Saturday, February 12, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 12/11

As of the time this was written, the archives were still down. I know this is frustrating. If you can you'll have to stream the show live until they can get the archives going again. I hope this soon. I wish I could do something to help the situation. Let's hope CJAM can sort out the problem a little quicker.
Loads of good stuff tonight including a set celebrating Black History month.
If you managed to listen in I hope you enjoyed the show.

working for a nuclear free city - alphaville
british sea power - lucky bicycle
little comets - dancing song
shrag - ghosts before breakfast
vvolves - birds in berlin
the go! team - lazy poltergeist
glasvegas - euphoria, take my hand
yuck - coconut bible
my dad vs yours - carry the weight (cc)
the chapman family - all that's left to break
ghostpoet - cash and carry me home
roots manuva - nobody's dancing
ranking roger - so excited
detroit social club - god's gonna cut you down
the standards - like a heart attack
lp session - the boxer rebellion "the cold still"
the boxer rebellion - cause for alarm
the boxer rebellion - memo
the boxer rebellion - the runner
james blake - wilhelm's scream
visions of trees - sometimes it kills
the klaxons - silver forest
young galaxy - the angels are surely weeping (cc)
pj harvey - england
pj harvey - bitter branches
anna calvi - blackout
the twang - guapa
the tunics - shine on
gang of four - it was never gonna turn out good

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