Sunday, September 24, 2017

Music For The Age Of Miracles! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 23/17

paul draper - who's wearing the trousers
estrons - glasgow kisses
shed seven - room in my house
morrissey - spent the day in bed
martin carr - future reflections
my sad captains - don't listen to your heart
carnival club - follow the sun
depeche mode - heroes (david bowie cover)
blancmange - gratitude
she drew the gun - sweet harmony (beloved cover)
trashcan sinatras - hayfever
trashcan sinatras - the safecracker (live)
the selecter - daylight
mina rose - lemons and limes
the moods - p.o.p. (profit over people)
ub40 - present arms
ub40 - dr.x
ub40 - one in ten (dub version)
-----lp session - the horrors "v"
the horrors - hologram
the horrors - point of no reply
the horrors - world below
gengahr - carrion
shopping - the hype
wolf alice - heavenward
seawitches - emerald hands
lost horizons - bones
the boxing - tame
ist ist - strangers
brix & the extricated - moonrise kingdom
-----lp session - the clientele "music for the age of miracles"
the clientele - the neighbour
the clientele - everyone you meet
the clientele - the museum of fog
pins - serve the rich
candy says - looking in from the outside
queen zee & the sasstones - boy

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Where's The Bass Amp? Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 16/17

w.h.lung - nothing is
syd arthur - no peace
frightened rabbit - roadless
frightened rabbit - rained on
hurricane #1 - what about love
seeing hands - take me back
beauty sleep - until we see the sun
suede - metal mickey
vince ripper & the rodent show - silver machine
vince ripper & the rodent show - rocket u.s.a.
vultures - underneath the rain
inheaven - bitter town
serpent power - the sleeper
black sonic revolver - time to say goodbye
yak - all i need is some sunshine in my life
superorganism - something for your m.i.n.d.
paul weller - it's written in the stars
-----northern soul spotlight
the carstairs - it really hurts me girl
ebony keyes - if you knew
the mike cotton sound - step out of line
-----lp session - superfood "bambino"
superfood - where's the bass amp?
superfood - need a little spider
superfood - clo park
autobahn - future
simple minds - new gold dream (81,82,83,84)
the sun and the moon - c'est la vie
ysgol sul (sunday school) - elsewhere
adwaith - femme
kate bush - suspended in gaffa
yassassin - mermaidistic personality disorder
sugarmen - ac
seeing hands - take me back
reykjavik kids - nightmoist
-----lp session - flyte "the loved ones"
flyte - cathy come home
flyte - sliding doors
flyte - echoes
catholic action - here, there & nowhere
beachtape - slow
shambolics - chasing a disaster
trudy & the romance - is there a place i can go?
embers - until the dawn


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Strange Waves! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 9/17

saint etienne - dive
warm digits - end times feat field music
orchestral maneouvres in the dark - robot man
orchestral maneouvres in the dark - one more time
ak/dk - morphology
madonnatron - glenn closer
weyes blood - a certain kind (soft machine cover)
the horrors - weighed down
trailer trash tracys - money for moondogs
the travelling band - into the water
mogwai - old poisons
the seagulls - happy
the waterboys - monument
the waterboys - yamaben
paul weller - woo sé mama
mount kimbie - audition
mount kimbie - delta
-----northern soul spotlight
the playthings - stop what you're doing
joya landis - i love you baby
father's angels - bok to bach
-----lp session - inheaven "inheaven"
inheaven - vultures
inheaven - do you dream?
inheaven - velvet
honeyblood - swell love
dream wife - somebody
dumb lovers - girl
suncharmer - sweet disillusion
twilight driving - soft & pink
llovers - i don't mind
kagoule - monsieur automaton
the fall - hey! student
catholic action - black & white
proletariat - standing in the cold
yungblud - king charles
martin carr - future reflections
-----lp session - shock machine "shock machine"
shock machine - unlimited love
shock machine - first of may
shock machine - strange waves
starsailor - take a little time
beachtape - through & through
the surfing magazines - new day
adam & elvis - she bites mosquitos
miss world - buy me dinner


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sass Or Die! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 2/17

Back to a regular show after a couple of theme shows which means all kinds of great new material backing up. That means 6 new albums tonight and probably the same thing next week as well. So much great music, so little time!

the horrors - something to remember me by
belle & sebastian - we were beautiful
milburn - nothing for you
alaskalaska - patience
the would be's - tempt fate
the myrmidons - christine
adwaith - lipstick coch
-----lp session - trailer trash tracys "althaea"
trailer trash tracys - gong gardens
trailer trash tracys - betty's cavatina
trailer trash tracys - singdrom
queen zee & the sasstones - sass or die
jesus and mary chain - down on me
fizzy blood - adhd
proletariat - ignorance
boomtown rats - lookin' after number one
saccades - elusive dream
saccades - gone too soon
spc eco - out of sight
spc eco - waking up again
terminal gods - i want to believe
terminal gods - moral crusade
-----lp session - mogwai "every country's sun"
mogwai - crossing the road material
mogwai - 1000 foot race
mogwai - battered at a scramble
girl ray - just like that
splassh - closer
cocteau twins - blind dumb deaf
kite base - erase
blaenavon - prague '99
iggy pop - tonight
king no-one - systematic
dead pretties - confidence
the vex - education kills
-----lp session - nadine shah "holiday destination"
nadine shah - 2016
nadine shah - evil
nadine shah - mother fighter
semantics - acid test
autobahn - the moral crossing

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - August

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. EARL GREY (LP) ... Girl Ray (Moshi Moshi)
2. SPOOKY ACTION (LP) ... Paul Draper (Kscope)
3. FIRE ... Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
4. WE WERE BEAUTIFUL ... Belle And Sebastian (Matador)
5. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER ME BY ... The Horrors (Wolf Tone)
6. THE SKY IS MINE (LP) ... The Duke Spirit (Ex Voto Records)
7. THE EXTENDED PLAY OF CRUELTY EP ... Cabbage (Infectious)
8. MADONNATRON (LP) ... Madonnatron (Trashmouth Records)
9. NIGHT OF THE LIVING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES (LP) ... Girl One & The Grease Guns (Next Phase : Normal Records)
10. MOTHER ETHIOPIA ... Paul Weller (Parlophone)
11. 24-7 ROCK STAR SHIT (LP) ... The Cribs (Sonic Blew)
12. IT'S ALL FREE ... I, Ludicrous (Cherry Red Records)
13. ABSOLVE ... SeaWitches (Emerald Eye Recordings)
14. WOMAN IN THE SHADOWS ... Ghost Car (Stolen Body Records)
15. OH, SEALAND (LP) ... Oddfellow's Casino (At The Helm Records)
16. TELEVISION ROMANCE ... Pale Waves (Dirty Hit)
17. HATE IS ON REPEAT ... The Cult of Dom Keller (The Cult of Dom Keller)
18. GET A REAL JOB EP ... Jitterz (Horus Music Distribution)
19. SHADOW OF A WAVE ... The Vryll Society (Deltasonic Records)
20. RADIO PUNK ... Bad Nerves (National Anthem)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Shall We Take A Trip! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 26/17

It's almost scary when things align like this. August is our anniversary month on the CJAM airwaves. We're starting our 28th year bringing you the best of the British indie/alternative scene. August (10th to be exact) is the anniversary of Tony Wilson's passing. It's been 10 years since we lost the Manchester musical hero. Cherry Red Records released it's latest box set, Manchester North Of England. So you the end result could be nothing more than our anniversary show celebrating Tony Wilson and the music of Manchester.
the times - manchester
mike garry & joe duddell - st. anthony an ode to tony wilson
the smiths - jeanne
the charlatans - sproston green
the chameleons - in shreds
easterhouse - whistling in the dark
chris sievey - baiser
dislocation dance - rosemary
bradford - skin storm
magazine - the light pours out of me
the fall - rowche rumble
new fast automatic daffodils - big (edit)
stone roses - what the world is waiting for
sub sub - space face
x-o-dus - english black boys (edit)
the mothmen - does it matter irene?
the bodines - scar tissue
big flame - why popstars can't dance
buzzcocks - breakdown (demo)
the mock turtles - and the she smiles
the man from delmonte - drive drive drive (twenty two and still in love with you)
808 state - cubik (original mix)
any trouble - yesterday's love
northside - shall we take a trip
puressence - offshore
the high - box set go
blue orchids - the flood
happy mondays - 24 hour party people
oasis - columbia (demo)
a certain ratio - the fox
paris angels - perfume
world of twist - sons of the stage
inspiral carpets - garage full of flowers (flexi version)
new order - temptation (7" version)
james - chain mail
molly half head - barny
stockholm monsters - all at once
wonky alice - caterpillars
jean go solo - in salford the sun doesn't shine
joy division - she's lost control

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Punky Reggae Party! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 19/17

Cowboys & Indies closed out CJAM's Radio Brain Drain week long celebration with a Punky Reggae Party! Saturday night we featured 20 reggae tracks (picked by me)that influenced the UK punk, ska and reggae scenes. We still managed to squeeze in some new releases and 2 LP sessions.

u-roy - wake the town
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - reggae seque
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - no no no (dub mix)
paul weller - mother ethiopia pt.1 (vs stone foundation)
paul weller - mother ethiopia pt.2 (feat bongo bob)
paul weller - mother ethiopia pt.3 (no tribe no colour) (feat krar collective)
warm digits - growth of raindrops feat sarah crcknell
dream wife - fire
wolf alice - beautifully unconventional
pale waves - television romance
tigercub - it's only love
bob marley - punky reggae party
junior murvin - police & thieves
desmond dekker - israelites
the congos - fisherman
peter tosh - legalize it
dennis brown - man next door
king stitt - herbsman shuffle
augustus pablo - king tubby meets rockers uptown
the upsetters - return of django
-----lp session - the duke spirit "sky is mine"
the duke spirit - magenta
the duke spirit - see power
the duke spirit - yo yo
the cult of dom keller - hate is on repeat
eek-a-mouse - wa-do-dem
millie small - my boy lollipop
dr. almantado & the rebels - born for a reason (reason for living)
althea & donna - uptown top ranking
jimmy cliff - the harder they come
andy capp - pop-a-top
toots & the maytalls - pressure drop
burning spear - marcus garvey
linton kwesi johnson - all wi doin' is defendin'
tapper zukie - mpla
zap pow - this is reggae music
-----lp session - girl one & the grease guns "night of the living electrical appliances"
girl one & the grease guns - he's a replicant
girl one & the grease guns - telegraph street
girl one & the grease guns - emergency (dial 999)
i, ludicrous - it's all free
vince ripper & the rodent show - scary monsters

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Rabies Are Back! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 12/17

dream wife - hey heartbreaker
ghost car - woman in the shadows
the horrors - something to remember me by
the visitors - compatibility
the extons - grown ups
bad nerves - radio punk
the meeks - a modern state
-----lp session - girl ray "earl grey"
girl ray - just like that
girl ray - monday tuesday
girl ray - a few months
daughter - burn it down
primal scream - some velvet morning feat kate moss
nadine shah - out the way
pink floyd - lucifer sam
dan croll - 24
the waterboys - if the answer is yeah!
toothless - the sun's midlife crisis
public service broadcasting - turn no more feat james dean bradfield
broken english club - pylon
-----lp session - paul draper "spooky action"
paul draper - grey house
paul draper - who's wearing the trousers
paul draper - you don't really know someone till you fall out with them
connor - sun burns
all we are - dreamer
the moonlandingz - the rabies are back
jane weaver - ravenspoint
cabbage - fraudulent artist
duck - monsters
the coral - she's got a reason (live)
lazy day - hiccup
snow patrol - tiny little fractures
-----lp session "24-7 rock star shit"
the cribs - give good time
the cribs - what have you done for me?
the cribs - broken arrow
thyla - pristine dream
duncan lloyd - painters
sprinters - help


Sunday, August 6, 2017

C30 C60 C88 Go! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 5/17

Bow Wow Wow gave us C30 C60 C90, the song about taping your fave songs from the radio. Now Cherry Red continues the tradition started by the NME and C86 with the latest in the series. it's all about C88, well almost.

yassassin - cherry pie
inheaven - world on fire
bow wow wow - c30 c60 c90 go!
the pooh sticks - on tape
the vaselines - dying for it
the fizzbombs - surfaround (7" version)
the snapdragons - the things you want
the would-be-goods - the camera loves me
belle & sebastian - we were beautiful
the vyrll society - shadow of a wave
the goa express - kiss me
the duke spirit - houses
jitterz - girl i hate you
the corn dollies - shake
inspiral carpets - theme from cow (dung4 version)
bradford - tattered, tangled and torn
another sunny day - anorak city
fat tulips - you opened up my eyes
the darling buds - our lips are sealed
atomic suplex feat hillary burton - really stupid (primitives cover)
yeah jazz - morning o'grady
the groovy little numbers - happy like yesterday
intastella - the rise and fall of a northern dubstar
vukovar - the clockwork dance
everything everything - desire
-----lp session - madonnatron "madonnatron"
madonnatron - headless children
madonnatron - mother's funeral
madonnatron - bad woman
the mock turtles - mary's garden
the shamen - what's going down
pale saints - colours and shapes (demo)
the wake - crush the flowers (demo)
kitchens of distinction - the prize
house of love - the hill feat andrea heukamp
the charlottes - are you happy now? (molesworth version)
whirl - clear
the heartthrobs - too many shadows
king of the slums - the pennine spitter
the flatmates - heaven knows
the popguns - where do you go (flexi version)
baby lemonade - real world
-----lp sesssion - oddfellow's casino "oh, sealand"
oddfellow's casino - land of the cuckoo
oddfellow's casino - the ghosts of watling street
oddfellow's casino - penda's fen
bubblegum splash - the 18:10 to yeovil junction
the man from delmonte - (will nobody save) louise
the sea urchins - please rain fall
the orchids - defy the law


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - July

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. EVERY VALLEY (LP) ... Public Service Broadcasting (Play It Again Sam)
2. CHERRY PIE ... Yassassin (Babelogue)
3. COOLVERINE / PARTY IN THE DARK ... Mogwai (Rock Action Records)
4. YUK FOO / DON'T DELETE THE KISSES ... Wolf Alice (Dirty Hit)
5. WE ARE MILLIONAIRES (LP) ... Pete Fij & Terry Bickers (Broadcast Recordings)
6. NEW FACTS EMERGE (LP) ... The Fall (Cherry Red Records)
7. PROPAGANDA ... Catholic Action (Modern Sky Entertainment)
8. WORLD ON FIRE ... Inheaven ([PIAS] Cooperative)
9. FED UP (LP) ... The Death Of Pop (Discos de Kirlian)
10. REAL LOVE ... Jagara (NYA)
11. UNIVERSAL HIGH (LP) ... Childhood (House Anxiety / Marathon Artists)
12. TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN ... Red Kite (Blood)
13. EXTENDED PLAY ... Baby Strange (Baby Strange)
14. AS LIGHT RETURN (LP) ... The Telescopes (Tapete Records)
15. DON'T GO BACK AT TEN ... Girl Ray (Moshi Moshi Records)
16. SLACKERS ... Beach Riot (We Are Slackers Records)
17. OH MY ... Swedish Death Candy (Hassle Records)
18. SAW YOU IN A DREAM ... The Japanese House (Dirty Hit)
19. HONEST ... False Advertising (False Advertising)
20. FREE FROM EVERYTHING ... Ethan & The Reformation (Bohemian Sex Club)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for July 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crooked Calypso! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 29/17

cabbage - celebration of a disease
meatraffle - brother (vito edit)
ben gibbard - the concept
teenage fanclub - your love is the place where i come from
youmi zuma - some might say
kelly stoltz - do it clean
-----lp session - paul heaton & jacqui abbott "crooked calypso"
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - i gotta praise
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - she got the garden
paul heaton & jacqui abbott - blackwater banks
-----2017 mercury music prize spotlight
blossoms - honey sweet
the big moon - something beautiful
glass animals - life itself
alt-j - in cold blood
kate tempest - lionmouth door knocker
the xx - i dare you
dinosaur - living, breathing
bronski beat - no more war/it ain't necessarily so
jamiroquai - automaton
-----lp session - the fall "new facts emerge"
the fall - fol de sol
the fall - second house now
the fall - gibbus gibson
the cribs - rainbow ridge
stereophonics - all in one night
dead naked hippies - i can't wait
seawitches - absolve
spiritualized - electricity
oddfellow's casino - down in the water
softer still - 1993
palm honey - hot simian weather
swimming girls - 2 kids
-----lp session - pete fij & terry bickers "we are millionaires"
pete fij & terry bickers - if the world is all we have
pete fij & terry bickers - over you
pete fij & terry bickers - sometime soon
the coral - dreaming of you
the hummingbirds - moving on
beth orton - concrete sky
madonnatron - tron


Sunday, July 23, 2017

She Tastes Like Summer! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 22/17

pins - all hail
jitterz - one good song
omd - the punishment of luxury
blancmange - what's the time?
the ninth wave - reformation
cult with no name - when i was a girl (feat kelli ali of sneaker pimps)
m!r!m - grand dutchy of tuscany
ummagma - lama (robin guthrie mix)
ethan & the reformation - free from everything
amusement parks on fire - flashlight planetarium
red kite - take care of your own
editors - fingers in the factories
orange soul - the haze
my sad captains - extra curricular
spilt milk society - she tastes like summer
the japanese house - saw you in a dream
patience - white of an eye
-----northern soul spotlight
lorraine silver - lost summer love
the ferris wheel - number one guy
timebox - soul sauce
leonard whiting - that's what mama say
the javells feat nosmo king - goodbye (nothing to say)
-----lp session - childhood "universal high"
childhood - cameo
childhood - too old for my tears
childhood - universal high
beach riot - slackers
idles - slow savage
goat girl - crow cries
meatraffle - love hz
dorothy valens - hate, pain, suffering (we still have the music)
heavy on the magic - hot day in the uk
swedish death candy - oh my
baby strange - young team
the amazons - black magic
the velvet hands - games
fever dream - youth (is wasted on the old)
tigercub - divided states of us
-----lp session the death of pop "fed up"
the death of pop - pain is needless
the death of pop - busy with the boys
the death of pop - like always
elbow - firebrand & angel
the charlatans - there will be chances
superfood - unstoppable


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Still Pumping Up The Volume! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 15/17

On the anniversary of Steven Young's (Colourbox/MARRS) untimely passing we featured an encore performance of last year's tribute show.
RIP Steven Young founder of Colourbox and M/A/R/R/S/. The debut Colourbox album was huge for me in my teens. So we open the show with some tracks in his honour. And feature some more through out the show.

colourbox - the moon is blue
colourbox - baby i love you so
manuela - cracks in the concrete
sugarthief - new ends
cold pumas - a change of course
clowwns - love vigilantes
soft riot - lovers in a dangerous time
ultimate painting - bills
bosco rogers - googoo
bad family - real fast car
the lapelles - grab life by
the ramona flowers - skies turn gold
deux furieuses - now you're gonna listen
deux furieuses - the party of shaitaan
beach baby - u r
fears chella - cool
palace - break the silence
factory floor - ya
m/a/r/r/s/ - pump up the volume (uk version)
colourbox - just give 'em whiskey
feeder - universe of life
biffy clyro - herex
-----lp session - lola colt "twist through the fire'
lola colt - eagle
lola colt - bones
lola colt - at war
eagulls - velvet
honeyblood - ready for the magic
fear of men - sane
semantics - games
heavy heart - high dive
war waves - horses
wolf girl - don't ask me questions (i can't even answer the phone)
-----lp session - climbing trees "borders"
climbing trees - tracks
climbing trees - set in stone
climbing trees - fall
travis - animals
m/a/r/r/s/ - anitina
colourbox - looks like we're shy one horse/shoot out


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Party In The Dark! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 8/17

the cribs - in your palace
loom - get a taste
mogwai - party in the dark
catholic action - propaganda
wyldest - hitchhiker
sundara karma - lakhey
inheaven - world on fire
kaimikaze girls - lights & sounds
the charlatans - different days
david bowie - the stars (are out tonight)
blaenavon - i will be the world
darkside - waiting for the angels
house of love - christine
ghostpoet - freakshow
wolf alice - don't delete the kisses
yassassin - cherry pie
pumarosa - honey
-----northern soul spotlight
rimshots - do what you feel
frankie crocker - ton of dynamite
retta young - you beat me to the punch
the sapphires - gotta have your love
willie & the mighty magnificents - check it baby
-----lp session - public service broadcasting "every valley"
public service broadcasting - people will always need coal
public service broadcasting - all out
public service broadcasting - turn no more feat james dean bradfield
unkle - sunrise (always comes around) feat liela moss
the orielles - sugar tastes like salt (andrew weatherall dub mix pt1)
toy - dream orchestrator (tvam remix)
boys - dreamland
gentlemen - corner of your eye
the graphites - emerald boy
cocteau twins - cherry-coloured funk
kele okereke - streets been talkin'
the indelicates - top of the pops
the telescopes - you can't reach what you hunger
the telescopes - down on me
sunshine frisbee laserbeam - sink or swim
honey joy - floreana
ghost//signals - start families; avoid hip parties
ghosts of dead airplanes - delaware


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - June Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. WEATHER DIARIES (LP) ... Ride (Wichita)
2. SUNNY HILLS (LP) ... All We Are (Double Six / Domino)
3. WATERCOURSE (LP) ... Sea Pinks (CF Records)
4. SEAFOAM (LP) ... Kamikaze Girls (Big Scary Monsters)
5. HOME COUNTIES (LP) ... Saint Etienne (Heavenly Recordings)
6. AETHERLIGHT (LP) ... Mt. Wolf (CRC Music)
7. STRANGE WORDS AND WEIRD WARS (LP) ... Marnie (Disco Piñata)
8. MODERN ENGLISH DECORATION (LP) ... Ulrika Spacek (Tough Love Records)
9. SUGAR KISSES (LP) ... The Popguns (Matinée Recordings)
10. ANARCHY AND ALCHEMY (LP) ... Echobelly (Echobelly)
11. RELAXER (LP) ... Δ Alt-J (Infectious)
12. THE AMAZONS (LP) ... The Amazons (Fiction)
13. SUPER NATURAL (LP) ... Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind (Hound Gawd!)
14. SONGS OF HER'S (LP) ... Her's (Heist Or Hit Records)
15. INFINITE GAMES (LP) ... Zola Blood (Pond Life Songs)
16. I'M NOT YOUR MAN (LP) ... Marika Hackman (Sub Pop)
17. LOOM (LP) ... Loom (Silent Cult)
18. TRUTH IS A BEAUTIFUL THING (LP) ... London Grammar (Ministry of Sound Recordings
19. ABSENCE (LP) ... Zoot Woman (ZWR)
20. INTO THE FLOPHOUSE (LP) ... Tangerines (RIP Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - June Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MACHINE ... The Horrors (Wolf Tone Limited/Caroline)
2. SLEEPING POWDER ... Gorillaz (Parlophone)
3. SILENCED BY THE ROAR ... Deux Furieuses (deux furieuses)
4. LOVE'S GOING TO GET YOU ... Pete Fij / Terry Bickers (Broadcast Recordings)
5. FOREVER FACES ... Softer Still (Label Fandango)
6. FRESH MEAT ... The Van T's (Lab Records)
7. EDEN MACHINE ... Trailer Trash Tracys (Double Six / Domino)
8. LUNAR DAYS ... The Clientele (Tapete Records)
9. CAN'T DO ... Everything Everything (Sony)
10. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ... Blackwaters (Scrubs Records)
11. DON'T POKE THE BEAR ... Paul Draper (Kscope)
12. BROTHER ... Meatraffle (Moshi Moshi Records)
13. NORTH OF ANYWHERE ... Jack Cooper (Trouble In Mind Records)
14. FIXATION / WHITE WALLS EP ... The KVB (Invada Records)
15. FELICITY ... The Night Café (The Night Café)
16. OPEN ... Endless Peaks (Spinnup)
17. LOST AND FOUND ... La Bête Blooms (Adult Teeth)
18. WOULDN'T WANNA BE YA ... Yonaka (Atlantic)
19. DENY TIL YOU DIE PART ONE EP ... Bad Mannequins (Bad Mannequins)
20. COMPASS ... Esper Scout (Bomb the Twist)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2017

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Echo Beach! Show tracks for Sat. Jul. 1/17

Happy Canada 150 Day!
Happy International Reggae Day!

loop - cinnamon girl (neil young cover)
james - so long marianne (leonard cohen cover)
starsailor - listen to your heart
the mission - like a hurricane (neil young cover)
ride - cali
cast - birdcage
pete fij & terry bickers - love's going to get you
jagara - real love
toyah - echo beach (martha & the muffins cover)
hollie cook - superstar
the clash - robber dub
gorillaz (2d) - sleeping powder
black grape - pop voodoo
the horrors - machine
the confederate dead - carousel
trailer trash tracys - eden machine
saint etienne - only love can break your heart (neil young cover)
mogwai - coolverine
-----lp session - jah wobble & the invaders of the heart "the usual suspects"
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - becoming more like god
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - how much are they?
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - invaders of the heart
siouxsie & the banshees - this wheel's on fire (the band cover)
the beat - rough rider
the rolling stones - cherry oh baby
the stereophonics - fiddler's green (tragically hip cover)
amy winehouse - you're wondering now
berries - wild vow
the primitives - i'm not saying (gordon lightfoot cover)
girl ray - don't go back at ten
travis - the urge for going (joni mitchell cover)
atlas wynd - eyes fixed on the sun
tack>>head - feel the beat
tack>>head - one thousand overdubs
the slits - man next door
steel pulse - handsworth revolution
sid vicous - my way (paul anka cover)

Listen again!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

What The Fuzz? Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 24/17

stone roses - beautiful thing
the charlatans - plastic machinery (sleaford mods remix)
we've got a fuzzbox and we're going to use it - what the fuzz?
saint etienne - magpie eyes
marnie - invisible girls
banarama - aie a mwana
charlotte hatherley - how deep is your love?
cabbage - celebration of a disease
yonaka - wouldn't want to be ya
a blaze of feather - bold
ride - rocket silver symphony
baby strange - no coin to play
false advertising - honest
wyldest - the poet
echo & the bunnymen - nothing lasts forever
softer still - forever faces
nick heyward - baby blue sky
-----northern soul spotlight
brother to brother - in the bottle
sylvia - it's a good life
larry saunders - on the real side
-----lp session - kamikaze girls "seafoam"
kamikaze girls - one young man
kamikaze girls - good for nothing
kamikaze girls - lights and sounds
fews - metal (gary numan cover)
gary numan - complex
terminal gods - interplay
colour of spring - love
all we are - youth
pulp - my legendary girlfriend
maximo park - what equals love?
equinox - kiss feat feral five
public service broadcasting - they gave me a lamp feat haiku salut
fly - motorway
zoot woman - ordinary face
zoot woman - haunt me
everything everything - can't do
the van t's - fresh meat
summer of love - fizzy blood
nadine shah - yes man

Monday, June 19, 2017

Let The Good Times Roll! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 17/17

sundara karma - explore
kasabian - god bless this acid house
the horrors - machine
she drew the gun - poem (lynchmob vs the mob remix)
slowdive - 30th june
pete fij & terry bickers - love's going to get you
trailer trash tracys - eden machine
charlotte hatherley - absolute beginners
cherry head cherry heart - summer wine
marc almond - stories of johnny
david bowie - five years
roxy music - if there is something
queen zee & the sasstones - sissy fists
jesus & mary chain - can't stop the rock
-----northern soul spotlight
jackie trent - you baby
helen shapiro - take me for a while
kenny bernard - ain't no soul (left in these old shoes)
donnie elbert - where did our love go?
the devonnes - i'm gonna pick up my toys (and go home)
-----lp session - ride "weather diaries"
ride - lateral alice
ride - cali
ride - white sands
blackwaters - let the good times roll
the clash - (white man) in hammersmith palais
meatraffle - brother
muertos - spin
bad mannequins - i hate you
seegulls - eat lazarus, eat
paul draper - don't poke the bear
the night café - felicity
la bête blooms - lost and found
the smiths - the boy with the thorn in his side
the clientele - lunar days
-----lp session - the popguns "sugar kissess"
the popguns - a beaten up guitar
the popguns - a dream of her own
the popguns - fire away
spiritualized - broken heart
everything everything - can't do


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Did You See Butterflies? Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 10/17

pumarosa - my gruesome loving friend
echobelly - molotov
ride - lannoy point
endless peaks - open
the kvb - alarms
echo & the bunnymen - turquoise days
tijuana bibles - pariah
softer still - forever faces
marnie - lost maps
grace jones - warm leatherette
2d (gorillaz) - sleeping powder
coldcut & on-u sound - divide and rule dub feat lee scratch perry, junior reid and elan
tack>>head - airborn ranger
david bowie - lady stardust
superfood - double dutch
she drew the gun - poem (lynchmob vs the mob remix)
-----northern soul spotlight
jason knight - love is getting stronger
the alan brown set - gonna fix you good (everytime your bad)
the heartstoppers - marching out of your life
john shroeder orchestra - soul for sale
-----lp session - all we are "sunny hills"
all we are - dance
all we are - dreamer
all we are - waiting
jack cooper - north of anywhere
ultimate painting - why do you please me? (demo)
sea pinks - how long must i be denied?
ulrika spacek - dead museum
the keepers - here comes spring
mt. wolf - dorji
kite base - nineteen
jane weaver - did you see butterflies?
marika hackman - eastbound train
the heliocentrics - the wake
-----lp session - london grammar "truth is a beautiful thing"
london grammar - big picture
london grammar - non believer
london grammar - bitter sweet symphony
trampolene - beautiful pain
the kills - echo home
the franklys - puppet


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Modern English Decorations! Show tracks for Sat. Jun. 3/17

Was it Album-palooza or Album-stock? Either way 12 albums were featured on the program, the most ever in one show in our almost 30 year history! Still can't believe we got them all in and still had time for a few new singles as well.

ride - charm assault
british sea power - saint jerome
the popguns - so long
saint etienne - whyteleafe
saint etienne - underneath the apple tree
saint etienne - train drivers in eyeliner
omd - isotype
the cribs - in your palace
the amazons - stay with me
the amazons - burn my eyes
liam gallagher - wall of glass
paul thomas saunders - holding on for love
mt. wolf - soteria
mt. wolf - bohemia
alexis taylor feat green gartside - repair man (blended mix)
jah wobble & the invaders of the heart - public image
? alt-j - dead crush
? alt-j - last year
zola blood - the only thing
-----lp session - ulrika spacek "modern english decoration"
ulrika spacek - silvertonic
ulrika spacek - ziggy
ulrika spacek - victorian acid
baby strange - play me
honeyblood - justine, misery queen
jim jones & the righteous mind - dream
jim jones & the righteous mind - no fool
the charlatans - over again
marnie - girls
marnie - a girl walks home alone at night
her's - speed racer
her's - you don't know this guy
-----lp session - sea pinks "watercourse"
sea pinks - gonalong
sea pinks - playin' for pride
sea pinks - water spirit
marika hackman - boyfriend
echobelly - firefly
echobelly - if the dogs don't get you, my sisters will


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - May

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SLOWDIVE (LP) ... Slowdive (Dead Oceans)
2. THE WITCH (LP) ... Pumarosa (Fiction)
3. DIFFERENT DAYS (LP) ... The Charlatans (BMG)
4. A KIND REVOLUTION (LP) ... Paul Weller (Parlophone)
5. LATENT WHISPERS (LP) ... Kite Base (Little Something)
6. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD (LP) ... Kasabian (Columbia)
7. NEW THRILLS EP ... The Primitives (Elefant)
8. EVERGREEN EP ... The Darling Buds (Odd Box Records)
9. ARE YOU LISTENING? (LP) ... The Franklys (Hälta Hälta Records)
10. DEEPDREAMING EP / STARGRAZING EP ... Thousand Yard Stare (Stifled Aardvark Records)
11. ONE NIGHT STAND FOREVER (LP) ... White (974 Records)
12. STROBE LIGHTS ... Estrons (Gofod Records)
13. CUT THE MASTER (LP) ... The Sundowners (Skeleton Key Records)
14. VULTURES ... Inheaven (PIAS)
15. YOU AND ME, BABE (LP) ... Love L.U.V. (Frango Records)
16. VOLUME 1 (LP) ... BNQT (Bella Union)
17. SLEEPING ... The Hurt (Blindside Records)
18. KICKING UP THE DUST (LP) ... Cast (Cast Recordings)
19. ARE YOU SURE? EP ... Peaness (Alcopop!)
20. PLANS ... Coquin Migale (Coquin Migale)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for May 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Don't Look Back In Anger! Show tracks for Sat. May 27/17

Our thoughts, prayers and condolences to the families and people of Manchester.

the times - manchester
oasis - let there be love
mogwai - coolverine
primal scream - walking with the beast
elbow - powder blue
doves - here it comes
all we are - animal
tangerines - glam glam
tangerines - uptight
carl barât & the jackals - cracks
lucie barât - be uprising
public service broadcasting - they gave me a lamp feat haiku salut
australian testing labs inc. - zundapp joyride
happy mondays - loose fit
superorganism - nobody cares
david bowie - 1984
t. rex - metal guru
the smiths - panic
the cure - catch
the orielles - i only bought it for the bottle
girl ray - preacher
-----lp session - the charlatans "different days"
the charlatans - solutions
the charlatans - not forgotten
the charlatans - spinning out
echobelly - anarchy and alchemy
kamikaze girls - deathcap
king nun - sponge
white room - take me away
the old pink house - take it out on me
new order - unlearn this hatred
white - fight the feeling
section 25 - loose talk (costs lives)
a certain ratio - lucinda
wire - sonic lens
art brut - formed a band
-----lp session - kite base "latent whispers"
kite base - blueprint
kite base - erase
kite base - grids
stone roses - made of stone
martin hannett & steve hopkins - procession
joy division - new dawn fades


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sounds From The Streets! Show tracks for Sat. May 20/17

new order - 5 8 6
stockholm monsters - all at once
pete fij & terry bickers - let's get lost together
the the - we can't stop what's coming
the hurt - sleeping
cabbage - gibraltar ape
milburn - take me home
black grape - pop voodoo
manray - ways of making music
a guy called gerald - voodoo ray (hac09 manray edit)
joe goddard - music is the answer
grace jones - nightclubbing
hollie cook - superstar
hollie cook - superdub
thousand yard stare - epecuen (rubble in the dub mix)
-----northern soul spotlight
the showstoppers - ain't nothing but a houseparty
kim d - the real thing
a band of angels - (accept) my invitation
-----lp session - pumarosa "the witch"
pumarosa - the witch
pumarosa - lion's den
pumarosa - my gruesome loving friend
carl barât & the jackals - sister
deux furieuses - silenced by the roar
esper scout - compass
yes problem - el hadim
the phobophobes - never never
trashcan sinatras - a boy and a girl
trashcan sinatras - no gasoline
echo & the bunnymen - thorn of crowns
gene love jezebel - summertime
all about eve - in the clouds
fuzzystar - telegraphing
-----lp session - loom "loom"
loom - lice
loom - salt
loom - nailbender
la bête blooms & embrs - stingray
false advertising - it's been a while
the jam - sounds from the street
the jam - non-stop dancing


Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Kind Revolution! Show tracks for Sat. May 13/17

blind mr. jones - spooky vibes
the vryll society - sacred flight
thousand yard stare - black & blue sky thinking
thousand yard stare - dystopia
thyla - ferris wheels
sugarhouse - love anyone else
colouring - the wave
-----lp session love l.u.v. "you & me, babe
love l.u.v. - baby i love you
love l.u.v. - all the fun we had
love l.u.v. - night train
queen zee & the sasstones - sissy fits
reef - place your hands
goldray - soulchild
tangerines - 1945
the rolling stones - all down the line
the rolling stones - soul survivor (alternate take)
crybaby special - let the boy down
leftfield - release the pressure (adrian sherwood mix)
rae & christian - vai viver a vida feat tania maria (tom & joyce 80s funk remix)
rae & christian - get a life feat bobby womack (accoustic version)
-----lp session - paul weller "a kind revolution"
paul weller - woo se mama
paul weller - the cranes are back
paul weller - new york
suede - my insatiable one
blur - for tomorrow
sundara karma - explore
bless. - easy lover
the freshies - i can't get bouncing babies by the teardrop explodes
teardrop explodes - bouncing babies
chase & staus and blossoms - this moment
the boxing - one by one
secret shine - dirty game
slowdive - don't know why
-----lp session - the frankly's "are you listening?"
the franklys - puppet
the franklys - you go, i leave
the franklys - imaginarium
deux furieuses - silenced by the roar
the wedding present - scotland
dutch uncles - big balloon (british sea power remix)

Sorry, but the archive links are still down at the station.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Buzz Killer Skinny Gene! Show tracks for Sat. May 6/17

white noise - love without sound
stereolab - john cage bubblegum
laetitia sadier source ensemble - the woman with the invisible necklace
cast - roar
cast - every little thing you do
bnqt - hey banana
a blaze of feather - carousel
los campesinos! - rentao dell'ara (2008)
robyn hitchcock - raymond & the wires
slowdive - go get it
spiritualized - come together
public image limited - no birds
xtc - fly on the wall
manic street preachers - nat west-barclays-midlands-lloyds
white - fight the feeling
white - this is not a love song
dancehall - virgin
theme park - you are real
superorganism - it's all good
jamiroquai - superfresh
joe goddard - truth is light
-----lp session - kasabian "for crying out loud"
kasabian - good fight
kasabian - wasted
kasabian - all through the night
inheaven - vultures
demob happy - dead dreamers
estrons - strobe lights
coquin migale - plans
happyness - falling down
peaness - oh george
linton & stewart - looking for a stranger on the shore
novella - come in
sœur - put you on
bad mannequins - buzz killer skinny gene
sundowners - king of the dawn
sundowners - find out for yourself
super furry animals - don't be a fool, billy
the moonlandingz - sweet saturn mine
jesus and mary chain - mood rider
wire - an alibi
the physics house band - the astral wave
names - backs turned

Sorry, the archives are down again! Will hopefully post when fixed.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - April

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. HUMANZ (LP) ... Gorillaz (Parlophone)
2. PLASTIC MACHINERY ... The Charlatans (BMG)
3. LOVE IN THE 4TH DIMENSION (LP) ... The Big Moon (Fiction)
4. LET THE DANCERS INHERIT THE PARTY (LP) ... British Sea Power (Golden Chariot Records)
5. INTO NOWHERE ... Sea Pinks (CF Records)
6. BURN IT ALL OUT / HUMAN ... All We Are (Double Six Records)
7. AUTOMATON (LP) ... Jamiroquai (Virgin)
8. SILVER \ LEAD (LP) ... Wire (pinkflag)
9. THAT'S YOUR LOT (LP) ... Blaenavon (Transgressive)
10. NOVA / LONG LONG ROAD ... Paul Weller (Parlophone)
11. WAITING A LIFETIME (LP) ... Splashh (Cinematic)
12. WISHING WELL ... Softer Still (Label Fandango)
13. LIKE NEVER BEFORE EP ... Artificial Pleasure (East City Rockers)
14. RISK TO EXIST (LP) ... Maxïmo Park (Daylighting)
15. BERLIN ... Kamikaze Girls (Big Scary Monsters)
16. KEEP THE VOICES DISTANT (LP) ... Monster Movie (Graveface Records)
17. ELECTRIC LINES (LP) ... Joe Goddard (Domino)
18. JUNK FOOD FOREVER ... The Amazons (Fiction)
19. HERE COMES THE LIGHT ... Cut Glass Kings (Skeleton Key Records)
20. MR. FIXER ... Beach Riot (We Are Slackers Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for April 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ecstasy Symphonies! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 29/17

blaenavon - let's pray
splashh - rings
pj harvey - a dog called money
pj harvey - i'll be waiting
desert mountain tribe - brand new
the blurred sun band - st. bride
kidsmoke - and mine alone
toy - the half remarkable question
rose elinor dougall - ride ride
slowdive - no longer making time
slowdive - go get it
sea pinks - into nowhere
estrons - strobe lights
the primitives - i'll trust the wind
darling buds - evergreen
inspiral carpets - move
the tates - electric girl
-----northern soul spotlight
don thomas - come on train
terry callier - ordinary joe
jerry butler - moody woman
william bell - happy
-----lp session - gorillaz "humanz"
gorillaz - strobelight feat peven everett
gorillaz - submission feat danny brown & kelela
gorillaz - charger feat grace jones
ultrasound - kon-tiki
shame - tasteless
geneva - tranquilizer
puressence - traffic jam in memory lane
post war glamour girls - chipper
bnqt - 100 million miles
bnqt - real love
billy bragg - waiting for the great leap forwards
the dekkoes - divide
nzca lines - vegetables
table scraps - my obsession
superglu - simmer down
yo no se - the sleeper awakens
curse of lono - pick up the pieces
spaceman 3 - ecstasy symphony


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Electric Lines! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 22/17

Happy Record Store Day! Did you venture out? Hopefully you got something you wanted and made the day worth while.

the freshies - i'm in love with the girl on the virgin megastore checkout desk
the jam - in the city
supergrass - richard III
softer still - wishing well
saint etienne - magpie eyes
hms morris - arth
hurts - beautiful ones
artificial pleasure - like never before
colourbox - tarantula (7" first version)
colourbox - just give em whiskey
marsheaux - a photograph of you
beak> - sex music
kamikaze girls - berlin
the amazons - junk food forever
the franklys - weasel
cross wires - we call the shots
joe goddard - home
joe goddard - music is the answer
rae & christian - wake up everybody feat bobby womack (rae & christian remix)
rae & christian - hold us down feat the congos (faze action remix)
-----lp session - maxïmo park "risk to exist"
maxïmo park - work and then wait
maxïmo park - the reason i am here
maxïmo park - make what you can
all we are - human
kasabian - bless this acid house
childcare - dust
her's - i'll try
wedding - rocket ship
sundowners - ritual
softer still - wishing well
cut glass kings - here comes the light
love l.u.v. - i've got a letter
the shimmer band - the jacknife & the death call
yassassin - pretty face
the big moon - eureka moment
-----lp session - splashh "waiting a lifetime"
splashh - look down to turn away
splashh - closer
splashh - no.1 song in hell
beach riot - mr. fixer
the charlatans - plastic machinery
the moons - fly


Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Britpop 40! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 15/17

Three weeks ago Pitchfork picked their Top 50 Britpop albums and quite frankly messed it up. So tonight, Cowboys & Indies set the record straight and picked the best 40 Britpop bands/artists.
It's The Britpop 40!
Do you agree?

#40 thurman - english tea
#39 kinky machine - dolly mixture kid
#38 my life story - 12 reasons why i love her
#37 the real people - rayners lane
#36 the candyskins - feed it
#35 strangelove - beautiful alone
#34 these animal men - too sussed
#33 menswe@r - i'll manage somehow
#32 the auteurs - showgirl
#31 kula shaker - 303
#30 ocean colour scene - the day we caught the train
#29 marion - toys for boys
#28 salad - drink the elixir
#27 space - female of the species
#26 longpigs - she said
#25 paul weller - uh-huh oh-yeah
#24 super furry animals - something 4 the weekend
#23 divine comedy - something for the weekend
#22 saint etienne - join our club
#21 boo radleys - wake up boo!
#20 lush - ladykillers
#19 the bluetones - slight return
#18 ash - girl from mars
#17 cast - sandstorm
#16 echobelly - car fiction
#15 mansun - stripper vicar
#14 gene - london, can you wait?
#13 radiohead - just
#12 manic street preachers - motown junk
#11 the charlatans - jesus hairdo
#10 sleeper - inbetweener
#9 the verve - on your own
#8 elastica - line up
#7 shed seven - going for gold
#6 dodgy - staying out for the summer
#5 supergrass - mansize rooster
#4 oasis - cigarettes & alcohol

#3 suede - the drowners

#2 pulp - common people

#1 blur - popscene
#1 blur - parklife

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Street Rituals! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 8/17

Rumour has it that Cowboys & Indies won a Jammy this year. I wanted to go to the party but am dead skint so that was out of the question unfortunately. But I would like to thank all who voted for this old programmer. Almost 30 years in and I still love what I do and it is still all about the music! Thanks again!

cast - do that
bnqt - unlikely force
the primitives - oh honey sweet
the jasmine minks - ten thousand tears
the jasmine minks - i can't hide
bmx bandits - it's in her eyes (with dr cosmo's tape lab)
the perfect kiss - clubbing at thirty
heavy heart - fruitfly
the charlatans - plastic machinery
maxïmo park - what equals love?
kasabian - comeback kid
jaws - cast
all we are - burn it all out
the kvb - fixation
eternal - sleep
ulrika spacek - full of men
gorillaz - let me out feat mavis staples & pusha t
jamiroquai - something about you
stone foundation - street rituals feat paul weller
stone foundation - season of change feat bettye lavette
-----lp session - the big moon "love in the 4th dimension"
the big moon - bonfire
the big moon - happy new year
the big moon - love in the 4th dimension
marnie - lost maps
feist - century feat jarvis cocker
marika hackman - my lover cindy
kate nash - call me
the chemical brothers - where do i begin feat beth orton
sea pinks - into nowhere
pelts - the severed sea
scab hand - howl
great ytene - fixed victim
the clash - i'm so bored with the usa
the clash - garageland
-----lp session - blaenavon "that's your lot"
blaenavon - let's pray
blaenavon - alice come home
blaenavon - prague 99
james leonard hewitson - dream person


Monday, April 3, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - March

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. THERE IS ONLY NOW (LP) ... Secret Shine (Saint Marie)
2. VOLCANO (LP) ... Temples (Heavenly Recordings)
3. YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH A PSYCHO ... Kasabian (Columbia)
4. INTERPLANETARY CLASS CLASSICS (LP) ... The Moonlandingz (Trangressive)
5. GIBRALTAR APE ... Cabbage (Skeleton Key)
6. BAD THING EP .... Pins (Haus Of Pins)
7. DAMAGE AND JOY (LP) ... The Jesus And Mary Chain (Artificial Plastic Records)
8. HEATHER ... Saint Etienne (Heavenly Recordings)
9. GROW UP (LP) ... Desperate Journalist (Fierce Panda)
10. GOODBYE WELWYN GARDEN CITY (LP) ... S*M*A*S*H (Esprit de Corps)
11. STUCK IN THE MUD ... Ghost Car (Greenway Records)
12. MIMI PRETEND ... Ulrika Spacek (Tough Love Records)
13. SOMEBODY BETTER ... Black Honey (Foxfive Records)
14. LOOK AT THE POWERFUL PEOPLE (LP) ... Formation (Warner)
15. THE MONSOON EP ... Blindness (Saint Marie)
16. SUGAR TASTE LIKE SALT ... The Orielles (Heavenly Recordings)
17. SOMEBODY ... Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
18. ROOM 29 (LP) ... Jarvis Cocker/Chilly Gonzales (Decca (UMO) Classics)
19. I CAN'T GROW A NEW HEART ... Jennifer (Jennifer)
20. DREAM UNDERGROUND (LP) ... Piano Wire (Something In Construction)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Let The Dancers Inherit The Party! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 1/17

stone roses - fools gold
blur - fool
thousand yard stare - epecuen
bnqt - unlikely force
martin carr - gold lift
the kooks - be who you are
viola beach - like a fool
-----lp session - wire "silver/lead"
wire - playing harp for the fishes
wire - diamonds in cups
wire - this time
jennifer - black cat
kasabian - comeback kid
cabbage - gibraltar ape
la béte blooms - low hummer
paul weller - nova
paul weller - long, long road
jamiroquai - superfresh
jamiroquai - dr. buzz
london grammar - truth is a beautiful thing
Δ (alt-j) - in cold blood
gorillaz - andromeda (feat d.r.a.m.)
-----lp session - british sea power "let the dancers inherit the party"
british sea power - international space station
british sea power - the voice of ivy lee
british sea power - electrical kittens
spiritualized - i want you
spiritualized - step into the breeze
slowdive - sugar for the pill
jesus and mary chain - get on home
maxïmo park - get high (no i don't)
the smiths - you just haven't earned it yet, baby
splashh - see through
white - one night stand forever
the moonlandingz - this cities undone
-----lp session - monster movie "keep the voices distant"
monster movie - trapped
monster movie - no more
monster movie - in the ground
mt. wolf - heavenbound
oh wonder - ultralife
sleeptalking - mourn


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Interplanetary Class Classics! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 25/17

Voting is now closed for the 2017 CJAM Jammy Awards, Thank you to all who took the time to cast a vote for their fave programmer. Join us on April 7th at Villains Bistro for the awards ceremony complete with live entertainment. It's free so come down and help us celebrate.
Bumper week of releases so there were 4 LP Sessions. Not to mention all the new releases including the 4 brand new Gorillaz tracks. How did we manage to fit it all in.

the darling buds - complicated
pins - bad thing
cast - paper chains
sunstack jones - sun is always
matt cross - nothing seems to please me
39phoenix - slowly raining over orange manchester
dan croll - away from today
starwheel - slow down
-----lp session #1 - desperate journalist "grow up"
desperate journalist - all over
desperate journalist - i try not to
desperate journalist - why are you so boring?
ride - home is a feeling
slowdive - star roving
gorillaz - saturnz barz (spirit house)
gorillaz - we got the power feat jehnny beth
jeb loy nichols - till the teardrops stop
the streets - has it come to this?
saint etienne - heather
laetitia sadier source ensemble - undying love for humanity
rose elinor dougall - all at once
-----lp session #2 - the jesus and mary chain "damage and joy"
the jesus and mary chain - war on peace
the jesus and mary chain - los feliz (blues and greens)
the jesus and mary chain - black and blues feat sky ferreira
black honey - somebody better
the fall - free range
tear - begging
disjoy - divided
the clash - white riot
-----lp session #3 - the moonlandingz "interplanetary class classics"
the moonlandingz - vessels
the moonlandingz - the rabies are back
the moonlandingz - lufthanza man
sundara karma - happy family
black sonic revolver - the way it goes
blindness - born liar
ghost car - missing the old times
-----lp session #4 - formation "look at the powerful people"
formation - drugs
formation - on the board
formation - buy and sell
underground youth - beast (anti war song)

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Singing Rule Britannia! Show racks for Sat. Mar. 18/17

Opening the show to the sad news of John Lever, drummer for The Chameleons, passed away this past Monday. John was a great drummer from a highly under-rated band. A personal favourite of mine. We pay tribute with the opening two songs. RIP John

Then move on the the sad news of the day that rock 'n' roll originator Chuck Berry passed away. To pay tribute we air a special Northern Soul Spotlight featuring his brand of rock genius. RIP Chuck

the chameleons - up the down escalator (r.i.p. john lever)
the chameleons - in shreds
kasabian - you're in love with a psycho
post war glamour girls - organ donor
pins - all hail
sahara - rearranging
year of birds - western splits (after lear)
bad breeding - the more the merrier
dream wife - somebody
ghost car - stuck in the mud
our girl - sad fuzz
the orielles - sugar tastes like salt
public service broadcasting - progress feat tracyanne campbell
alt-j - 3ww (3 worn words)
the xx - replica
goldfrapp - ocean
-----northern soul spotlight - r.i.p. chuck berry
chuck berry - down bound train
chuck berry - jo jo gunne
chuck berry - rock and roll music
chuck berry - little queenie
chuck berry - memphis, tennessee
-----lp session - secret shine "there is only now"
secret shine - burning stars
secret shine - to the well
secret shine - things i said
monster movie - keep the voices distant
temples - mystery of pop
the fiction aisle - outskirts (revisited)
sunstack jones - sun is always
the pale white - deciever
desperate journalist - be kind
feral five - man cat doll machine
rosko - the boys
ginger snaps - number crunching
circa waves - out on my own
circa waves - stuck
manuela - invincible
fickle friends - hello hello
the jacques - no kamikaze
jennifer - i can't grow a new heart
the magic gang - how can i compete
king nun - hung around
jarvis cocker & chilly gonzalez - the other side
jarvis cocker & chilly gonzalez - ice cream as main course

There were/are problems with the archives. So try the links to see if they work. I hope they do.
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hips Tits Lips Power! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 11/17

Voting is open for the 2017 CJAM Jammy Awards for short period. Follow the link and vote for your fave shows. It only takes a couple minutes to show some love.

silverfish - big bad baby pig squeal
savages - strife
slowcoaches - living out
elastica - blue
pj harvey - sheila-na-gig
deux furieuses - now you're gonna listen
rubella ballet - false promises
the tuts - dump your boyfriend
mekons - ghosts of american astronauts
felt - primitve painters
lush - hypocrite
young marble giants - brand new life
gloss - lost in paris
strawberry switchblade - let her go
toyah - echo beach
darling buds - hit the ground
we've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it - xx sex
transvision vamp - baby i don't care
sinéad o'connor - the emperor's new clothes
lisa stansfield - never, never gonna give you up
swing out sister - stoned soul picnic
altered images - don't talk to me about love
the school - do i love you?
dubstar - not so manic now
sleeper - statuesque
echobelly - great things
the pipette - because it's not love (but it's still a feeling)
the passions - bachelor girls
essential logic - aerosol burns
the mo'dettes - white mice
sacred paws - empty body
the slits - typical girls
vivien goldman - launderette
selecter - three minute hero
the fizzbombs - sign on the line
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
shop assistants - safety net
the flatmates - so in love with you
dolly mixture - how come your such a hit with the boys jane?
the kamikaze pilots - sharon signs to cherry red
siouxsie & the banshees - christine
the raincoats - no one's little girl
x-ray spex - oi! bondage up yours!
kirsty maccoll - a new england
whyte horses - the snowfalls
amy winehouse - you know i'm no good

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dangerous Rhythms! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 4/17

The 2017 CJAM Jammy Awards are here! Voting is now open, using the handy link, to vote for your fave CJAM shows. Voting is only open for a short period and takes only a couple minutes. So show some love to a CJAM volunteer programmer by voting today.

british sea power - keep on trying (sechs freunde)
the moonlandingz - strangle of anna feat rebecca taylor
the darling buds - complicated
avec sans - we are
coasts - heart starts beating
safe to swim - struggling
sleeptalking - professional dreamer
maxïmo park - what did we do to you to deserve this?
kaiser chiefs - why do you do it to me?
two door cinema club - are we ready? (wreck)
roddy woomble - like caruso
sleaford mods - moptop
sleaford mods - i feel so wrong
lo fidelity allstars - darkness rolling
the woodentops - wheels turning (adrian sherwood remix)
sherwood & pinch - itchy face
vivien goldman - private armies dub
jupiter-c - locust
salford sorcerers - regal sounds
the tates - electric girl
-----lp session - temples "volcano"
temples - (i want to be your) mirror
temples - open air
temples - roman god-like man
sundowners - great beauty
ulrika spacek - mimi pretend
loom - hate
black market karma - melody signal
kid wave -everything changes
wire - diamonds in cups
ultravox! - dangerous rhythm
japan - lovers on main street
artificial pleasure - all i got
-----lp session - s*m*a*s*h "goodbye welwyn garden city"
s*m*a*s*h - art therapy
s*m*a*s*h - erin
s*m*a*s*h - secret bruise
hmltd - to the door
sahara - skyline
spinn - home
the vultures - suicide


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - February

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. LITTLE FICTIONS (LP) ... Elbow (Universal)
3. FOR YOU ... Secret Shine (Saint Maire Records)
4. CHANGE OF STATE (LP) ... Novella (Sinderlyn)
5. DRAGONFLY ... Pumarosa (Fiction)
6. KISS? ... Childcare (Lost in the Manor)
7. BIG BALLOON (LP) ... Dutch Uncles (Memphis Industries)
8. TRANSITION ... Kite Base (little something)
9. THE STRANGLE OF ANNA ... The Moonlandingz (Transgressive)
10. LOCUS (LP) ... Great Ytene (Faux Discx)
11. MASQUERADE ... Tourists (℗© 2017 Tourists)
12. ECHOES / VICTORIA FALLS ... Flyte (Uni/Island)
13. RESTART ... BNQT (Bella Union)
14. THE PACE OF THE PASSING (LP) ... Toothless (Uni/Island)
15. SHOULDN'T STRAY FROM THE SHADOWS ... Monster Movie (Graveface Records)
16. BROKEN GLANCES (LP) ... The Pigeon Detectives (Dance To The Radio)
17. A BIG BAD BEAUTIFUL NOISE (LP) ... The Godfathers (Godfathers Recordings2)
18. STRIKE A MATCH (LP) ... Sacred Paws (Rock Action Records)
19. VENN (LP) ... Clock Opera (League Of Imaginary Nations)
20. HEARTLAND ... Deadwall (Hatch Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for February 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Michinoku Overdriver! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 25/17

temples - strange or be forgotten
monster movie - shouldn't stray from the shadows
ride - charm assault
ride - home is a feeling
psyence - falling in love once again
bill ryder-jones - ocean rain
mt. wolf - the electric
secret shine - for you
flyte - victoria falls
blindness - the next monsoon
pale waves - there's a honey
piano wire - get a life
piano wire - weird heroes
false advertising - not my fault
peaness - same place
sisteray - faaast food
-----northern soul spotlight
dobie gray - out on the floor
gerri grainger - i got to pieces (everytime)
little richard - i don't want to discuss it
major lance - ain't no soul (left in these old shoes)
the mvp's - turning my heartbeat up
tobi legend - time will pass you by
jimmy radcliffe - long after tonight is over
-----lp session - the pigeon detectives "broken glances"
the pigeon detectives - wolves
the pigeon detectives - sounding the alarm
the pigeon detectives - a little bit alone
shed seven - getting better
children of alice - rite of the maypole - an unruly procession
cavern of anti-matter - movin' on static
british sea power - keep on trying (sechs freunde)
heavy heart - high dive
thousand yard stare - buttermouth
thousand yard stare - o-o a.e.t.
modern english - something's going on
modern english - i feel small
theme park - i'll do anything
-----lp session - the cherry wave "shimaru"
the cherry wave - dream forever
the cherry wave - inhale/exhale
the cherry wave - michinoku overdriver
king no-one - antichrist
girl ray - stupid things


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Electric Pulses! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 18/17

jesus & mary chain - always sad
bnqt - restart
cabbage - gibraltar ape
luxury death - needle
black sonic revolver - wish away
the cosmics - waste of time
the damned - i fall
the damned - feel the pain
secret shine - all in your head
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
the field mice - sensitive
yumi zouma - she's electric
dutch uncles - same plane dream
dutch uncles - hiccup
catholic action - doing well
strawberry switchblade - spanish song (don't go)
adam & the ants - ant music
embrace - all you good good people
the underground youth - alice
the proper ornaments - the devils
-----lp session - novella "change of state"
novella - desert
novella - thun
novella - come in
sacred paws - strike a match
childcare - kiss?
blossoms - honey sweet
embers - signs
pumarosa - dragonfly
elbow - trust the sun
monster movie - shouldn't stray from the shadows
toothless - alright alright alright
echo beach - athena
oranj son - still
-----lp session - great ytene "locus"
great ytene - george street
great ytene - electric pulses
great ytene - appetite
the amazons - black magic
tangerines - peckham boys
la bête blooms - breaking in


Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Big, Bad Beautiful Noise! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 11/17

marnie - alphabet blocks
venn - waxen palm
jesus & mary chain - always sad
blanck mass - silent treatment
kite base - transition
iggy pop - lust for life (prodigy remix)
circa waves - fire that burns
sacred paws - rest
sacred paws - wet graffiti
dutch uncles - streetlight
the smiths - barbarism begins at home
jamiroquai - cloud 9
wild beasts - alpha female
hercules & love affair - controller feat faris badwan
the moonlandingz - the strangle of anna feat rebecca taylor
-----northern soul spotlight
edwin starr - time
bobby womack & the brotherhood - home is where the heart is
ray charles - i don't need no doctor
the isley brothers - my love is your love (forever)
etta james - seven day fool
-----lp session - the godfathers "a big, bad beautiful noise"
the godfathers - you don't love me
the godfathers - one good reason
the godfathers - defibrillator
blackwaters - down
the pearl harts - hit the bottle
the americas - tenth day of may
manic street preachers - motorcycle emptiness
manic street preachers - you love us
visage - the damned don't cry
visage - she's electric (coming around)
ultravox - hiroshima mon amour
deadwall - heartlands
rose elinor dougall - all at once
slow riot - pink december
-----lp session - clock opera "venn"
clock opera - closer
clock opera - hear my prayer
clock opera - cat's eye
blur - i'm just a killer for your love
surge - shame


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Twist It & Shake! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 4/17

maxïmo park - risk to exist
menace beach - suck it out
jarvis cocker & chilly gonzalez - tearjerker
team picture - back to bay six
viv albertine & get the blessing - life's too short to be shy
machiine - twist it & shake
pins feat iggy pop - aggrophobe
bnqt - restart
elbow - k2
elbow - kindling
paul weller - the ballad of jimmy mccabe
deux furieuses - time to mourn/from fear to fury
orbital - kinetic
jamiroquai - automaton
-----northern soul spotlight
the metros - since i found my baby
jr. walker & the allstars - tune up
shane martin - i need you
brenda holloway - when i'm gone
velvet hammer - happy
-----lp session - julian cope "drunken songs"
julian cope - drink me under the table
julian cope - liver big as hartlepool
julian cope - as the beer flows over me
scott walker - plastic palace people
beach baby - smoke won't get you high
high hazels - sequin eyes
the sherlocks - was it really worth it?
yassassin - pretty face
heavy heart - pretty thing
heavy heart - keepsake
tourists - masquerade
formation - a friend
rose elinor dougall - space to be
flyte - echoes
toothless - sisyphus
toothless - the sun's midlife crisis
syd arthur - no peace
the wytches - bone weary
cavern of anti-matter - sound-magic's death ray destroys the vortex and has union with infinity

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2017 - January

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. STAR ROVING ... Slowdive (Dead Oceans)
2. STRANGE OR BE FORGOTTEN ... Temples (Heavenly Recordings)
3. BAD BOHEMIAN ... British Sea Power (Golden Chariot Records)
5. I SEE YOU (LP) ... The XX (Young Turks Recordings)
6. SHORT ELEVATED PERIOD ... Wire (pinkflag)
7. STELLULAR (LP) ... Rose Elinor Dougall (Vermilion Records)
8. AGGROPHOBE ... Pins feat Iggy Pop (Haus Of Pins)
9. FOXHOLE (LP) ... The Proper Ornaments (Tough Love)
10. LEMON MEMORY (LP) ... Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)
11. GREAT BEAUTY ... Sundowners (Skeleton Key)
12. WAITING A LIFETIME ... Splashh (Cinematic)
13. RISK TO EXIST ... Maxïmo Park (Daylighting)
14. B.H.S. ... Sleaford Mods (Rough Trade)
15. AUTOMATON ... Jamiroquai (Uni)
16. ALPHABET BLOCK ... Marnie (Helen Marnie)
17. OH YEAH ... Dutch Uncles (Memphis Industries)
18. YOUNG DUMB AND FULL OF... (LP) ... Cabbage (Skeleton Key Records)
19. WELCOME, STRANGER! (LP) ... The Blue Aeroplanes (Art Star)
20. BORDERLANDS ... Llovers (Llovers 2017)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for January 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Here Come The Catastrophe Machines! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 28/17

temples - strange or be forgotten
slowdive - star roving
pins - aggrophobe feat iggy pop
bloc party - waiting for the 7:18
palm honey - palace
dead natives - something strange
secret cameras - it doesn't matter
elbow - gentle storm
sam jordan & the dead buoys - favourite messenger
brian eno - i'll come running
eurythmics - take me to your heart
the associates - party fears two
the associates - waiting for the loveboat
jamiroquai - automaton
marnie - alphabet block
saint etienne - nothing can stop us
goldfrapp - anymore
-----lp session - rose elinor dougall "stellular"
rose elinor dougall - closer
rose elinor dougall - all at once
rose elinor dougall - poison ivy
the stranglers - (get a) grip (on yourself)
wire - short elevated period
buzzcocks - boredom
girl one & the grease guns - (here come the) catastrophe machines
mansun - stripper vicar
the vryll society - sacred flight
sundowners - great beauty
the marbles jackson - wish for
vinyl staircase - german wings
tear - careless again
-----lp session - proper ornaments "foxhole"
the proper ornaments - back pages
the proper ornaments - when we were young
the proper ornaments - i know you know
great ytene - fixed victim
the view - wasted little djs
the king blues - heart of a lion
modern english - sweet revenge
485c - strange medicine

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