Sunday, October 3, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 2/10

carl barat - the fall
fran healy - sing me to sleep w/ neko case
the answering machine - animals
everything everything - leave the engine room
get people - odyssey
trophy wife - microlite
johnny flynn - the water w/ laura marling
the mariner's children - it carved your name into the ground
howls - hammock
land of talk - swift coin (cc)
the good natured - prisoner
suuns - up past the nursery (cc)
talkers - vermillion sands (demo)
spectrals - peppermint
lp session - ou est le swimming pool "the golden year"
ou est le swimming pool - outside
ou est le swimming pool - our lives
ou est le swimming pool - curtain falls
chapel club - all the eastern girls
lost souls club - romeo
british sea power - zeus
the klaxons - extra astronomical
doll & the kicks - skeletons
parallels - pet cemetary (cc)
michael davis & doa - something is not right with me
hot panda - evil nature (cc)
mark ronson - record collection
mark ronson - the night last night

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