Saturday, March 29, 2014

Keep The Faith! Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 29/14

You wanted the best, well, you got me! Thanks again to Clara for guest hosting last week. Back to regular programming tonight with new music from The Horrors, Echo & The Bunnymen, Peace, Ben Watt, Space, Kaiser Chiefs and Jimi Goodwin (Doves) in the LP Session. Way too many new tracks to fit I'm sure but we'll do our best.
Tonight we start a new segment, Border Cities Northern Soul Spotlight. Each week, before the LP Session, we will spotlight 4-6 (depending on time) various Northern Soul tracks. We welcome your requests and input. So drop me a message here.

the savage nomads - porno
life without buildings - the leanover
echo & the bunnymen - market town
the horrors - so now you know
city reign - see what it's worth (live)
the rainband - sirens
ben watt - nathaniel
belle & sebastian - like dylan in the movies [for kate, happy birthday!)
attic lights - orbison
lyla foy - i only
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
gloria jones - tainted love
patrice holloway - stolen hours
barbara mcnair - you're going to love my baby
gerri grainger - i go to pieces (everytime)
edwin starr - time
-----lp session - jimi goodwin "odludek"
jimi goodwin - live like a river
jimi goodwin - hope
jimi goodwin - man v dingo
elbow - real life (angel)
molotov jukebox - something for the weekend
peace - world pleasure
jaws - think too much, feel too little
swwwerve - static
night flowers - bound
abc - by default by design [request]
kaiser chiefs - the factory gates
kaiser chiefs - ruffians on parade
space - attack of the mutant 50ft kebab
archie bronson outfit - cherry lips
witching waves - concrete
antelopes - what a shame
spotlight kid - can't let go
dark horses - live on hunger

Oh you know what to do!
Part One
Part Two

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