Sunday, March 8, 2020

Her Jazz! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 7/20

x-ray spex - oi bondage! up yours!
we've got a fuzzboxx and we're gonna use it - xx sex (7" mix)
huggy bear - her jazz
stealing sheep - just do
primal scream feat denise johnson - don't fight it, feel it
one dove - white love (radio mix)
tricky feat anika - lonely dancer
kelly lee owens - melt
nova twins - vortex
nova twins - ivory tower
elastica - mad dog god dam
m.i.a. - bad girls
the go! team - semi circle song
whyte horses - ca plane pour moi
black box recorder - uptown top ranking
-----lp session - lexytron 'something blue'
lexytron - i'm not a disco
lexytron - blue
lexytron - in the box
shirley bassey - i (who have nothing)
sade - your love is king
amy winehouse - you know i'm no good
lisa stansfield - carry on
porridge radio - circling
popguns - waiting for the winter
warm digits feat the lovely eggs - feel the panic
fightmilk - i'm starting to think you don't even want to go to space
the motorcycle boy - big rock candy mountain
tina boonstra - out of my depth
brooke bentham - perform for you
brooke bentham - keep it near
spc eco - all in time
heart throbs - hooligan
gemma ray - death tapes
calva louise - camino
blóm - be kind
-----lp session - islet 'eyelet'
islet - caterpillar
islet - good grief
islet - geese
the primitives - really stupid
fizzbombs - sign on the line
the shop assistants - safety net
the flatmates - i could be in heaven
the darling buds - if i said


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