Sunday, December 28, 2014

Take The Subway To Your Suburb! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 27/14

Last show for 2014! Next week we start the new year with a look back at 2014 with The Festive 50. As I said during the show we are going to try something different this year. Normally we split it up between 2 shows since there isn't enough time to feature all 50 artists in one show. But since the show is a little longer now we will use one show. There won't be enough time to play all 50 entries. The alternative of 2 shows would have left way too much extra time to kill. So we'll see how it works this year.

simon love - walking in a winter wonderland
sugarcubes - birthday (jim & william reid christmas eve mix)
tracey thorn - under the ivy
the joy formidable - tynnu sylw
white noise sound - red light
the cherry wave - blush
love l.u.v. - it's always on my mind
evans the death - don't laugh at my angry face
the vultures - vlad
menace beach - tastes like medicine
charity shop kids - your not like other girls chrissy
flyte - light me up
nouvelle vague - making plans for nigel
bristol - overcome
bristol - roads
thom yorke - youwouldn'tlikemewheni'mangry
spc eco - 2 + 2 = 5
-----northern soul spotlight
eddie holman - i surrender
the group feat cecil washington - i don't like to lose
tony galla - in love
herbert hunter - i was born to love you
jimmy burns - i really love you
-----lp session - the popguns "pop fiction"
the popguns - city lights
the popguns - still waiting for the winter
the popguns - alfa romeo
the popguns - leaning on the backline
circa waves - fossils
diagrams - phantom power
man without country - laws of motion feat white sea
ballet school - pale saint
lui bei - goodness
heaven 17 - this is mine
-----mixtape memories
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
pop will eat itself - black country chainsaw massacre
the chesterfields - sweet revenge
the flatmates - so in love with you
mighty lemon drops - like an angel
thelightshines - ever eternal optimist
thelightshines - love, the amnesiac
male bonding - falling
the buzzcocks - virtually real
bastille vs haim - bite down
kate bush - the dreaming

Download here.

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