Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jukebox Fury! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 23/13

The albums are piling up, I can't get to them quick enough. And it won't stop next week either with new Johnny Marr, Palma Violets, Theme Park amongst others. Eagerly awaiting the full lengths from Night Works and Bastille. The advance streaming of both have been amazing. Hurry up and release them will ya! New albums in session tonight include Girls Names, Jamie Lidell and Mazes. As well as new tracks from The Primitives, Exit Calm, Stereophonics, Big Deal and the return of The Godfathers.
Hope you enjoyed the show!

the view - hole in the bed
the fratellis - creepin' up the backstairs
the godfathers - i can't sleep tonight
the primitives - lose the reason
veronica falls - shooting star
my bloody valentine - nothing is
the history of apple pie - you're so cool
exit calm - the rapture
johnny marr - the messenger
palma violets - step up for the cool cats
theme park - tonight
stereophonics - indian summer
valentina - wolves
alice russell - heartbreaker
~~lp session - jamie lidell "jamie lidell"
jamie lidell - i'm selfish
jamie lidell - blaming something
jamie lidell - so cold
~~lp session - girls names "the new life"
girls names - pittura infamante
girls names - hypnotic regression
girls names - occultation
mazes - delancey essex
mazes - jaki
big deal - teradactol
daughter - still
mt. wolf - hypolight
bastille - things we lost in the fire (daniel in the den demo)
foals - milk & black spiders
snapped ankles - true ecology (shit everywhere)
casual sex - stroh 80
public service broadcasting - signal 30
public image ltd - annalisa
fear of men - seer
paul weller - lay down your weary burden

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