Saturday, June 11, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. June 11/11

Just when I thought June was going to be a little slow on the new releases. We get major new songs in the last 2 weeks from The Horrors, Male Bonding And Kasabian.
The show is packed with new stuff. Some top tunes.

Boy initial comments/reviews are polarizing on this new Kasabian. Fans of Club Foot are loving it and fans of West Ryder aren't. Just as I expected. Personally, I think Switchblade Smiles is bangin'!

the guillemots - i must be a lover
glasvegas - you
kasabian - switchblade smiles
new order - hellbent
midnight lion - all greatness stands firm
kaiser chiefs - child of the jago
insect guide - reason to exist
the primitives - the witch
sons & daughters - breaking fun
fixers - another lost apache
pete & the pirates - cold black kitty
pete & the pirates - blood gets thin
the method - whip around
the heavy - oh no! not you again!
lp session - the wild swans "the coldest winter for a hundred years"
the wild swans - falling to bits
the wild swans - glow in the dark
the wild swans - lost at sea
airship - kids
tall ships - hit the floor
mozart parties - wish my thoughts away
cat's eyes - over you
jamie woon - wayfaring stranger
the duke spirit - procession
towns - fields
the loose salute - run out of morning
anna calvi - desire
i like trains - sirens
male bonding - bones
british sea power - living is so easy (request)
young legionnaire - mortgage rock
mazes - bowie knives
ash - running to the ocean
undertones - got to have you back (request)
star slinger - mornin'
pleasurebeach - smells like teen spirit

To download show, follow the next links;
pt.1 (10pm - midnight)
pt.2 (midnight - 12:30am)

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