Saturday, October 8, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 8/11

I really miss going to the record store and buying the latest releases. I'm not trying to offend any of the local record stores that I frequent but the selection of British bands in this city is really pitiful. I know that I'm really impatient and can't (or won't) wait for releases to be ordered because I need them right away for the show. But having to wait sometimes weeks for domestic releases drives me loopy. I don't like ordering off the interwebs. I guess I'm old skool and want to hold the new releases and go right home and play them. Playing some older artists tonight made me reminisce I


kasabian - let's roll just like we used to
the mekons - space in your face
the rifles - long walk back home
madness - michael caine
the belle stars - iko iko
the noisettes - every now and then
the whip - movement
human league - egomaniac
magazine - holy dotage
pengu!ns - hate male
evans the death - threads
jim reid - black and blues
the notes - no idea
fanzine - roman holiday
lp session - we were promised jetpacks "in the pit of the stomach"
we were promised jetpacks - circles and squares
we were promised jetpacks - hard to remember
we were promised jetpacks - sore thumb
no ceremony - wear me
trophy wife - wolf
othello woolf - i'm not scared of love
adele - lovesong
sade - still in love with you
bombay bicycle club - lights out, words gone
the guillemots - tigers
sons & daughters - the beach
leisure society - better written off (than written down)
the foxes! - something about you
born blonde - solar
james blake - enough thunder
quantic - time is the enemy
peter murphy - seesaw sway
s.c.u.m. - faith unfolds
(i know, i announced summon the sound but i was distracted by the incoming dj and played the wrong track. i'll play the proper track next week)

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