Monday, June 20, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. June 18/11

Sorry for the delay in posting everyone. Had some serious internet connection problems. Let's just say that I hate routers!

kronenbourg 1664 - slow the pace w/ madness baggy trousers
madness - baggy trousers
morrissey - the kid's a looker (live radio session)
alex turner - hiding tonight
arctic monkeys - black treacle
jon fratelli - sex, love, money & death
joss stone - don't cha wanna ride
midnight lion - sleeping in the woods (ally mccrae session)
the heartrates - midnight crisis
retraplayer - drinks in helsinki
polly scattergood - silver lining
the primitives - breakaway
toni basil - i'm 28
poly styrene - kitsch
gaggle - i hear flies
lp sessions - hollie cook, is tropical & wu lyf
from hollie cook - "hollie cook"
hollie cook - sugar water
hollie cook - shadow kissing
from is tropical - "native to"
is tropical - south pacific
is tropical - i'll take my chances
from wu lyf - "go tell fire to the mountain"
wu lyf - spitting blood
wu lyf - dirt
locomotives - play (don't work all day)
tribes - we were children
gross magic - sweetest touch
male bonding - weird feelings
the tamborines - sally o'gannon
golden grrrls - beaches
the proctors - perfect world
jamiroquai - seven days in sunny june
vv brown - bottles
the horrors - still life
club smith - young defeatists
beau & the arrows - one last summer
lloyd cole - oh genevieve
frank turner - one foot before the other

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