Saturday, April 23, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 23/11

Happy long weekend. That's what I'm calling it because some people don't celebrate it. So Happy long weekend!
The new releases are coming fast and furious again. I keep running out of time to play everything I want for you. It's funny to think that 2 hours isn't enough. Well it's better than me playing the same ole every week.
Oh btw, Rewind! is next week. I've got some great new remasters to share and other great tracks too.
The request are starting to come in again, which is great. There was a little lull where there wasn't any at all. Remember I will try to play anything in the British indie/alternative style.

noah & the whale - just me before we met
erland & the carnival - i wish, i wish
the music - ghost hands
the polysonic - come down
morning parade - under the stars (request)
tripwires - cinnamon
wild beasts - albatross
friendly fires - live those days tonight
club smith - young defeatists
young galaxy - open your heart (cc)
the wave pictures - blink back a tear
the wave pictures - pale thin lips
two wounded birds - midnight wave
glasvegas - you
the vaccines - wolf pack
digits - lost dream (cc)
lp session - the guillemots "walk the river"
the guillemots - vermillion
the guillemots - ice room
the guillemots - i must be a lover
cat's eyes - the lull
a grave with no name - streams
wildhouse - go
purity ring - ungirthed (cc)
arctic monkeys - don't sit down 'cause i've moved your chair
the sharks - the joys of living
alvarez kings - patience is strength
league - two wild hearts
armistice - jeb rand (cc)
gorillaz - revolving doors
dub spencer & trance hill - magnificent seven

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