Saturday, September 11, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 11/10

A couple quick notes to start, there were massive technical problems at CJAM for this show. The computer network was down which affected the show. There was no lp session or saved track listing available after the show. I tried my best to reconstruct it from memory (but that's not what it used to
I think I remembered it all (jeesh I'm getting old! lol).
In fact, at the time this was written after the show, the CJAM website was not available either. So I hope the
show will be available for download at a later time when the problems are fixed.
Anyways, sorry about all this. I hope you get to hear the show.

Since school is back in for almost everyone now, we open this show with the traditional welcome back to school song,
Cowboys & Indies style;

the fall - hey! student
paul smith - north atlantic drift
the xx - shelter
still corners - don't fall in love
hannah peel - sugar hiccup
chapel club - all the eastern girls
belle & sebastian - write about love
kurran & the wolfnotes - your four limbs
young rebel set - if i was
frankie & the heartstrings - ungrateful
grinderman - heathen child
edwyn collins - losing sleep
james - tell her i said so
steve mason - i let her in
bombay bicycle club - leaving blues
stornoway - here comes the blackout...!
the bees - silver line
the coral - sandhills
arcade fire - city with no children (cc)
egyptian hip hop - moon crooner
the heartbreaks - your affection is wasted on me
everything everything - suffragette suffragette
grasscut - the door in the wall
japandroids - sex and dying in high society (cc)
wolf parade - what did my lover say (it always had to go this way) (cc)
esben & the witch - marching song

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