Saturday, April 11, 2015

Culture Of Volume! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 11/15

Thanks for everyone who voted in this year's Jammy Awards. We unfortunately did not win in a very large and contentious category.
Maybe next year. All of our supporters and friends win an award every week for being there for our little show! Thank you!

spaceman 3 - ode to street hassle
white noise sound - never fall
stealing sheep - greed
mary epworth - long gone
bear's den - agape
palace - kiloran
lilac time - babylon revisited
lilac time - prussian blue
the school - all i want from you is everything
looper - oh, skinny legs
big deal - veronica
thelightshines - sunshine in my head
ride - vapour trail (live at coachella)
the blow monkeys - ok! have it your way
the bohicas - where you at
the magic gang - alright
-----northern soul spotlight
the rivingtons - i love you always
linda jones - you hit me like tnt
sidney barnes - you'll always be in style
the fascinations - girls are out to get you
-----lp session - east india youth "culture of volume"
east india youth - beaming white
east india youth - entirety
east india youth - don't look backwards
golden fable - royals (lorde cover)
the wytches - wastybois
telescopes - i wanna be your dog
kobadelta - ithaca
zefur wolves - troubled soul
-----mixtape memories
scritti politti - asylums in jerusalem
uv pop - no songs tomorrow
magazine - rhythm of cruelty
shriekback - mistah linn he dead
the fall - middle mass
pretty vicious - just another story
yak - smile
desperate journalist - hesitate
stalking hawks - falling down (demo)
fehm - hand to mouth
autobahn - beautiful place to die


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