Sunday, December 8, 2013

Up The Hill And Down The Slope! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 7/13

Of course, the main news of the week was Nelson Mandela passing away at age 95. A hero to most including musicians, many of whom wrote songs about him and his life struggles for peace and equality for all. We open the show in honour of his memory with 2 songs written during his time in jail in South Africa. One may be the ultimate "struggle song" by Special AKA. The other, by Simple Minds, was written for his 70th birthday celebration and is in my opinion one of the most beautiful songs musically that they wrote. RIP Nelson Mandela

simple minds - mandela day
special a.k.a. - free nelson mandela
the manhattan love suicides - (never stop) hating you
primal scream - goodbye johnny
arctic monkeys - you're so dark
lola colt - jackson
jake bugg - what doesn't kill you
mogwai - the lord is out of control
eagulls - tough luck
throwing up - medicine
the rainband - world we seek
hatcham social - more power to live
mdnght - into the night
clean bandits - rather be feat jess glynne
metronomy - i'm aquarius
no ceremony - away from here feat james vincent mcmorrow
lp session - toy "join the dots"
toy - you won't be the same
toy - as we turn
toy - left to wonder
chameleons vox - sycophants
the sun and the moon - adam's song (pour fenella)
east india youth - dripping down
kitchens of distinction - tiny moments, tiny omens
white royal - embassy
morning parade - shake the cage
martha - sycamore
childhood - pinballs
casual sex - then again
the mighty lemon drops - something happens
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
the fireworks - runaround
white witches - secret club
traams - demons

Oops, you can do it again, or for the first time!
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