Sunday, April 3, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 2/11

The streak is in tact! Whenever I attend the Jammy ceremony we lose and when I don't we Well I attended this year and we lost. Congrats to all the Jammy winners especially Tom Fleming of The Freedom Principle for his Lifetime Achievement Jammy. It was overdue and well deserved. Congrats Tom!

It's so exciting to find a band that you end up just loving. Frankly, it's why I have been doing the show for so long. It's exciting finding new bands and being able to bring them to you. Even if I wasn't doing the show I would still be excited about a new band I played for the first time tonight. So you'll most likely be hearing from Help Stamp Out Loneliness quite a bit over the next little while. Don't worry I won't wear them out.

We open the show with a little Rough Rider from The Beat who were just in town. They put on a great 2 hour show and didn't disappoint. Dave even pulled out a couple General Public tracks.

the beat - rough rider
hollie cook - that very night
pete & the pirates - come to the bar
the birthday kiss - starting to come back to life
help stamp out loneliness - record shop
two wounded birds - all we wanna do
matthew c h tong - present and correct
young legionnaire - chapter, verse
2:54 - on a wire
wildhouse - palatine
the spoons - you light up (cc0
mstrkrft - beards again (cc)
hot panda - mindlessnesslessness (cc)
lp session - glasvegas "euphoric /// heartbreak \\\"
glasvegas - shine like stars
glasvegas - whatever hurts you through the night
glasvegas - change
polarsets - sunshine eyes
the go! team - buy nothing day
fenech-soler - lies
the streets - blip on a screen
gil scott-heron & jamie xx - i'm new here
the guillemots - walk the river
king creosote - missionary
the gold lions - elsie's house
bibio - take off your shirt

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