Sunday, August 30, 2020

It's All So Incredibly Loud! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 28/20


  •  doves - prisoners  
    andy bell - love comes in waves
    sunship balloon - a4 life
    idles - model village
    king of the slums - faux faux la bardot
    tv priest - this island
    gallus - eye to eye   
    leg puppy - (detroit) bitter sweet social distancing
    dream wife - homesick
    thyla - fade
    liela moss - the individual
    the psychedelic furs - wrong train
    blossoms - the keeper
    glass animals - it's all so incredibly loud   
    all we are - how you get me
    all we are - deliver it
    sea girls - shake
    candy opera - these days are ours
    iLiKETRAiNS - dig it
    iLiKETRAiNS - new geography
    denise sherwood - let me in
    working men's club - valleys   
    -----lp session - james dean bradfield 'even in exile'   
    james dean bradfield - thirty thousand milk bottles
    james dean bradfield - without knowing the end (joan's song)
    james dean bradfield - the last song
    glasvegas - keep me a space
    pillow queens - holy show
    the vcr - wonderland
    the roly mo - control yourself   
    jim bob - jo's got papercuts
    the cribs - running into you
    carla j easton (feat honeyblood) - weirdo
    jumbo - platypus
    pelts - throwing sticks
    indigos - out of body
    twisted ankle - a bag of pasta
    squid - clapping music
    -----lp session - paul molloy 'the fifth dandelion'   
    paul molloy - andromeda
    paul molloy - hey ho jack of diamonds
    paul molloy - talacre lighthouse
    -----john peel 81st birthday tribute   
    new order - homage (western works demo)
    the undertones - teenage kicks
    the wedding present - felicity (peel session)
    billy bragg - a new england (peel session)
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