Saturday, November 19, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 19/11

We open up tonight's show on a sour note. Jackie Leven, the great Scottish songwriter and folk artist died this past week from a long battle with lung cancer. He was in a criminally under appreciated post punk/new wave band called Doll By Doll. They released 4 great albums in a short 3 year period between 1979-1982. We open up the show with the epic The Palace Of Love from the brilliant debut Remember.

The mysterious No Ceremony are back with another free download. Follow the link to grab it for free while you can.

We close out the proceedings with the staggering beautiful new single from Bishi. Not the normal Cowboys & Indies track by any stretch of the imagination. But it has mesmerized me and I hope you will check it out.

doll by doll - the palace of love
the maccabees - pelican
trophy wife - canopy shade
delorentos - did we really ever try?
fixers - trans love
bastille - laura palmer
summer camp - brian krakow
summer camp - last american virgin
the big pink - hit the ground (superman)
no ceremony - deliver us
florence & the machine - lover to lover
edgar jones free peace thing - shake it loose
the stairs - weed bus
the who - the punk and the godfather
lp session - spotlight kid "disaster tourist"
spotlight kid - april
spotlight kid - creeps
spotlight kid - lifeline
out side room - don't sit down cause i feel good inc.
the kick inside - ever the optimist
coastal cities - think tank
orange juice - l.o.v.e. love
the bees - gaia
the fall - taking off
the fall - laptop dog
dead sons - you're not as smooth as me
thee spivs - tv screen
chapter 24 - 4454
golden fable - the chill pt.2
weird dreams - holding nails
standard fare - darth vader
trailer trash tracys - wish you were red
2:54 - scarlet
bishi - dia ti maria

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