Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Tomorrow's Parties! Pledge Drive show tracks for Sat. Nov. 2/13

Another one bites the dust as they say. The pledge drive show is in the can for another year. Thanks to Clara for sitting in with me. Clara rocks and she made the time fly by. I hope she enjoyed the show. Thanks to Sarah for helping on those busy pledge phone lines. Most importantly thanks to Andrew, Sharon, Adrian and Roger for their generous donation to the cause. Also, to everyone who may have pledged online, I don't have your names or I would have mentioned you as well.
There is still plenty of time to pledge. Surfing on into the station's website you can pay by credit card through Paypal. Use this link here; Pledge 2013! Or tune into any of the fine programming still to come thus week.

We took care of a little business in opening the show. Featuring James Blake from his 2013 Mercury Prize winning album Overgrown. Then we got into the musical theme for this year's pledge drive show which was the music of Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground. Done in the British indie/alternative style by featuring cover versions of some of your fave VU tracks by your fave British artists.
A little less music featured because of the increased voice time on air. But I think we managed to hit all the best tracks.
Back to regular business next week with 2 weeks worth of new releases.

james blake - to the last
lou reed - satellite of love
duran duran - perfect day
spaceman 3 - ode to street hassle
ride - new age
david bowie - waiting for the man (bbc session)
the dylans - who loves the sun
james - sunday morning
japan - all tomorrow's parties
the wedding present - she's my best friend
the primitives - i'll be your mirror
the hot rats - i can't stand it
chapterhouse - lady godiva's operation
the telescopes - candy says
echo & the bunnymen - foggy notion
hurrah! - sweet jane
simple minds - street hassle
teenage fanclub - femme fatale
strawberry switchblade - sunday morning

Want to hear it again or for the first time?
Part One
Part Two

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