Sunday, December 12, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 11/10

As far as December's go, this one has been amazing for new releases. I fully expected a quite month for releases. There has a gaggle of quality releases out there. Including some top notch Christmas songs. I was afraid the shows would get a little stale heading up the holidays. No fear of that now!
Less than 2 weeks away until the Christmas Rewind! and the Festive 50 countdown starting on New Year's Day! Mark your calendars.
New singles, great Christmas tracks, previews of 2011 albums and the return of The Real that's what I call a solid show.

tricky - ghetto stars
klaxons - future memories
noah & the whale - l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.
phil wilson - up to london
the june brides - in the rain
frank & walters - song for a future love
the bottletop band - fall of rome
little barrie - surf hell
little comets - joanna
cancel the astronauts - funny for a girl
banjo or freakout - 105
pj harvey - written on the forehead
poly styrene - black christmas
summer camp - christmas wrapping
lp session - the real people "think positive"
the real people - can you hear me?
the real people - time
the real people - never give it up
the go! team - buy nothing day feat. bethany from best coast
diego & the dissidents - new found land
memoryhouse - caregiver (cc)
teen daze - cold house (cc)
sharks - common grounds
the agitator - heart isn’t in it
the bicycle thieves - stop to start
the lyrebirds - now i know why
brother - darling buds of may
the duke spirit - everybody's under your spell
morning parade - under the stars (request)

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