (O Genesis)
11. SILENT MOVIE SUSIE ... The Big Moon (Fiction)
12. ZIPPERFACE ... The Pop Group (Freaks R Us)
13. DRIFT ... Inheaven (Epic)
14. FOREVERLAND (LP) ... The Divine Comedy (Divine Comedy Records)
15. RITA ORA ... Catholic Action (Virgin)
16. BLISS ... Softer Still (Label Fandango)
17. HONEY ... Pumarosa (Fiction)
18. WHO R YA? ... Sisteray (1-2-3-4 Records)
19. NO MIND NO MONEY (LP) ... Beach Baby (Uni/Island)
20. ZURICH ... Shvllows (Spinnup)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Same Language, Different Worlds! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 1/16

tears for fears - pale shelter (extended version)
french leave - walking away
temples - certainty
embrace - the white alien
the mission - met-amor-phosis
the early years - fluxus
pete doherty - i don't love anyone (but you're not just anyone)
oasis - angel child (mustique demo)
dodgy - are you the one
lola colt - bones
the pop group - zipperface
the beat feat ranking roger - walking on the wrong side
madness - mr. apples
the bulletproof bomb - this is it
feral five - void
-----northern soul spotlight
the vibrations - cause you're mine
bobby garrett - my little girl
steve karmen big band - breakaway
bobby paris - night owl
stevie wonder - nothing's too good for my baby
-----lp session - the wytches "all your happy life"
the wytches - a feeling we get
the wytches - ghost house
the wytches - crest of death
the pigeon detectives - lose control
drenge - the woods
sacred paws - everyday
grumbling fur - acid ali khan
the joy formidable - liana
patience - the pressure
tim burgess & peter gordon - love is all around
crystal fighters - ways i can't tell
the sunshine underground - today
-----lp session - ultimate painting "dusk"
ultimate painting - monday morning, somewhere central
ultimate painting - skippool creek
ultimate painting - i'm set free
teenage fanclub - thin air
team picture - classic:m
cult of dom keller - ravens & rockets
ulrika spacek - everything all the time
rain - lethargy


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Screamadelica! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 24/16

lush - 500 (shake baby shake)
the fall - hey! student
embrace - love is a basic need
ulrika spacek - lady godiva's operation
the early years - nocturne
colour of spring - snow
bloc party - stunt queen
kite base - soothe
black needle noise feat kendra frost - warning sign
the mission - tyranny of secrets
baltic fleet - the dear one
avec sans - perth
sugar for sugar - bizarre love triangle
primal scream - slip inside this house
david bowie - who can i be now
-----northern soul spotlight
nancy wilson - the end of our love
sam dees - lonely, for you baby
the tempos - countdown here i come
earl grant - hide nor hair
-----lp session - still corners "dead blue"
still corners - currents
still corners - crooked fingers
still corners - the fixer
kagoule - magnified
telegram - you said you saw us
god damn - ghost
sisteray - who r ya?
scarlet rascal - strange
black honey - hello today
catholic action - breakfast
kidsmoke - see the world
the vultures - ballad of the werewolf
honeyblood - sea hearts
field music - how we gonna get there now?
the house of love - marble
the big moon - beautiful stranger
young legionnaire - disappear
-----lp session - the lucid dream "compulsion songs"
the lucid dream - stormy waters
the lucid dream - the emptiest place
the lucid dream- 21st century
boz boorer feat eddie argos - girl from atlanta
hooton tennis club - katy-anne bellis
luxury death - i feel your pain


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Everything's Groovy! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 17/16

I hope you enjoyed the repeat performance featuring what is probably best compilation released this year. Join us next week live for more of great music and album selections!

Tonight we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the influential C86 release with an extended LP Session of the new C87 compilation. Created by Cherry Red Records with the idea in mind of what if the NME revisited their indie compilation a year later.
Most of the music featured on these compilations are the reason why Scott & I started this show over 25 years ago. Enjoy the trip down memory lane.
Just for good measure there a few new releases as well.

the wedding present - my favourite dress
the wolfhounds - the anti-midas touch
the primitives - we found a way to the sun
baby strange - friend
inheaven - all there is
seawitches - skylight
fickle friends - cry baby
two door cinema club - bad decisions
one thousand violins - please don't sandblast my house
the sea urchins - pristine christine
the soup dragons - hang ten!
the motorcycle boy - big rock candy mountain
phil wilson - 10 miles
pop will eat itself - sweet sweet pie
mccarthy - frans hal
the wonder stuff - it's not true…
stump - tupperware stripper
massive attack - the spoils feat hope sandoval
beaty heart - raw gold
blaenavon - let's pray
french leave - walking away
inspiral carpets - now you're gone (demo)
laugh - paul mccartney
I, ludicrous - my baby's got jet lag
biff bang pow! - in a morning town
this poison! - poised over the pause button
and also the trees - your guess
mark burgess & the sons of god - happy new life
puressence - palisades
house of love - real animal
a house - kick me again jesus
kitchens of distinction - escape!
the brilliant corners - please please please
gaye bikers on acid - everything's groovy
sahara - scratch
coquin migale - pt. 2
pretty vicious - cave song
the big moon - silent movie susie
the vaselines - son of a gun
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
the heart throbs - i, the jury
mighty mighty - built like a car
the boy hairdressers - golden shower
the flatmates - i could be in heaven
Listen again!