Sunday, May 22, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. May 21/11

Tonight's show had a special bonus feature - an extra half hour! So if you want to hear that half hour in the archives you have to go to the next show, Planet Funk, and download that to hear it.

Well, since the rapture kinda crapped out (which most of us with a toe in reality expected) we open the show with a track "With Each New Day" from About Group. I toyed with doing a theme show, but surprisingly there just aren't a lot of Brit Indie songs about the apocalypse!

Quick update, we will be pre-empted next week for special Detroit Electronic Music Fest programming. Not a surprise, I did see that coming really. But still disappointed that I won't be able to bring a show next week.
But upon our return the week after, that extra half hour will become permanent. We hope to have the archives sorted by then so that downloading the show will be easy for everyone concerned. So remember starting in June Cowboys & Indies will air from 10pm-12:30am.

about group - with each new day
ladytron - white elephant
chapel club - star
the strange death of liberal england - come on you young philosophers
pete & the pirates - united
new cassettes - televise this
peter hook & the light - pictures in my mind
pope joan - a drowning
strawhouses - malaise
arctic monkeys - brick by brick
girls names - i lose
girls names - séance on a wet afternoon
puressence - burma
the rialto burns - radiate
lp session - friendly fires "pala"
friendly fires - running away
friendly fires - hawaiian air
friendly fires - true love
poly styrene - thrash city
miles kane - kingcrawler
hard fi - good for nothing
the music - ghost hands (request)
fixers - crystals
dutch uncles - the ink
young knives - glasshouse
art brut - lost weekend
anna calvi - first we kiss
digits - rachel marie (cc)
james blake - lindisfarne I & II
planningtorock - the breaks
mammal club - otter
history of apple pie - you're so cool
golden grrrls - wrldpeace
mount kimbie - carbonated

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