Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 9/10

UB40 played Caesar's Coliseum here on Thursday. They were fantastic. So good I'm disappointed that they only played 1 1/2 hours. I could have gone for more. They featured a chunk of tracks off Signing Off, in anticipation for their UK dates. Didn't miss Ali (that's a compliment as to how they good they were) until Red Red Wine. The only track I wish was done a little better. Overall an amazing show. So as always we open the show with a track they played at the show (a favourite of mine as well).

Two hours doesn't last very long anymore. I ran out of time again. Didn't get to the Dinosaur Pile-Up lp, next week for sure. Of course, in just a matter of a couple weeks there be hardly any new material at all. That's OK because I've got some special Rewind! shows in the works for the lead-up to the holiday season. Stay tuned for those announcements.
Remember you can stream the show online at and download it through the archives if you missed it. I'm always open to requests. Call during the show or message me through this blog. If I don't have it I can always make sure to feature it the next show. There business done, now the goods;

ub40 - please don't make me cry
james - kaleidoscope (request)
gorllaz - doncamatic [all played out]
bedouin soundclash - elongo (cc)
the king blues - holiday
the high dials - chinese boxes (cc)
british sea power - can you do it?
engineers - subtober
engineers - there will be time
shimmering stars - atmosphere (cc)
the vaccines - wreckin' bar [ra ra ra]
yuck - rubber
exit calm - don't look down
lp session - belle & sebastian "write about love"
belle & sebastian - come on sister
belle & sebastian - read the blessed pages
belle & sebastian - sunday's pretty icons
stereolab - sun demon
clinic - lion tamer
the abc club - get set go
gypsy & the cat - time to wander
skibunny - aah ooh
dutch uncles - fragrant
detachments - i don't want to play
detachments - you never knew me
the vaselines - such a fool
gemma ray - big spender
diamond rings - it's not my party (cc)

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