Sunday, April 22, 2018

Garage Full Of Flowers! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 21/18

Congratulations to all the Jammy award winners for this year. This year was not our year. But I would like to express my thanks for all who voted for our little program and continue to show their support. After all, it's all about the music and you being able to enjoy the music. Here's to next year!

bugeye - i'm not the one
the lovely eggs - repeat it
go-kart mozart - crokodile rokstarz
the gaa gaa's - v.o.l.t.a.i.r.e.
fizzy blood - pink magic
suspects - innocence
miles kane - loaded
seatbelts - hey, hey tiger!
dead! - detach
blossoms - there's a reason why (i never returned your calls)
wulfman fury - getaway
the coral - sweet release
vryll society - andrei rublev
the fernweh - timepiece
pale waves - my obsession
tim burgess - clutching insignificance
inspiral carpets - garage full of flowers
james - busted
the waterfront - normandy (on the beach)
-----northern soul spotlight
apollas - you're absolutely right
mighty hannibal - good time (who don't love you)
the enchanters - to get your love back
dick jensen & the imports - back in circulation
-----lp session - mastersystem "dance music"
mastersystem - proper home
mastersystem - peaks, troughs and graves
mastersystem - bird is bored of flying
boards of canada - sixtyten
massive attack - man next door
broadcast - michael a grammar
poptone - go!
ill - space dick
witch fever - toothless
dream nails - cookies 4 u
purest - forever
jesus & mary chain - upside down
yowl - warm (in the soft white fire of modern living)
-----lp session - easter "meander lines"
easter - suicidal kiss
easter - pixel princess
easter - how to spend yr time
the cure - the exploding boy
towers of london - green eyes
teleman - submarine life


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Pyramid Schemes! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 14/18

goat girl - lay down
adwaith - fel i fod
insecure men - the saddest man in penge
ash - annabel
manic street preachers - people give in
manic street preachers - the left behind
girls names - 25
the cure - the upstairs room
poisonous birds - little puzzle
gruff rhys - frontier man
scott walker - plastic palace people
lump - curse of the contemporary
hookworms - the soft season
the damned - we're so nice
the damned - procrastination
the mu-tones - slab city records
cabbage - perdurabo
mien - ropes
-----northern soul spotlight
tony amaro & the chariots - running around
larry lester - help yourself (who don't love you)
tommy starr - better think of what you're missing
ben aitken - god bless my girl
-----lp session - night flowers "wild notion"
night flowers - sandcastles
night flowers - head on
night flowers - fireworks
island - try
our girl - i really like it
love and rockets - saudade
marine - mount olympus
marine - anima
frank turner - make america great again
johnny marr - the tracers
green seagull - dogsbody
green seagull - i live and i let live
stereo honey - what makes a man
-----lp session - firestations "the year dot"
firestations - old letters
firestations - pyramid schemes
firestations - lightning strike
oranj son- radio wires
ist ist - diversion
485c - happy


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Drive-In Saturday! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 7/18

Voting for the 2018 CJAM Jammy Awards ends soon! Vote for your fave programmer now.

the big pink - how far we've come (feat io echo)
crooked teeth - mountain song
the tempest - ice cold in
johnny marr - the tracers
james - better than that
embrace - wake up call (orchestral version)
gaz coombes - walk the walk
-----lp session - mien "mien"
mien - (i'm tired of) western shouting
mien - hocus pocus
mien - echolalia
ist ist - i'm not here
lusts - heavy thoughts
amusement parks on fire - all the new ends
beach skulls - that's not me
cannibal animal - simply sinking
the the - twilight of a champion
simple minds - theme for great cities
the cure - the hungry ghost
the alarm - where were you hiding when the storm broke?
-----lp session - goat girl "goat girl"
goat girl - creep
goat girl - cracker drool
goat girl - country sleaze
goat girl - tomorrow
peace - you don't walk away from love
the courteeners - no you didn't, no you don't (re:wired)
spinn - november
david bowie - drive in saturday
the only ones - lovers of today
friendly fires - love like waves
primal scream - star
little boots - shadows feat joyce muniz
the streets - you are not the voice in your head
firestations - reciever
marine - sirens
-----lp session - wylderness "wylderness"
wylderness - broadcast
wylderness - yy aa
wylderness - sunography
the magic numbers - ride against the wind
spear of destiny - afrikan proverb
manic street preachers - liverpool revisited


Monday, April 2, 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - March Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. EMPTY WORDS (LP) ... Whyte Horses (CRC Music)
3. POST-GOD METAPHYSICS (LP) ... Starsha Lee (Syndicol Music)
4. SUPERORGANISM (LP) ... Superorganism (Domino)
5. HORMONE LEMONADE (LP) ... Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Duophonic Records)
6. AUTONOMY (LP) ... Table Scraps (Zen 10)
7. COMBAT SPORTS (LP) ... The Vaccines (Sony)
8. SUNDAY BEST (LP) ... Martha Ffion (Turnstile Records)
9. THE MAGIC GANG (LP) ... The Magic Gang (YALA! Records)
10. HOLY DOOM (LP) ... Demob Happy (So Recordings)
11. YOU ARE SOMEONE ELSE (LP) ... Fickle Friends (Polydor)
12. THIS IS EGGLAND (LP) ... The Lovely Eggs (Egg Records)
13. LOVE IS A BASIC NEED (LP) ... Embrace (Cooking Vinyl)
14. RECORD (LP) ... Tracey Thorn (Caroline)
15. WHERE WILDERNESS GROWS (LP) ... Gengahr (Transgressive)
16. IN YOUR OWN SWEET TIME (LP) ... The Fratellis (Cooking Vinyl)
17. VIOLENCE (LP) ... Editors (Play It Again Sam)
18. MOZART'S MINI-MART (LP) ... Go-Kart Mozart (Cherry Red Records)
19. YESTERDAY WAS FOREVER (LP) ... Kate Nash (Girl Gang Records)
20. HERE COME THE ALIENS (LP) ... Kim Wilde (Wildeflower Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2018

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2018 - March Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. THE ANIMALS ... Ladytron (Ladytron Music)
2. I CAN'T STAND IT ... Blossoms (Virgin EMI)
3. BUZZKILLER ... Danny Goffey (Distiller)
4. FLOATING SUN ... Section 25 (Klanggalerie)
5. HYSTERIA ... Ill (Box Records)
6. MERMAIDS ... Madonnatron (Trashmouth Records)
7. THE WAY WE CAME BACK ... Girl Ray (Moshi Moshi)
8. INHALER ... Hilary Woods (Sacred Bones Records)
9. I WAS BITING ... Thyla (REX Records)
10. INSPIRED AGAIN ... Tim Burgess (O Genesis)
11. NERVOUS ENERGY ... Proletariat (Proletariat)
12. LOVE SAID (LET'S GO) ... 77:78 (Heavenly Recordings)
13. FEL I FOD / NEWID ... Adwaith (Libertino Records)
14. SEARCHER ... The Rainkings (Hear Here)
15. DEVIL IN DISGUISE ... The Damned (Search And Destroy/Spinefarm Records)
16. SO ALONE ... The Jjohns (The Jjohns)
17. THE ENLIGHTENMENT ... Mastersystem (Physical Education Recordings)
18. SERIAL SCRUFF ... Beach Riot (Killing Moon Records)
19. ON MY TONGUE EP ... The Altered Hours (Art For Blind)
20. LUCKY ... Gang Of Four (GO4 Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Subliminal Cuts! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 31/18

franz fredinand - glimpse of love
danny goffey - ancient text
dead natives - keep this in mind
trampolene - hard time for dreamers
judas - big mouth
himalayas - if i tell you
the bay rays - begin again
asylums - when we wake up
liines - find something
desperate journalist - incandescent
goat girl - throw me a bone
kate nash - take away
kate nash - karaoke kiss
hillary woods - inhaler
fujiya & miyagi - subliminal cuts
the fernweh - is this man bothering you?
fenech/soler - undercover
cavern of anti-matter phase - modulation shift
-----northern soul spotlight
marvellos - something's burnin'
lukas lollipop - don't hold on to someone (who don't love you)
mary lee whitney - don't come a knockin'
the invincibles - heartstrings (there is a garden)
-----lp session - cabbage "nihilistic glamour shots"
cabbage - molotov alcopop
cabbage - postmodernist caligula
cabbage - exhibit a
night flowers - you don't tell me
phalcons - swim away
the monochrome set - the jet set junta
the charlatans - jesus hairdo
fuzzy sun - sad
blossoms - i can't stand it
kim wilde - pop don't stop
ladytron - the animals
you want fox - liar liar
simple minds - summer
no joy / sonic boom - obsession (radio edit)
-----lp session - demob happy "holy doom"
demob happy - liar in your head
demob happy - i wanna leave (alive)
demob happy - fresh outta luck
the cure - charlotte sometimes
pulp - glory days
the kills - kissy kissy


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Your Love Is My Favourite Band! Show tracks for Sat. Mar 24/18

It's that time of year again - The Jammys!
This year the Jammys are being held on April 20th at Villains Beastro (256 Pelissier St, Windsor) Doors at 8pm, Jammys officially begin at 9pm.
Admission is FREE so bring your friends, partner, or family.

Voting is open NOW!

Cowboys & Indies is in the "Group Of Death" this year, Best Indie/Classic Rock Show.
Just like the World Cup, there is always a group where every entrant is quality and can win.
Following that analogy vote UK, vote British Indie, vote Cowboys & Indies!

purest - waiting for
wylderness - peripheral vision
the fernweh - next time around
section 25 - floating sun
girl ray - the way we came back
let's eat grandma - falling into me
montauk hotel - hands
the lucid dream - sx1000
artificial pleasure - on a saturday night
blur - birthday
danny goffey - buzzkiller
the fall - hey! student (peel session)
sorry - 2 down 2 dance
-----lp session - cavern of anti-matter "hormone lemonade"
cavern of anti-matter - make out fade out
cavern of anti-matter - outerzone jazs
cavern of anti-matter - feed me magnetic rain
fuzzy sun - want love
mastersystem - the enlightenment
altered hours - on my tongue
purple heart parade - painting pictures
proletariat - nervous energy
table scraps - takin' out the trash
violet - jaded
-----lp session - the magic gang "the magic gang"
the magic gang - oh, saki
the magic gang - jasmine
the magic gang - i'll show you
green seagull - they just don't know
night flowers - hey love
flyte - moon unit
whyte horses - ecstasy song
the vaccines - your love is my favourite band (live session)
chad valley - impartial
kate nash - life in pink
frank turner - blackout
-----lp session - fickle friends "you are someone else"
fickle friends - bite
fickle friends - in my head
fickle friends - rotation
fickle friends - midnight
the alarm - the deceiver (demo version)
candy opera - happy to be the plot but not the crime
the cure - like cockatoos
simple minds - citizen (dance of youth)