Sunday, September 5, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 4/10

I received a note in the suggestion box this said it would be easier to read the tracklist if I separated it up into the actual sets so you could follow along at home. So I figured I would give it a try and see how you all liked it. I also made note of the Canadian Content by adding a little "(cc)" after the selections in question.
I hope you liked the show. Join me again next week, same indie place...same indie time!

kele - the other side
mia - it iz what it iz
futureheads - the chaos
mirrors - ways to an end
the vaccines - if you wanna
pull in emergency - 15 years
the raveonettes - i wanna be adored
hannah peel - electricity
omd - if you want it (french horn rebellion mix)
detachments - holiday romance
the heartbreaks - i didin't think it would hurt to think of you
allo darlin' - if loneliness was art
calories - ffwd
egyptian hip hop - middle name period
lp session - rose elinor dougall "without why"
rose elinor dougall - third attempt
rose elinor dougall - watching
rose elinor dougall - goodnight
summer camp - was it worth it?
bishop morocco - white city (cc)
land of talk - hamburg noon (cc)
porcelain raft - see through
the vaselines - sex with an x
the jon cohen experimental - nightmare/over (cc)
unkle bob - so sorry
burns unit - troubles
rpa & the united nations of sound - how deep is the man
tokyo police club - bambi (cc)

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