Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Sound Of The Crowd! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 18/15

How did your Record Store Day fare? Me, I chose to give it a miss this year. The release list was completely underwhelming for me. To be honest there were a few I would have purchased if the prices weren't so far out of whack. That's not to say that I won't have a look next week at whats left after all the insanity dies down. Maybe I'm getting old, but I just don't see the point in dealing with complete assholes and paying to much money for re-issues. But I hope you got some of what you wanted and enjoyed yourself, after all that is point of it all.

blur - there are to many of us
lonelady - silvering
franz ferdinand & sparks - johnny delusional
dutch uncles - don't sit back (frankie said)
b movie - they forget
parlour flames - manchester rain
vision fortune - tied and bound
vision fortune - sandrino
gengahr - heroine
the vaccines - dream lover
wolf alice - bros
spring king - dream boy
happyness - a whole new shape
pretty vicious - it's always there
honeyblood - the black cloud
the staves - the shining
mary epworth - ray of sunlight
-----northern soul spotlight
fred hughes - don't let me down
mary silvers - the power of love
the accents - spring song (new girl)
maurice williams & the zodiacs - being without you
roscoe shelton - running for my life
-----lp session - wire "wire"
wire - in manchester
wire - sleep-walking
wire - swallow
outfit - new air
southern - lone driver
jim jones & the righteous mind - 1000 miles from the sure
seagulls - girl you must be dreaming
morning smoke - isn't anything
-----mixtape memories
spandau ballet - to cut a long story short
classix nouveaux - guilty
john foxx - underpass
japan - visions of china
human league - sound of the crowd
abjects - gone
the vultures - weakest storm
the lucid dream - unchained
swim deep - hotel california
the anchoress - once upon a lie
the monochrome set - oh, you're such a star


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