Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sons Of The Stage! Show tracks for Sat. July 26/14

Tonight we celebrate the life of Tony Ogden of The World Of Twist. He died suddenly on this day in 2006. So we open the show with a couple WOT tracks.
Quality Street is a brilliant album so do yourself a favour and find a copy.

Stay tuned for a group of special shows coming in August!

world of twist - sons of the stage
world of twist - life and death (extended remix)
black rivers - the ship
the ramona flowers - dismantle and rebuild
echo lake - this year
jubilee courts - outside your house
joanna gruesome - jerome (liar)
menace beach - lowtalkin'
table scraps - bug
girl band - de bom bom
dumb - still i'm stuck
the crazy world of arthur brown - zim zam zim
nai harvest - buttercups
honeyblood - killer bangs
tangerines - you look like something i killed (demo)
martin carr - the sante fe skyway
-----northern soul spotlight
jerry fuller - double life
sidney barnes - i hurt on the other side
don thomas - come on train
the inspirations - your wish is my command
lee bates - why don't you write?
-----lp session - the moons "mind waves"
the moons - all in my mind
the moons - time's not forever
the moons - on the moon
the enemy - magic
the courteeners - how good it was
the wolfmen - needle in the camel's eye
borland - black cat
eno • hyde - moulded life
-----mixtape memories
the human league - only after dark
omd - red frame/white light
depeche mode - photographic
soft cell - memorabilia feat cindy ecstasy
woman's hour - our love has no rhythm
alexis taylor - closer to the elderly
neville staple - play a song for me
glass animals - pools
manic street preachers - divine youth


Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh, The North Sea Sings! Show tracks for Sat. July 19/14

Sorry for the delay everyone. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

the heartbreaks - man overboard
morrissey - earth is the loneliest planet
engineers - fight or flight
lust - looking glass
eagulls - i wanna be adored (live a.v. club undercover series)
echo & the bunnymen - explosions
gentlemen - saturday noir
traams - marbles
table scraps - motorcycle (straight to hell)
false-heads - fall over
inspiral carpets - fix your smile
childhood - as i am
bat for lashes - skin song
woman's hour - darkest place
la roux - uptight downtown
basement jaxx - never say never feat etml
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
darrell banks - open the door to your heart
frank beverly & the butlers - because of my heart
larry williams & johnny watson - too late
don gardner - cheatin' kind
the combinations - what'cha gonna do
earl van dyke & the soul brothers - soul stomp
-----lp session - slow club "complete surrender"
slow club - tears of joy
slow club - the pieces
slow club - the queen's nose
oslo parks - twin
jamie t - don't you find
kooks - forgive & forget
southern - where i want to be
frankie & the heartstrings - stand on the horizon
villiers - you're not alone
-----mixtape memories
killing joke - wintergardens
simple minds - hunter & the hunted
the stranglers - let me down easy
xtc - earn enough for us
xtc - that's really super, supergirl!
pete fij & terry bickers - sound of love
pete fij & terry bickers - breaking up
levitation - against nature
sun machine - tamaho hitman pt.1

Hear again here!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

All Under One Roof Raving! Show tracks for Sat. July 12/14

To open the show we pay tribute to Tommy Ramone, the original drummer and the band's last surviving original member, died on Friday. He was 65.
We open with a Ramones cover track, a track written about them and a couple tracks from the only all girl Ramones cover band in the UK!

On a lighter note, Happy Birthday to Neil Tennant, who turned 60 this week!

the ramonas uk - blitzkrieg bop
the ramonas uk - the kkk took my baby away
the ramones - out of time
motorhead - r.a.m.o.n.e.s.
pet shop boys - love is a bourgeois construct
zoo zero - spinning pretty
factory acts - thirst
klaxons - out of the dark
inspiral carpets - you're so good for me
the rainband - built for change
jubilee courts - under the sand again
holy thursday - hurricane
the hearts - lips
alt-J (∆) - left hand free
many things (mt) - chains
jamie xx - all under one roof raving
juce! - burning up
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the virginia wolves - stay
bobbi lynn - earthquake
the triumphs - i'm coming to your rescue
the glories - i worship you baby
the lorelei - s.t.o.p.
-----lp session - honeyblood "s/t'
honeyblood - fall forever
honeyblood - no spare key
honeyblood - fortune cookie
honeyblood - all dragged up
daughter - amsterdam (live @ air)
the history of apple pie - tame
peace - lost on me
childhood - as i am
superfood - right on satellite
allusondrugs - i'm your man
luvv - free
-----mixtape memories
billy bragg - there is power in a union (live shrewsbury folk festival 2010)
the redskins - kick over the statues
mccarthy - we are all bourgeois now
style council - with everything to lose
andrew montgomery - after the storm
dry the river - everlasting light
girl friend - comforting strangers
young british artists - the lifting sea
happyness - anything i do is all right
crystal ships - something or nothing

Download here!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Whistling In The Dark! Show tracks for Sat. July 5/14

joy division - love will tear us apart (peel session)
new order - in a lonely place (12" version)
the vaselines - one lost year
firestations - never closer
memory maze - like a mirage
childcare - gotta wait
temples - prisms (live in japan)
young british artists - a new language
young british artists - salad days
traams - selma
kult country - trembling moon
the watchmakers - illumination
emily capell - who killed smiley culture?
wonder villains - zola
ballet school - cherish
screaming maldini - solar system
proper ornaments - magazine
proper ornaments - summer's gone
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the vel-vets - i gotta find me somebody
yvonne baker - you didn't say a word
the high keys - living a lie
dean parrish - i'm on my way
the embers - watch out girl
-----lp session - manic street preachers "futurology"
manic street preachers - let's go to war
manic street preachers - sex, power, love and money
manic street preachers - dreaming a city (hugheskova)
manic street preachers - between the clock and the bed feat green gartside
simple minds - constantinople line
david bowie - the secret life of arabia
the tommy drums - savages
bad breeding - burn this flag
the pheromoans - the boys are british
penny orchids - your vacant eyes
bat faced girl - rip it up
-----mixtape memories
talk talk - call in the night boy
the the - i've been waitin' for tomorrow (all my life)
lloyd cole & the commotions - rattlesnakes
easterhouse - whistling in the dark
the sea the sea - captives
looks - everest
jekyll - i do want i can
honeyblood - killer bangs
formes - the power of now part 2


Friday, July 4, 2014

Monthly Indiessential chart for June 2014

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. 48:13 (LP) ... Kasabian (Columbia)
2. LOVE FREQUENCY (LP) ... Klaxons (Red UK)
3. MY FEAR AND ME (LP) ... Bird (Jack To Phono)
4. GET BY (LP) ... Towns (Howling Owl Records)
5. OUT OF BODY EP ... The KVB (a Recordings)
6. WALK ME TO THE BRIDGE ... Manic Street Preachers (Columbia)
7. CREATURE SONGS EP ... Wolf Alice (Dirty Hit)
8. ILLUMINATION ... The Watchmakers (Loaded Soul Records)
9. HERD RUNNERS (LP) ... Cherry Ghost (Heavenly Recordings)
10. ZABA (LP) ... Glass Animals (Wolf Tone/Caroline)
11. HUNGER OF THE PINE ... Alt-J (∆) (Infectious Music)
12. YOUTH CULTURE FOREVER (LP) ... Paws (FatCat Records)
13. TAKE OFF WITH YOU ... Life (Birthday Records)
14. WE MAY YET STAND A CHANCE (LP) ... The Heartbreaks (Nusic Sounds)
15. SUFFERING YOU, SUFFERING ME ... Slow Club (Caroline International)
16. LA PETITE MORT (LP) ... James (Cooking Vinyl)
17. KUNSTWERK IN SPACETIME EP ... Close Lobsters (Shelflife)
18. ENDGAME EP ... Detachments (Polvo Records)
19. BREAKFAST (LP) ... Teleman (Moshi Moshi Records)
20. BODY SNATCHERS ... The Moons (Schnitzel)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Bravest Man In The Universe! Show tracks for Sat. June 28/14

RIP Bobby Womack. First exposed to his great soul voice almost 30 years ago now. Brought back into the mainstream thanks to Gorillaz. We open with a tribute and include him in the Northern Soul Spotlight as well.

gorillaz - stylo (feat mos def & bobby womack)
bobby womack - love is gonna lift you up
franz ferdinand - walk away
zoot woman - the model
the soundcarriers - signal blue
detachments - endgame
parka - disco dancer
tripwires - total fascination stuff
by the sea - i see a crystal sky
the watchmakers - carpe diem
eighteen nightmares at the lux (enatl) - fishman
menace beach - tennis court
comet gain - sad love
cherry ghost - fragile reign
dry the river - gethsemane
we are catchers - isabella
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
cindy scott - i love you, baby
bobby womack - what is this (original mix)
elbie parker - please keep away from me
bobby paris - i walked away
homer banks - hooked by love
-----lp session - bird "my fear and me"
bird - oh my love
bird - sea of trees
bird - blue
money - hold me forever
elephant - ants
blessa - kindred
esben & the witch - blood teachings
-----mixtape memories
peter gabriel - on the air
catherine wheel - i want to touch you
new model army - green and grey
echo & the bunnymen - villiers terrace
close lobsters - new york city in space
the sun and the moon - adam's song (pour fenella)
the luxembourg signal - distant drive
the leisure society - columbia!
the clientele - falling asleep
little barrie - fuzz bomb

On The Air!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hippy Dippy Pharmaceutically Trippy! Show tracks for Sat. June 21/14

paul haig - hippy dippy pharmaceutically trippy
franz ferdinand - stand on the horizon (tom furse extrapolation)
alt j ∆ - hunger of the pine
hyde & beast - keep moving
the bohicas - crush me
aztecs - ice cream
the amazing snakeheads - nighttime
band of holy joy - when a gift is a curse
sinead o'connor - take me to church
big deal - always boys
slow club - suffering you, suffering me
manic street preachers - walk me to the bridge
kasabian - eez-eh
the courteeners - summer
suede - black or blue
the field mice - sensitive
the orchids - something for the longing
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the carolines - can't stop loving the boy
carl spencer - cover girl
wayne anthony - you ain't wrapped too tight
the flirtations - change my darkness into light
kenny ballard & the fabulous soul brothers - i'm losing you
-----lp session - klaxons "love frequency"
klaxons - nvisible forces
klaxons - rhythm of life
klaxons - the dreamers
massive attack - man next door
alexis taylor - elvis has left the building
superfood - right on satellite
happyness - great minds think alike, all brains taste the same
life - take off with you
the mispers - dark bits
blessa - island minding
-----mixtape memories
stone roses - this is the one
james - born of frustration
the waterboys - savage earth heart
roxy music - mother of pearl
formes - the power of now part 1
princess - neverlook

This is the one!