Friday, December 31, 2010

Monthly Indiessential chart for December 2010

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. GOD BLESS JIM KENNEDY (LP) Phil Wilson (Slumberland)
2. THINK POSITIVE (LP) The Real People (Townsend)
3. CHRISTMAS WAS BETTER IN THE 80s .. Futureheads (Nul)
4. THE KUSAMA EP The Duke Spirit (Shangri-La Music)
5. RUBBER Yuck (Mercury)
6. YEAH OK (LP) Not Squares (Richter Collective)
7. MEASURE OF A MAN Young Rebel Set (Our Broadcast/Ignition)
8. BLONDEHEAD EP The Lyrebirds (Lotus Records)
9. COME AND SEE THE LIGHTS Flashguns (Friends Vs Records)
10. ST. THOMAS (LP) Scottish Enlightenment (Armellodie)
11. ONE HUNDRED SUNS (LP) Jonquil (Dovecote)
12. LEAVE THE LIGHT ON Lost Souls Club (C-Sounds)
13. UNDER THE STARS Morning Parade (Parlophone)
14. GIVE ME ALL THAT YOU GOT The Agitator (Pointless Excitement)
15. GALLIVANT Bicycle Thieves (Bicycle Thieves)
16. ACE OF HZ Ladytron (Nettwerk)
17. CAREGIVER Memoryhouse (Suicide Squeeze)
18. PLUG (LP) Plug (Upset The Rhythm)
19. WOLVES VVolves (Recordiau Peski)
20. ARE YOU ONE? The Chanteuse & Crippled Claw (Arms Controller)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for December 2010

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  1. Always grateful for the support, people! And Happy New Year, too! Best, Phil Wilson