Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sound And Vision! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 9/21

  • david bowie - width of a circle
    bloc party - heroes (live)
    sunstinger - nothing's alright, leave me alone
    pale saints - fell from the sun
    the hanging stars - three rolling hills   
    the disciples of mary - sidewalking
    monster movie - 4th and pine
    the kills - london hates you
    arctic monkeys - why'd you only call me when you're high? (live)
    warmduscher - precious things
    david bowie - the laughing gnome
    pictish trail - bad algebra
    dan lyons - rohypnol
    -----northern soul spotlight   
    frankie valli - you're ready now
    archie bell and the drells - here i go again
    darrell banks - open the door to your heart
    the invitations - skiing in the snow
    mary wells - can't you see (you're losing me)
    -----lp session - david bowie 'low'   
    david bowie - speed of life
    david bowie - sound and vision
    david bowie - be my wife
    david bowie - art decade
    swansea sound - i sold my soul on ebay
    lauran hibberd - bleurgh
    english teacher - the world’s biggest paving slab
    grasshopper - obsession/repetition
    w.h. lung - empty room
    david bowie - 1984
    tin machine - under the god
    lice - arbiter   
    silent forum - don't overcook it
    simple minds - pleasantly disturbed
    belle & sebastian - if you're feeling sinister (live)
    katy j pearson - fix me up
    the twilight sad - nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave
    the twilight sad - keep it all to myself
    the timelords - doctorin' the tardis
    public service broadcasting - go!
    orbital - numbers-are we here (space beam mix)
    david bowie - tvc15
    david bowie - the stars (are out tonight)
    david bowie - i'm afraid of americans
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