Saturday, March 23, 2013

Talking Loud And Clear! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 23/13

"What happened to the voices of dissent? Getting rich I guess" Bobby Gillespie
No, I don't think they're getting rich but being stifled by the people who are afraid to take chances.
Dissenters and people taking chances, pushing the envelope are being marginalized as trouble makers and extremists.
Thankfully people like Bobby Gillespie and Savages are out there pushing back.
I left Savages' new single out of the show because I feared people would focus on the words "slut"
and "fuck" and not listen to the message of the song. That's why it's being included here.
Don't like the message or the visuals close the page and move on!

duologue - cut & run
puressence - when your eyes close feat. judy collins
the stranglers - who wants the world
house of love - a baby got back on it's feet
post war years - lost winter
wire - doubles & trebles
omd - talking loud and clear
primal scream - 2013
edwyn collins - dilemma
noah & the whale - there will come a time
talk talk - have you heard the news?
lady - hold on
alunageorge - i wanna be like you
fink - walking in the sun
kate nash - cherry pickin'
lp session - daughter "if you leave"
daughter - youth
daughter - lifeforms
daughter - human
suede - dawn chorus
suede - howl
sleeper - vegas [request]
everything everything - kemosabe [request]
chvrches - recover
elia & the low tears - sweet lies
tricky - nothing's changed feat. francesca belmonte
inkliing - sold ma soul
fryars - on your own
little boots - motorway
the primitives - lose the reason
veronica falls - my heart beats
chad valley - evening surrender feat. el perra del mar
the wonder stuff - oh no!
theme park - still life
madness - never knew your name

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