Saturday, February 19, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 19/11

A great show for a special holiday, Radiohead Day! I didn't know they had their own day. I must have missed that Seriously, is anyone else sick of the interwebs blog buzz over this new lp yet? And it's only day 2 of the digital release. What's going to happen when the cd drops? Will they call a moment of silence worldwide? lol So I figured what the hell play a track off the new "best album in the world ever".
Tonight also featured looks at 3 new lps from Yuck, The Answering Machine and Frankie & The Heartstrings in the lp session proper.
Also featured is another installment for Black History Month. Running out of British born artists to feature. But there is only 1 week left in February.
And last but certainly not least, the logistical/philosophical problems have been fixed and the CJAM Archives are available once again. All shows from the affected down weeks are there so grab them while you
Select Saturday and the show to get all shows.

radiohead - codex
metronomy - she wants
the tunics - i'm broke, you're bored
bromheads - chocolate factory
bearsuit - when will i be queen?
the pigeon detectives - she wants me
banjo or freakout - move out
yuck - shook down
yuck - rose giver
girls names - séance on a wet afternoon
the answering machine - lifeline
the answering machine - romantic and square
the mirrors -into the heart
chapel club - white knight
fiction - big things
steel pulse - ku klux klan
dizzee rascal - holiday
kele - on the lam
lp session - frankie & the heartstrings "hunger"
frankie & the heartstrings - it's obvious
frankie & the heartstrings - want you back
frankie & the heartstrings - don't look surprised
the joy formidable - greyhounds in the slips
wire - now was
my dad vs. yours - happy wanderer (cc)
echo lake - young silence
stricken city - bella writer
mother mother - far in time (cc)
the lovely eggs - don't look at me (i don't like it)
star slinger - mornin'

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