Sunday, September 19, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 18/10

Jeesh, what else could go wrong? lol Last week technical difficulties prevented the lp session. This week the football game ran really late causing a much shorter than show than I wanted or expected.. Ah well, such is the life in college radio.

So many albums so little time. September is always a huge release month. This was the lp session show. We took a look at 7 albums. There were a few new singles thrown in for good measure. Next week's show may resemble this show, we'll see what the week brings.

klaxons - the same space
grasscut - the tin man
two door cinema club - kids
hurts - silver lining
hurts - illuminated
union jackals - we are the human race
charlatans - love is ending
charlatans - my foolish pride
lost souls club - romeo
the vaselines - such a fool
the vaselines - overweight but over you
lp session manic street preachers "postcards from a young man"
manic street preachers - the descent (pages 1&2)
manic street preachers - auto-intoxication
manic street preachers - a billion balconies facing the sun
the clientele - paul verlaine
edwyn collins - humble
edwyn collins - over the hill
the domino state - firefly
amusement parks on fire - raphael
amusement parks on fire - wave of the future
stars - he dreams he's awake

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  1. I liked the Edwyn Collins especially.
    Been meaning to say so...