Saturday, February 5, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 5/11

Boy get pre-empted for one week for whatever it the new albums start to back up.
Glad to be back. I really don't know what to do with myself on a Saturday night other than doing the show.
Featured something like 9 new albums including 2 lp sessions. And a few new singles too. Loads of new material. Hope you enjoyed it. It was a blast to do.

seefeel - faults
fugiya & miyagi - yo yo
cat's eyes - not a friend
banjo or freakout - go ahead
echo lake - young silence
the vaccines - post break-up sex
the wombats - jump into the fog
jon fratelli - rhythm doesn't make you a dancer
miles kane - king crawler (live at rak studio)
mother mother - the stand (cc)
white lies - streetlights
wire - adapt
gang of four - you don't have to be mad
shriekback - dreamlife of dogs
the go! team - bust out brigade
little comets - her black eyes
lp session - the chapel club "palace"
the chapel club - after the flood
the chapel club - blind
the chapel club - paper thin
mogwai - rano pano
the boxer rebellion - no harm (request)
the sand band - set me free
young galaxy - we have everything (cc)
lp session - lonely tourist "sir, i am a good man"
lonely tourist - sir, i am a good man
lonely tourist - too old for clubbing
the streets - going through hell feat. robert harvey of the music
gorillaz - detroit
james blake - measurements

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