Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Menace Of Mechanical Music! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 1/20

sports team - feels like fun
porridge radio - don't ask me twice
lanterns on the lake - blue screen beams
sinead o'brien - strangers in danger
muck spreader - carnal tongues
yard act - fixer upper
laundromat - off
sunstinger - nothing's alright, leave me alone
inhaler - fade into you (mazzy star cover)
ed harcourt - drowning in dreams
the wytches - a love you'll never know
dead pony - sharp tongues
pleasure heads - cosmopolis
creeper - poisoned heart
bloxx - off my head
sleeper - delicious
pj harvey - victory (demo)
bow wow wow - c-30, c-60, c-90, go
the waterboys - the soul singer
paul weller - old father tyme
galaxians - over it
jamiroquai - cosmic girl
-----lp session - team picture 'the menace of mechanical music'
team picture - compartment(s)
team picture - quit reading
team picture - keepleft
halloweens - lonely boy forever
hot dreams - changing of the pines
the hushtones - the birds are coming
winter gardens - tapestry
psychic markers - blue dreams
psychic markers - speechless implications (d'un coupir)
pela - reverie
pynch - somebody else
liela moss - turn your back around
sunship balloon - A4 life
empty days club - fan fiction
temples of youth - silver cross
-----lp session - ian skelly 'drifter's skyline'
ian skelly - over the moon
ian skelly - laugh to keep from crying
ian skelly - drifter's skyline
ian skelly - thoughts of you
black honey - beaches
cat sfx - doom generation
slow readers club - wait
slow readers club - zero hour


Friday, July 31, 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - June/July Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SO WHEN YOU GONNA ... (LP) ... Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
2. DEEP DOWN HAPPY (LP) ... Sports Team (Big Desert Records/Uni)
3. BEDROOM (LP) ... Bdrmm (Sonic Cathedral)
4. A VISION IN THE DARK (LP) ... Kidsmoke (Libertino Records)
5. BEYOND THE PALE (LP) ... Jarv Is (Rough Trade)
6. ON SUNSET (LP) ... Paul Weller (Polydor)
7. FAD (LP) ... Silverbacks (Central Tones Records)
8. ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL (LP) ... Sonic Boom (Carpark Records)
9. TO LOVE IS TO LIVE (LP) ... Jehnny Beth (20L07 Music/Caroline)
10. ELECTRIC MUSIC (LP) ... The Wolfhounds (A Turntable Friend Records)
11. SCUTTLE (LP) ... Grasshopper (Mikmakmok)
12. FANTASIES OF A STAY AT HOME PSYCHOPATH (LP) ... The Blinders (Modern Sky)
13. 10:20 (LP) ... Wire (pinkflag)
14. THE NON-STOP EP (LP) ... Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard (Communion Group)
15. FOREVER BLUE (LP) ... A.A. Williams (Bella Union)
16. GENETIC CABARET (LP) ... Asylums (Cool Thing Records)
17. GOT LUCKY (LP) ... Lucy And The Rats (Stardumb)
19. IN THIS MOMENT (LP) ... Polly Scattergood (Future Paradise)
20. THE COOL GREENHOUSE (LP) ... The Cool Greenhouse (Melodic)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June/July 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - July Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. EUTOPIA EP ... Massive Attack (Virgin)
2. COOKIE SCENE ... The Go! Team (Memphis Industries)
3. ANTI HERO EP ... Gang Of Four (Gill Music Ltd)
4. DAD BOD ... Home Counties (Alcopop!)
5. INTO STRANGENESS ... Fear of Men (Apertura)
6. SHARP TONGUES ... Dead Pony (Lab Records)
7. THE BOY FROM THE PLANTATION ... James Dean Bradfield (MontyRay/Delaware)
8. MASERATI ANXIETY DESIGNED EP ... Halloweens (Super Easy)
10. COSMOPOLIS ... Pleasure Heads (7 West Music)
11. AFTERGLOW ... Juliper Sky (Elephant Records)
12. DOOM GENERATION ... Cat SFX (Creation23)
13. ZIP ZAP ZOOM ... Spectral ft Shaun Ryder (Virtual Label)
14. BLUE SPIRIT ... Private World (Dais Records)
15. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? ... Nile Marr (Oldham Street Records)
16. CLOCKWORK ... Glass Violet (Glass Violet)
17. ALWAYS IN LOVE ... A Certain Ratio (Mute)
18. HEAL IN TIME ... The Institutes (End Of The Trail Creative)
19. DUNGAREE DAY ... Paul Molloy (Spring Heeled Records)
20. STRANGERS ... Man Of Moon (Cosmic Pool)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for July 2020

Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Songs That Changed Our Lives! Show tracks for Sat. July 25/20

bdrmm - happy
secret shine - ember
tiger mimic - where the fire used to be
lucy & the rats - pinch myself
the flatmates - this is reality
coach party - breakdown
dream wife - rh rn
the big moon - why?
buzzard buzzard buzzard - stockholm city rock
buzzard buzzard buzzard - what is hate?
man of moon - strangers
the goa express - be my friend
james dean bradfield - the boy from the plantation
cross wires - state funeral
the clockworks - can i speak to a manager please?
the magic gang - make time for change
joy division - a means to an end
echo & the bunnymen - read it in books
the teardrop explodes - treason
dexys midnight runners - tell me when my light turns green
-----northern soul spotlight
third demetion - if my heart was an open book
chris bartley - tomorrow keeps shining on me
bobby moore - (call me your) anything man
rick thompson - what do i have to do?
-----lp session - silverbacks 'fad'
silverbacks - klub silberrücken
silverbacks - just in the band
silverbacks - grinning at the lid
tiña - golden rope
chappaqua wrestling - football
ian skelly - jokerman
palace - someday, somewhere
kidsmoke - passenger
david newton & thee mighty angels - the songs that changed our lives (feat. eddie argos)
menswe@r - wait for the sun
on video - stuntman
percy (uk) - rubbernecking in the uk
waves of dread - motion
asylums - a town full of boarded up windows
asylums - the distance between left and right
pozi - 4o faces
0171 - photograph
-----lp session - the blinders 'fantasies of a stay at home psychopath'
the blinders - something wicked this way comes
the blinders - lunatic (with a loaded gun)
the blinders - from nothing to abundance
thousand yard stare - sleepsound
sonic boom - my echo, my shadow and me
the covasettes - be mine
the voo-dooms - stop haunting me


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Zip Zap Zoom! Show tracks for Sat. July 18/20

tim burgess - lucky creatures
pins - ponytail
mealtime - s.p.e.c.i.a.l.
doves - prisoners
the blinders - black glass
travis - valentine
slagheap - peckish
es - severed
the mekons - west yorks ballad
the mekons - what i believe at night
paul molloy - dungaree day
ian skelly - captain caveman
meadow meadow - fireworks
spectral - zip zap zoom feat shaun ryder
massive attack - massive attack x saul williams
massive attack - massive attack x young fathers
gang of four - day turns into night
robert calvert - over the moon (a flock of seagulls remix)
billy nomates - hippy elite
sleaford mods - tarantula deadly cargo
the streets - none of us are getting out of this life alive feat joe talbot
the streets - conspiracy theory freestyle feat rob harvey
-----lp session - jarv is 'beyond the pale'
jarv is - am i missing something?
jarv is - sometimes i am pharaoh
jarv is - swanky modes
the go! team - cookie scene
international teachers of pop - femenenergy
baby queen - buzzkill
ellie moon - kylie jenner
cat sfx - reunion
private world - blue spirit
juliper sky - afterglow
glass violet - clockwork
the institutes - heal in time
lucy & the rats - sorry
sports team - here's the thing
-----lp session - a.a. williams 'forever blue'
a.a. williams - all i asked for (was to end it all)
a.a. williams - love and pain
a.a. williams - wait
idles - a hymn
young knives - society for cutting up men
martha ffion - want you to know
this is the kit - this is what you did


Sunday, July 12, 2020

Summertime Reggae Rule! Show tracks for Sat. July 11/20

cornershop - i'm a wooden soldier
julian cope - the great raven
brooke bentham - nowhere near
fear of men - into strangeness
liela moss - watching the wolves
cat sfx - doom generation
bang bang romeo - stone cold superstar
bilk - i got knocked out the same night england did
fontaines d.c. - televised mind
porridge radio with lala lala - good for you
nadine shah - kitchen sink
dream wife - validation
dream wife - old flame
hard-fi - cash machine
cast - fine time
nile marr - are you happy now?
halloweens - divinity pools
vix fuzzbox & robin george - summertime reggae rule
robin george - heartline
paul weller - baptiste
paul weller - earth beat
galaxians - heat of the city
kele - melanin
-----lp sesssion - wolfhounds 'electric music'
wolfhounds - like driftwood
wolfhounds - ... and electric music
wolfhounds - stand apart
indigos - i'm healed
ist ist - drowning in the shallow end
public image limited - death disco
roxy girls - you have to waste your time
fews - charm
kate bush - babooshka
polly scattergood - silk roses
polly scattergood - the end was glorious
demons of ruby mae - questions
white lies - tomorrows news
richard ashcroft - crazy world
the delta sound - blues no.2
-----lp session - bdrmm 'bedroom'
bdrmm - momo
bdrmm - push/pull
bdrmm - gush
home counties - dad bod
the c33s - harphurey hostility
a certain ratio - always in love


Sunday, July 5, 2020

An Online Show In Two Bits! Sat. July 4/20

Cowboys & Indies did not air Saturday night, we were pre-empted for special CJAM Independence Day July 4th programming.
So we took to our Mixcloud page for a couple mixes featuring most of the tunes that would have been featured in the show.
See you this Saturday when we return to regular, no...wait, great British indie/alternative programming!

Bit 1

The Clash - I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
New Model Army - 51st State
Himalayas - We Love To Hate
King No One - Roll Of The Dice
Nadine Shah - Buckfast
Paul Weller - More
James Dean Bradfield - There'll Come A War
Wonder Stuff - Don't Anyone Dare Give A Damn
Prefab Sprout - When Love Breaks Down
Kidsmoke - Passenger
Eades - Vivid Dreams
The Orielles - 7th Dynamic Goo
Jockstrap - Robert
The Chemical Brothers - Leave Home
iLiKETRAiNS - Dig In

Bit 2

Billy Bragg - Help Save The Youth Of America
Gang Of Four - I Love A Man In A Uniform
Mealtime - Excess
CamelPhat feat Yannis (Foals) - Hypercolour
Silverbacks - Up The Nurses
Hurts - Suffer
Shoshy - Time Traveller
Everything Everything - Planets
Radidas - Daisy Chain
Juliper Sky - Afterglow
Glass Violet - Clockwork
93millionmilesfromthesun - All Am Now
Longpigs - On And On
Corasandel - Cracked Light
Green Seagull - Simeon Brown