Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Jammy time again!

I just heard the considerable moan from the masses. Oh no not again!

The Jammys are CJAM's awards for the volunteer programmers. They are given out every year and voted on by you, the listeners. The winners then get their awards at a ceremony in April that is open to the public. Vote for us and then party with us!
Voting is easy. Just follow this handy link -
Follow three easy rules.
-Enter your first and last name
-Enter a valid email address (Fear not - they don't sell them or use them)
-Vote in a minimum of 3 categories

Cowboys & Indies is nominated in 2 categories so all you have to do is pick one more and your vote counts.
The show is nominated for Best Indie/Alternative program (the second category from the top) and also for Best On-Air Personality (second from bottom).

We haven't won one in a few years, so vote and vote often! The voting closes soon.
Let's make Cowboys & Indies a 2012 Jammy Award winner!

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