Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sons Of The Stage! Show tracks for Sat. July 26/14

Tonight we celebrate the life of Tony Ogden of The World Of Twist. He died suddenly on this day in 2006. So we open the show with a couple WOT tracks.
Quality Street is a brilliant album so do yourself a favour and find a copy.

Stay tuned for a group of special shows coming in August!

world of twist - sons of the stage
world of twist - life and death (extended remix)
black rivers - the ship
the ramona flowers - dismantle and rebuild
echo lake - this year
jubilee courts - outside your house
joanna gruesome - jerome (liar)
menace beach - lowtalkin'
table scraps - bug
girl band - de bom bom
dumb - still i'm stuck
the crazy world of arthur brown - zim zam zim
nai harvest - buttercups
honeyblood - killer bangs
tangerines - you look like something i killed (demo)
martin carr - the sante fe skyway
-----northern soul spotlight
jerry fuller - double life
sidney barnes - i hurt on the other side
don thomas - come on train
the inspirations - your wish is my command
lee bates - why don't you write?
-----lp session - the moons "mind waves"
the moons - all in my mind
the moons - time's not forever
the moons - on the moon
the enemy - magic
the courteeners - how good it was
the wolfmen - needle in the camel's eye
borland - black cat
eno • hyde - moulded life
-----mixtape memories
the human league - only after dark
omd - red frame/white light
depeche mode - photographic
soft cell - memorabilia feat cindy ecstasy
woman's hour - our love has no rhythm
alexis taylor - closer to the elderly
neville staple - play a song for me
glass animals - pools
manic street preachers - divine youth


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