Sunday, August 23, 2020

Super Sonics! Show track listing for Sat. Aug. 22/20


 I hope you enjoyed the special anniversary show as we celebrated the start of our fourth decade on CJAM airwaves. If you joined us recently, been with us for a decade or been with us the 30+ years, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and support, without you listening none of this would have been possible. Our trip isn't finished yet, come with us, and let's enjoy the best of the British indie & alternative scene for another decade!

  • mansun - stripper vicar
    silver sun - golden skin
    bennet - mum's gone to iceland
    posh - rough lover
    powder - afrodisiac
    shampoo  - we don't care
    the weekenders - inelegantly wasted in papa's penthouse pad in belgravia
    warm jets - never never
    heavenly - trophy girlfriend
    s*m*a*s*h - real surreal
    these animal men - speed king
    heavy stereo - sleep freak
    david devant and his spirit wife - pimlico
    urusei yatsura - phasers on stun
    nancy boy - deep sleep motel
    gay dad - now always and forever   
    menswe@r - sleeping in
    kinky machine - supernatural giver
    rialto - monday morning 5:19
    minty - plastic bag
    orlando - just for a second
    sexus - the official end of it all
    plastic fantastic - fantastique no.5   
    dexdexter - another car, another car crash
    the young offenders - that's why we lose control
    the candyskins - feed it
    strangelove - beautiful alone
    the supernaturals - the day before yesterday's man
    my life story - 12 reasons why i love her
    huggy bear - her jazz
    voodoo queens - supermodel superficial   
    mambo taxi - do you always dress like that in front of other peoples boyfriends?
    showgirls - so small
    the delgados - monica webster
    charlie's angels - it's never gonna happen to me
    geneva - into the blue
    linoleum - marquis
    salad - drink the elixir
    ballroom - take it
    longpigs - she said   
    bis - icky-poo air raid
    space - female of the species
    duffy - london girls
    me me me - hanging around
    kenickie - come out 2nite
    peepshow - charlotte's party
    velocette - strip polka
    pimlico - revolve
    spearmint - goldmine
  • Listen - site down due to maintenance, will post ASAP

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