Saturday, July 5, 2014

Whistling In The Dark! Show tracks for Sat. July 5/14

joy division - love will tear us apart (peel session)
new order - in a lonely place (12" version)
the vaselines - one lost year
firestations - never closer
memory maze - like a mirage
childcare - gotta wait
temples - prisms (live in japan)
young british artists - a new language
young british artists - salad days
traams - selma
kult country - trembling moon
the watchmakers - illumination
emily capell - who killed smiley culture?
wonder villains - zola
ballet school - cherish
screaming maldini - solar system
proper ornaments - magazine
proper ornaments - summer's gone
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the vel-vets - i gotta find me somebody
yvonne baker - you didn't say a word
the high keys - living a lie
dean parrish - i'm on my way
the embers - watch out girl
-----lp session - manic street preachers "futurology"
manic street preachers - let's go to war
manic street preachers - sex, power, love and money
manic street preachers - dreaming a city (hugheskova)
manic street preachers - between the clock and the bed feat green gartside
simple minds - constantinople line
david bowie - the secret life of arabia
the tommy drums - savages
bad breeding - burn this flag
the pheromoans - the boys are british
penny orchids - your vacant eyes
bat faced girl - rip it up
-----mixtape memories
talk talk - call in the night boy
the the - i've been waitin' for tomorrow (all my life)
lloyd cole & the commotions - rattlesnakes
easterhouse - whistling in the dark
the sea the sea - captives
looks - everest
jekyll - i do want i can
honeyblood - killer bangs
formes - the power of now part 2


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