Saturday, May 19, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. May 19/12

Brilliant! "I want to masticate with you" God I love this band.
Glad to have some new Lovely Eggs to feature.

My dj bag was over flowing with new releases again. And not just singles. There were as many as 7 albums tonight as well. Sadly, we didn't get to them all but we did get to The School & Zulu Winter in the proper Lp Sessions. We also featured Thee Vicars, NZCA/Lines & the new My Bloody Valentine EPs release.
Rumour has it that the remastered MBV albums are out. Although you wouldn't know it around here, not one store in the area has them yet. Are they really out Kevin? lol
The great new singles of the past few shows is really off-setting the extra prep I am being forced to do for the show. Nothing I can really get into just inter office political crap. But the Letters, Splashh, Drop Out Venus, The Vestals & the great Bobby Womack are raising the spirits for sure.

my bloody valentine - slow
my bloody valentine - swallow
black rebel motorcycle club - mercy (extended)
two wounded birds - to be young
bos angeles - pretend for you
mystery jets - greatest hits
splashh - all i wanna do
letters - torren
toy - motoring
the chapman family - this english life
public service broadcasting - spitfire
bobby womack - the bravest man in the universe
kindness - house
florence & the machine - never let me go (blood orange remix)
lp session - the school "reading too much into things like everything"
the school - what's just begun
the school - that boy is mine
the school - the grass is always greener on the other side
the school - why do you have to break my heart again?
trailer trash tracys - los angered
drop out venus - love in vein
the vestals - perfect pain
thee vicars - i feel alright
thee vicars - crocodile chomp
the lovely eggs - food
virals - shake it up
a fine day for sailing - little places
nzca/lines - nazca
nzca/lines - moonlit car chase
aluna george - just a touch
fay hallum & the bongolian - dancing
jamiroquai - white knuckle ride
zulu winter - bitter moon
zulu winter - small pieces
gravenhurst - in miniature
prince charles - bam bam
baltic fleet - engage

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