Saturday, May 14, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. May 14/11

Ever had one of those weeks? Actually, it was more like 10 days for me. Having your mind spinning for that long of time can cause some serious concentration

Absolutely love the album in the lp session tonight. Thanks to Bentley for the mp3s that made that possible. Plus loads of new stuff as well. Hope you enjoyed it.

wild palms - carnations
does it offend you yeah? - wrong time wrong planet
gruff rhys - sensations in the dark
boxer rebellion - the runner
guillemots - ice room
noah & the whale - l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.
frankie & the heartstrings - that postcard
the wave pictures - now your smile comes over in your voice
theme park - milk
the method - take your shot
the leisure society - dust on the dancefloor
the leisure society - although we are all lost
carl barĂ¢t - this is the song
stalking horse - heathen head, howling heart
funeral suits - colour fade
lp session - help stamp out loneliness "help stamp out loneliness"
help stamp out loneliness - angelyne
help stamp out loneliness - cellophane
help stamp out loneliness - tracy tracy
the proctors - perfect world
just handshakes (we're british) - falling over our fear
these fine galleons - breaking the walls
young british artists - million miles
giana factory - rainbow girl (glasvegas remake)
glasvegas - stronger than dirt
austra - the choke (cc)
suuns - up past the nursery (cc)
gorillaz - detroit
jamie woon - street

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