Saturday, September 6, 2014

Europe After The Rain! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 6/14

With 24 years in the books we start the march towards a quarter century! Hope you enjoyed last week's anniversary show. It's back to business tonight with a slate of new releases. With 2 special shows in the last 3 weeks, the new releases have been stacking up a little. Tonight we featured new June Brides, Hookworms, Simple Minds, Vaselines, 2:54, Casual Sex, Kindness and more. Complete with water themed LP Sessions from By The Sea & Dry The River.

the fall - hey student!
kasabian - cutt off
simple minds - blindfolded
casual sex - a perfect storm
neon waltz - sombre fayre (demo)
the courteeners - white horses
the ramona flowers - vultures
hookworms - the impasse
menace beach - tennis court
the wytches - crying clown
whistlejacket - swimming lessons
dark horses - saturn returns
kele - doubt
only girl - feel it
kindness - this is not about us
jungle - accelerate
basement jaxx - moments in dub
-----northern soul spotlight
shirley ellis - soul time
rufus lumley - i'm standing
bobby sheen - dr. love
earl wright + orch - thumb a ride
mike mcdonald - god knows
-----lp session - by the sea "endless days crystal sky"
by the sea - endless days
by the sea - these days fall
by the sea - wild september
superfood - lily for your pad to rest on
childhood - tides
2:54 - in the mirror
golden fable - armour
the june brides - being there
heavy heart - another wave
the vaselines - high tide low tide
-----mixtape memories
cabaret voltaire - james brown
john foxx - europe after the rain
japan - transmission
gary numan - we are glass
-----lp session - dry the river "alarms in the heart"
dry the river - hidden hand
dry the river - roman candle feat emma pollock
dry the river - rollerskate
famy - ava
moksha medicine - spindle thief
flowers - lonely

Radio transmissions!

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