Sunday, February 18, 2018

Silver Dollar Moment! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 17/18

ride - cold water people
hookworms - ullswater
manic street preachers - distant colours
psychedelic furs - sister europe
the altered hours - over the void
domiciles - common language
peace - power
the rainband - warhol
the rainband - blink of an eye
cosmo sheldrake - hypothalamus blues
twisted wheel - you stole the sun
the bluetones - bluetonic
the go! team - mayday
hollie cook - turn it around
kate bush - wuthering heights
foxgluvv - not cute
young marble giants - brand new life
-----northern soul spotlight
jammers - where can she run to
lorraine ellison - try (just a little bit harder)
bobby freeman - shadow of your love
the teen turbans - need to be loved
-----lp session - the orielles "silver dollar moment"
the orielles - old stuff, new glass
the orielles - sunflower seeds
the orielles - liminal spaces
bloxx - novocain
boy azooga - loner boogie
marsicans - wake up freya
fueds - nothing to happen next
shopping - discover
echo & the bunnymen - never stop (discotheque)
pink floyd - one of these days
simple minds - speed your love to me
visage - the damned don't cry
the cure - a forest
-----lp session - the happy accidents "everything but the here and now"
the happy accidents - nunhead
the happy accidents - act naturally
the happy accidents - unwind
bradford - in liverpool
gris-de-lin - night dance
this is the bridge - polar opposites


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beautiful Despair! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 10/18

kite base - nineteen
django django - real gone
autobahn - the world around you is fractured somehow
dose - furniture
vinyl staircase - cherry
dark horses - yes yes yes
mien - earth moon
television personalities - if you fly to high
television personalities - i like that in a girl
the monochrome set - i feel fine (really)
i, ludicrous - ladytron
fontaines dc - chequeless reckless
seazoo - shoreline
average sex - we're done
tracey thorn - queen
lost colours - one space left feat rebekah dobbims
simple minds - angel underneath my skin
-----northern soul spotlight
delilah kennebreuw - bright lights
the olympics - raining in my heart
ben aiken - if i told you once (i told you a million times)
the olympics - no more will i cry
-----lp session - franz ferdinand "always ascending"
franz ferdinand - the academy award
franz ferdinand - lois lane
franz ferdinand - huck and jim
queen zee & the sasstones - victim age
hypnosister - poorly boy
sheafs - shock machine
the fratellis - starcrossed lovers
dead! - the boys + the boys
dead! - jessica
goat girl - the man
dream wife - taste
berries - faults
the jjohns - lucy
the gaa gaa's - voltaire
phobophobes - the never never
phobophobes - the fun
-----lp session - the wombats "beautiful people will ruin your life"
the wombats - black flamingo
the wombats - i only wear black
the wombats - dip you in honey
night flowers - cruel wind
the cure - love song (acoustic)
mansun - stripper vicar


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Microshift! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 3/18

colourbox - the moon is blue
the waterboys - the whole of the moon
pale waves - the tide
indian queens - i get no rest
desperate journalist - it gets better
witchdoctor - milk that cow
the horse heads - questions
towers of london - superbowl
simple minds - summer
simple minds - in dreams
david bowie - white light white heat
ulrika spacek - lady godiva's operation
cabaret voltaire - here she comes now
let's eat grandma - hot pink feat sophie
ashley reaks - i stroked her like a leper
the liminanas - garden of love feat peter hook
-----northern soul spotlight - dennis edwards tribute
dennis edwards - johnny on the spot
dennis edwards - i didn't have to (but i did)
dennis edwards - what becomes of the broken hearted
the temptations - psychedelic shack
the temptations - shakey ground
-----lp session - hookworms "microshift"
hookworms - the soft season
hookworms - each time we pass
hookworms - boxing day
the streets - if you ever need to talk i'm here
kate nash - drink about you
the cure - let's got to bed
turin brakes - lost in the woods
turin brakes - smoke and mirrors
ultimate painting - not gonna burn myself anymore
wylderness - peripheral vision
llovers - just lust
black sonic revolver - is this even real?
insecure men - i don't wanna dance (with my baby)
-----lp session - hollie cook "vessel of love"
hollie cook - stay alive
hollie cook - lunar addiction
hollie cook - far from me
field music - goodbye to the country
field music - checking on a message
my bloody valentine - only tomorrow
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - January

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MARBLE SKIES (LP) ... Django Django (Because/Ribbon Music)
2. SONGS OF PRAISE (LP) ... Shame (Dead Oceans/Outside)
3. DREAM WIFE (LP) ... Dream Wife (Lucky Number/Universal)
4. THE OFFICIAL BODY (LP) ... Shopping (Fatcat Records)
5. SEMICIRCLE (LP) ... The Go! Team (Memphis Industries/Outside)
6. ARMS OF PLEONEXIA ... Cabbage (BMG)
7. HOW TO SOLVE OUR HUMAN PROBLEMS PT 2 ... Belle & Sebastian (Matador)
8. I CAN'T QUIT / NIGHTCLUB ... The Vaccines (Columbia)
9. BLACK HABIT ... Mien (Rocket Recordings)
10. MAGAZINE ... Editors (Play It Again Sam)
11. COULD IT BE DIFFERENT? (LP) ... The Spook School (Alcopop!/Slumberland)
12. SWEET DREAMS BABY ... Inheaven ([PIAS] Cooperative)
13. DEEP POCKETS ... Gaz Coombes (Caroline)
14. AFTER DARK ... Spinn (Modern Sky Entertainment)
15. BEFORE SUNRISE ... Gengahr (Transgressive)
16. WHEN YOU'RE DEPRESSED ... Go-Kart Mozart (West Midlands Records)
17. BLUE SUITCASE (DISCO WRIST) ... The Orielles (Heavenly Recordings)
18. GHOST ... Hypnosister (Sleep All Day Music)
19. WYBTFM? (LP) ... Hypnotic Kingdom (Hypnotic Kingdom)
20. DARK WATERS (LP) ... The Voices (765575 Records DK)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for January 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Totally Wired! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 27/18

Tonight we celebrate the music of Mark E Smith and The Fall. Mark E. Smith died on Wednesday Jan. 24th at his home in Prestwich, England, near Manchester, where he had lived since childhood. He was 60. RIP Mark E Smith. A true original, genius and rebel!

the fall - rebellious jukebox
the fall - bombast
the fall - free range
the vaccines - nightclub
franz ferdinand - lazy boy
demob happy - loosen it
the damned - standing on the edge of tomorrow
cabbage - arms of pleonexia
-----lp session - dream wife "dream wife"
dream wife - love without reason
dream wife - act my age
dream wife - spend the night
the school - animal farm
the catenary wires - waterloo sunset
half man half biscuit - outbreak of vitas gerulatis
the fall - edinburgh man
the fall - totally wired
the fall - i feel voxish
-----mark e smith vocal collaborations
inspiral carpets - i want you
elastica - how he wrote elastica man
long fin killie - heads of dead surfers
gorillaz - glitter freeze
the clint boon experience - now i wanna be your dog (live)
------lp session - django django "marble skies"
django django - marble skies
django django - champagne
django django - beam me up
simple minds - sense of discovery
the cure - purple haze (jimi hendrix cover)
jeremy deller & adrian sherwood - freetail dub
tackhead feat mark e smith - repetition
the fall - middle mass
the fall - cruisers creek
the fall - hit the north
the fall - victoria
the fall - spoilt victorian child
------lp session - the spook school "could it be different?"
the spook school - less than perfect
the spook school - bad year
the spook school - body
485c - kapow!
pale waves - my obsession
mien - black habit
the fall - touch sensitive (peel session)


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Static Resistance! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 20/18

bugeye - wake up
magazine - shot by both sides (original single version)
magazine - definitive gaze
editors - magazine
the cure - just say yes
visage - the anvil
a house in the trees - summertime
gengahr - before sunrise
the orielles - blue suitcase (disco wrist)
belle & sebastian - show me the sun
belle & sebastian - cornflakes
spinn - after dark
twisted wheel - oh what have you done
shame - angie
everything is recorded (richard russell) - bloodshot red eyes feat infinite & green gartside
burna boy - heaven's gate feat lily allen
-----northern soul spotlight
soul shakers - i'm getting weaker
walter foster - your search is over
bobby reed - i wanna love you so bad
linda jones - you can't take it
-----lp session - shopping "the official body"
shopping - suddenly gone
shopping - discover
shopping - new values
graham coxon - walking all day
safari gold - easy company
the pearl harts - the rush
straylings - warm ambition
the velvet hands - only blame myself
simple minds - i travel (extended)
candy opera - what a way to travel
candy opera - diane
the lotus eaters - first picture of you
the wombats - cheetah tongue
-----lp session - the xcerts "hold on to your heart"
the xcerts - daydream
the xcerts - hold on to your heart
the xcerts - we are gonna live
the voices - whatever's on your mind
the horrors - something to remember me by
the charlatans - there will be chances
hypnosister - ghost


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Songs Of Praise! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 13/18

david bowie - the width of a circle
david bowie - let's dance (demo)
ian mcculloch - me and david bowie
lost horizons - on the day you died
the blue nile - the downtown lights
franz ferdinand - feel the love go
simple minds - the signal and the noise
soft riot - the eyes on the walls
pizzagirl - favourite song
chris carter - blissters
hypntoic kingdom - perfect paradise
hypntoic kingdom - don't be afraid
-----northern soul spotlight - motown birthday bash
frank wilson - do i love you (indeed i do)
the velvelettes - these things will keep me loving you
the contours - just a little misunderstanding
r. dean taylor - there's a ghost in my house
the elgins - heaven must have sent you
the spinners - i'll always love you
the supremes - love is like an itching in my heart
-----lp session - shame "songs of praise"
shame - dust on trial
shame - gold hole
shame - friction
ride - catch you dreaming
hookworms - static resistance
the cure - the hanging garden
belle & sebastian - the same star
the fratellis - i've been blind
gaz coombes - deep pockets
inheaven - sweet dreams baby
field music - time in joy
-----lp session - the go! team "semicircle"
the go! team - chain link fence
the go! team - the answer's no…now what's the question?
the go! team - getting back up
shopping - wild child
xtc - life begins at the hop
the skids - this is our world
lonely tourist - last day at tony's