Sunday, March 3, 2013

Let's Make This Precious! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 2/13

The wave of new albums continues as a couple of highly anticipated ones hit this week. We feature Palma Violets in the full LP session as well featuring tracks from Johnny Marr and Theme Park. Why not throw a couple tracks in from Golden Grrrls and Steve Mason to boot. New tracks from the new and old including Section 25, UK Decay to Velcro Hooks and Drop Out Venus. Nothings to good for you listeners.

Make sure to tune in next week as we put the women of British indie/alternative front and center to celebrate International Women's Day. An entire show dedicated to female artists and female fronted bands featuring Shirley Bassey to Savages and Talulah Gosh to Amy Winehouse.
Send any ideas or requests my way, I would love to incorporate them into the show.

tricky - nothing's changed feat. francesca belmonte
alunageorge - attracting flies
steve mason - fight them back
steve mason - oh my lord
father sculptor - lowlands
unkle bob - cold water
the 1975 - chocolate
esben & the witch - slow wave
fossil collective - under my arrest
delays - unsung
blessa - unfurl
dexy's midnight runners - t.s.o.p.
dexy's midnight runners - let's make this precious
johnny marr - i want the heartbeat
johnny marr - upstarts
lp session - palma violets "180"
palma violets - all the garden birds
palma violets - tom the drum
palma violets - johnny bagga donuts
palma violets - fourteen
the sound - monument
section 25 - inner drive
inca babies - my sick suburb
uk decay - killer
steve harris - us against the world
drop out venus - love and desire
drenge - bloodsports
velcro hooks - a love song for t.s. eliot
golden grrrls - past tense
golden grrrls - we've got…
cougar springs - me and mine
the magic gang - bruises
theme park - a place they'll never know
theme park - ghosts
the family cat - steamroller

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