Sunday, May 6, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. May 5/12

We open up tonight's show with a couple Spiritualized tracks as there were in town last night. They put on an amazing show as well. Jason and band love Detroit and Detroit loves them right back.

Then we hear that MCA Adam Yauch has past away after his long bout with cancer. The Beasties were certainly a part of my musical upbringing so to speak. I was out of high school when Licensed To Ill came out (it didn't have the same profound impact that it had on the younger teens) but it will always be a fave album of mine. But I do remember Cookie Puss being aired on CJAM in the early days. Those were the good ole days.
So we pay our respects by closing the show with Long Burn The Fire. Their musical legacy will never be forgotten.

spiritualized - electricity
spiritualized - lay down in the sun
elbow - mexican standoff
gomez - tijuana lady
electricity in our homes - oranges
the fall - victrola time
dry the river - no rest
fossil collective - let it go
madness - vietnam
tom jones & jack white - evil
anna calvi - jezebel
beth rowley - i shall be released
dusty springfield - breakfast in bed
lp session - the primitives "echoes & rhymes"
the primitives - move it on over
the primitives - till you say you'll be mine
the primitives - i'm not sayin
the primitives - single girl
toy - motoring
evans the death - sleeping song/so long
blanche hudson weekend - (just like) susan george
the heartbreaks - delay delay
zulu winter - silver tongue
virals - coming up with the sun
spectral park - pale glistens
young british artists - salad days
arctic monkeys - electricity
maximo park - the national health
graffiti6 - never look back
kwes - bashful
mystery jets - you had me at hello
mystery jets - sister everett
japan - i second that emotion
spandau ballet - instinction
beastie boys - long burn the fire

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