Sunday, January 5, 2020

These Days Are Ours! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 4/20

kirsty maccoll - there's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's elvis
kirsty maccoll - he's on the beach
kirsty maccoll & evan dando - perfect day
whyte horses feat gruff rhys - tocyn
ten fé - candidate
isobel campbell the national bird of india
field music - do you read me?
ben watt - figures in the landscape
candy opera - these days are ours
close lobsters - all compasses go wild
beat hotel - bury it deep
theatre royale - sit me under
derrero - space suction
the smiths - i want a boy for my birthday (demo)
china crisis - some people i know lead fantastic lives
china crisis - black man ray
piroshka - village of the damned
desperate journalist - ocean wave
ernest ernie & the sincerities - do something
sam moore - give you plenty lovin'
wendell watts - you girl
spice of life - i hear a melody
-----lp session - bombay bicycle club 'everything else has gone wrong'
bombay bicycle club - everything else has gone wrong
bombay bicycle club - racing stripes
bombay bicycle club - i can hardly speak
hester & the heathens - regenerate
the lovely eggs - this decision
dream nails - corporate realness
lauran hibberd - molly's lips (vaselines cover)
talk more - from rosaline
sissy space echo & the invisible collaborators - the butterfly (fill the frame)
the edible eyes - you're void
the science of words - kallocain
domiciles - want/need
modern english - carry me down
double echo - automatic doors
echo machine - headlights
superdrone - strange as angels
helicon - sound of confession
the treasures of mexico - the last thing
the beloved - a hundred words
cold water swimmers - robots


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