Saturday, October 29, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 29/11

We're back for 1 week really. Well, next week is the Pledge Drive show. So we go from a week off to special programming for the Pledge Drive. So this year the musical portions of the show will be the best of the year so far. Sort of a Festive 50 preview show.
I hope you tune in with your wallets and cheque books at the ready and you'll hear some great tunes as well.

Tonight was all about fitting in as much new material as possible, including 3 album sessions (well 1 proper album profile and 2 mini sessions). Even manages to fit in some pseudo Halloween tracks. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Remember, CJAM needs your help so I hope you tune in and give generously. And thank you!

duran duran - the chauffeur
veronica falls - found love in a graveyard
we have band - visionary
the ting tings - hang it up
chapter 24 - you said
jesus & mary chain - the hardest walk
cinema red and blue - walkin' to the cemetery
the irrepressibles - in this shirt
the associates - love hangover
the good natured - skeleton
the automatic - monster
bryan ferry - fingerpoppin'
drc music - hallo feat. tout puissant mukalo
graffiti6 - free
lp session spectrals - "bad penny"
spectrals - you don't have to tell me
spectrals - you can't live on love alone
spectrals - luck is here to be pushed
acid house kings feat dan treacy - heaven know I miss him now
the smiths - heaven knows I'm miserable now
best coast feat johnny marr - in your sleep
imaginary friend - lost at sea
the vaccines - tiger blood
mini lp sessions Magazine "No Thyself" & Flashguns "Passion Of A Different Kind"
magazine - the worst of progress
magazine - the burden of a song
flashguns - candles out
flashguns - noah
evans the death - hello seems to be the hardest word
two wounded birds - together forever
dog is dead - hands down
frankie & the heartstrings - everybody looks better (in the right light)
smith & burrows - funny looking angels
andy lewis - a good soul in the good times
the mekons - geeshie

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