Sunday, September 24, 2017

Music For The Age Of Miracles! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 23/17

paul draper - who's wearing the trousers
estrons - glasgow kisses
shed seven - room in my house
morrissey - spent the day in bed
martin carr - future reflections
my sad captains - don't listen to your heart
carnival club - follow the sun
depeche mode - heroes (david bowie cover)
blancmange - gratitude
she drew the gun - sweet harmony (beloved cover)
trashcan sinatras - hayfever
trashcan sinatras - the safecracker (live)
the selecter - daylight
mina rose - lemons and limes
the moods - p.o.p. (profit over people)
ub40 - present arms
ub40 - dr.x
ub40 - one in ten (dub version)
-----lp session - the horrors "v"
the horrors - hologram
the horrors - point of no reply
the horrors - world below
gengahr - carrion
shopping - the hype
wolf alice - heavenward
seawitches - emerald hands
lost horizons - bones
the boxing - tame
ist ist - strangers
brix & the extricated - moonrise kingdom
-----lp session - the clientele "music for the age of miracles"
the clientele - the neighbour
the clientele - everyone you meet
the clientele - the museum of fog
pins - serve the rich
candy says - looking in from the outside
queen zee & the sasstones - boy

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Where's The Bass Amp? Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 16/17

w.h.lung - nothing is
syd arthur - no peace
frightened rabbit - roadless
frightened rabbit - rained on
hurricane #1 - what about love
seeing hands - take me back
beauty sleep - until we see the sun
suede - metal mickey
vince ripper & the rodent show - silver machine
vince ripper & the rodent show - rocket u.s.a.
vultures - underneath the rain
inheaven - bitter town
serpent power - the sleeper
black sonic revolver - time to say goodbye
yak - all i need is some sunshine in my life
superorganism - something for your m.i.n.d.
paul weller - it's written in the stars
-----northern soul spotlight
the carstairs - it really hurts me girl
ebony keyes - if you knew
the mike cotton sound - step out of line
-----lp session - superfood "bambino"
superfood - where's the bass amp?
superfood - need a little spider
superfood - clo park
autobahn - future
simple minds - new gold dream (81,82,83,84)
the sun and the moon - c'est la vie
ysgol sul (sunday school) - elsewhere
adwaith - femme
kate bush - suspended in gaffa
yassassin - mermaidistic personality disorder
sugarmen - ac
seeing hands - take me back
reykjavik kids - nightmoist
-----lp session - flyte "the loved ones"
flyte - cathy come home
flyte - sliding doors
flyte - echoes
catholic action - here, there & nowhere
beachtape - slow
shambolics - chasing a disaster
trudy & the romance - is there a place i can go?
embers - until the dawn


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Strange Waves! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 9/17

saint etienne - dive
warm digits - end times feat field music
orchestral maneouvres in the dark - robot man
orchestral maneouvres in the dark - one more time
ak/dk - morphology
madonnatron - glenn closer
weyes blood - a certain kind (soft machine cover)
the horrors - weighed down
trailer trash tracys - money for moondogs
the travelling band - into the water
mogwai - old poisons
the seagulls - happy
the waterboys - monument
the waterboys - yamaben
paul weller - woo sé mama
mount kimbie - audition
mount kimbie - delta
-----northern soul spotlight
the playthings - stop what you're doing
joya landis - i love you baby
father's angels - bok to bach
-----lp session - inheaven "inheaven"
inheaven - vultures
inheaven - do you dream?
inheaven - velvet
honeyblood - swell love
dream wife - somebody
dumb lovers - girl
suncharmer - sweet disillusion
twilight driving - soft & pink
llovers - i don't mind
kagoule - monsieur automaton
the fall - hey! student
catholic action - black & white
proletariat - standing in the cold
yungblud - king charles
martin carr - future reflections
-----lp session - shock machine "shock machine"
shock machine - unlimited love
shock machine - first of may
shock machine - strange waves
starsailor - take a little time
beachtape - through & through
the surfing magazines - new day
adam & elvis - she bites mosquitos
miss world - buy me dinner


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sass Or Die! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 2/17

Back to a regular show after a couple of theme shows which means all kinds of great new material backing up. That means 6 new albums tonight and probably the same thing next week as well. So much great music, so little time!

the horrors - something to remember me by
belle & sebastian - we were beautiful
milburn - nothing for you
alaskalaska - patience
the would be's - tempt fate
the myrmidons - christine
adwaith - lipstick coch
-----lp session - trailer trash tracys "althaea"
trailer trash tracys - gong gardens
trailer trash tracys - betty's cavatina
trailer trash tracys - singdrom
queen zee & the sasstones - sass or die
jesus and mary chain - down on me
fizzy blood - adhd
proletariat - ignorance
boomtown rats - lookin' after number one
saccades - elusive dream
saccades - gone too soon
spc eco - out of sight
spc eco - waking up again
terminal gods - i want to believe
terminal gods - moral crusade
-----lp session - mogwai "every country's sun"
mogwai - crossing the road material
mogwai - 1000 foot race
mogwai - battered at a scramble
girl ray - just like that
splassh - closer
cocteau twins - blind dumb deaf
kite base - erase
blaenavon - prague '99
iggy pop - tonight
king no-one - systematic
dead pretties - confidence
the vex - education kills
-----lp session - nadine shah "holiday destination"
nadine shah - 2016
nadine shah - evil
nadine shah - mother fighter
semantics - acid test
autobahn - the moral crossing

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - August

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. EARL GREY (LP) ... Girl Ray (Moshi Moshi)
2. SPOOKY ACTION (LP) ... Paul Draper (Kscope)
3. FIRE ... Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
4. WE WERE BEAUTIFUL ... Belle And Sebastian (Matador)
5. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER ME BY ... The Horrors (Wolf Tone)
6. THE SKY IS MINE (LP) ... The Duke Spirit (Ex Voto Records)
7. THE EXTENDED PLAY OF CRUELTY EP ... Cabbage (Infectious)
8. MADONNATRON (LP) ... Madonnatron (Trashmouth Records)
9. NIGHT OF THE LIVING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES (LP) ... Girl One & The Grease Guns (Next Phase : Normal Records)
10. MOTHER ETHIOPIA ... Paul Weller (Parlophone)
11. 24-7 ROCK STAR SHIT (LP) ... The Cribs (Sonic Blew)
12. IT'S ALL FREE ... I, Ludicrous (Cherry Red Records)
13. ABSOLVE ... SeaWitches (Emerald Eye Recordings)
14. WOMAN IN THE SHADOWS ... Ghost Car (Stolen Body Records)
15. OH, SEALAND (LP) ... Oddfellow's Casino (At The Helm Records)
16. TELEVISION ROMANCE ... Pale Waves (Dirty Hit)
17. HATE IS ON REPEAT ... The Cult of Dom Keller (The Cult of Dom Keller)
18. GET A REAL JOB EP ... Jitterz (Horus Music Distribution)
19. SHADOW OF A WAVE ... The Vryll Society (Deltasonic Records)
20. RADIO PUNK ... Bad Nerves (National Anthem)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Shall We Take A Trip! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 26/17

It's almost scary when things align like this. August is our anniversary month on the CJAM airwaves. We're starting our 28th year bringing you the best of the British indie/alternative scene. August (10th to be exact) is the anniversary of Tony Wilson's passing. It's been 10 years since we lost the Manchester musical hero. Cherry Red Records released it's latest box set, Manchester North Of England. So you the end result could be nothing more than our anniversary show celebrating Tony Wilson and the music of Manchester.
the times - manchester
mike garry & joe duddell - st. anthony an ode to tony wilson
the smiths - jeanne
the charlatans - sproston green
the chameleons - in shreds
easterhouse - whistling in the dark
chris sievey - baiser
dislocation dance - rosemary
bradford - skin storm
magazine - the light pours out of me
the fall - rowche rumble
new fast automatic daffodils - big (edit)
stone roses - what the world is waiting for
sub sub - space face
x-o-dus - english black boys (edit)
the mothmen - does it matter irene?
the bodines - scar tissue
big flame - why popstars can't dance
buzzcocks - breakdown (demo)
the mock turtles - and the she smiles
the man from delmonte - drive drive drive (twenty two and still in love with you)
808 state - cubik (original mix)
any trouble - yesterday's love
northside - shall we take a trip
puressence - offshore
the high - box set go
blue orchids - the flood
happy mondays - 24 hour party people
oasis - columbia (demo)
a certain ratio - the fox
paris angels - perfume
world of twist - sons of the stage
inspiral carpets - garage full of flowers (flexi version)
new order - temptation (7" version)
james - chain mail
molly half head - barny
stockholm monsters - all at once
wonky alice - caterpillars
jean go solo - in salford the sun doesn't shine
joy division - she's lost control

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Punky Reggae Party! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 19/17

Cowboys & Indies closed out CJAM's Radio Brain Drain week long celebration with a Punky Reggae Party! Saturday night we featured 20 reggae tracks (picked by me)that influenced the UK punk, ska and reggae scenes. We still managed to squeeze in some new releases and 2 LP sessions.

u-roy - wake the town
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - reggae seque
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - no no no (dub mix)
paul weller - mother ethiopia pt.1 (vs stone foundation)
paul weller - mother ethiopia pt.2 (feat bongo bob)
paul weller - mother ethiopia pt.3 (no tribe no colour) (feat krar collective)
warm digits - growth of raindrops feat sarah crcknell
dream wife - fire
wolf alice - beautifully unconventional
pale waves - television romance
tigercub - it's only love
bob marley - punky reggae party
junior murvin - police & thieves
desmond dekker - israelites
the congos - fisherman
peter tosh - legalize it
dennis brown - man next door
king stitt - herbsman shuffle
augustus pablo - king tubby meets rockers uptown
the upsetters - return of django
-----lp session - the duke spirit "sky is mine"
the duke spirit - magenta
the duke spirit - see power
the duke spirit - yo yo
the cult of dom keller - hate is on repeat
eek-a-mouse - wa-do-dem
millie small - my boy lollipop
dr. almantado & the rebels - born for a reason (reason for living)
althea & donna - uptown top ranking
jimmy cliff - the harder they come
andy capp - pop-a-top
toots & the maytalls - pressure drop
burning spear - marcus garvey
linton kwesi johnson - all wi doin' is defendin'
tapper zukie - mpla
zap pow - this is reggae music
-----lp session - girl one & the grease guns "night of the living electrical appliances"
girl one & the grease guns - he's a replicant
girl one & the grease guns - telegraph street
girl one & the grease guns - emergency (dial 999)
i, ludicrous - it's all free
vince ripper & the rodent show - scary monsters