Saturday, March 30, 2013

Welcome To The North! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 30/13

I love it when you go record shopping and you get surprised by new releases you didn't know were coming out or cool items on sale. All that happened this week and is represented by the tracks featured tonight. I didn't expect Little Green Cars to go domestic in Canada so fast. I thought for sure that was going to be a mail/internet order title. Then a website put The Music live cd on sale plus Carter USM and Happy Mondays live reunion cds. There was so much more like Cast, The Charlatans and P.I.L. but I'm not made of money so I had to get out before I blew my retirement I've been on a Music kick all week long, so welcome to the north - it's grim up here!

the music - welcome to the north
the justified ancients of mu mu - it's grim up north
british sea power - machineries of joy
frightened rabbit - late march, death march ("faster" rabbit for Tracy P.)
father sculptor - basilica
billy bragg - there will be a reckoning
the good natured - lovers
jessie ware - 110%
james blake - digital lion feat. brian eno
cloud boat - youthern
romare - your love (you give me fever)
lp session - peace "in love"
peace - higher than the sun
peace - float forever
peace - sugarstone
dodgy - waiting for the sun
theme park - a mountain we love
burning beaches - wo'man
jim jones revue - where da money go?
lost souls club - shoot me down
shinies - shuga
spotlight kid - budge up
little green cars - my love took me down to the river to silence me
little green cars - please
toy - my heart skips a beat
girls names - notion
golden grrrls - new pop
the leisure society - the sober scent of paper
the leisure society - fight for everyone
the pastels/tenniscoats - vivid youth
the river cry - september light
carter usm - bloodsport for all
the adverts - one chord wonders

Use these handy links to download the show!
Part One
Part Two

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