Sunday, February 1, 2015

Let The Good Times Be Never Ending! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 31/15

jesus & mary chain - something's wrong
the primitives - lead me astray
manhattan love suicides - drag
cheatahs - sunne
swervedriver - setting sun
drenge - we can do what we want
climbing boys - onibaba
crushed beaks -overgrown
kaiser chiefs - falling awake
keroscene - storm o.k.
man made - carsick cars
real lies - north circular
desperate journalist - hesitate
desperate journalist -happening
evans the death - enabler
girl one & the grease guns - suburban robot
the tuts - worry warrior
I s t. I s t. - nights arm
vision fortune - back crawl II
-----northern soul spotlight
eloise laws - love factory
joe tex - under your powerful love
the carstairs - it really hurts me girl
the montclairs - hung up on your love
-----lp session - the charlatans "modern nature"
the charlatans - keep enough
the charlatans - let the good times be never ending
the charlatans - lean in
rae morris - under the shadows
the moon - eureka moment
spc eco - hear me now
spectres - where flies sleep
-----mixtape memories
the bluebells - cath
the supernaturals - the day before yesterday's man
the orchids - something for the longing
the shamen - something about you
trashcan sinatras - twisted and bent
the black lamps - casa disco
the black lamps - the smoking party
colour of spring - honey
menace beach - infinite donut
april towers - arcadia
childhood - falls away
spandau ballet - soul boy

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