Sunday, December 2, 2012

These Days I Dream Of Pyramids! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 1/12

If you read last weeks entry you know The Who was in town performing Quadrophenia. So we open the show with a couple tracks from their classic rock opera. Just as an aside, the remaster sounds light years better than the original. Do yourself a favour and snatch this one up.
The mind was working a little better this week and I actually remembered to play the tracks I intended to play. For a December there is still quite a bit of new material available. That plus 2 LP Sessions from a former Gene member and Born Blonde. Plus for good measure a set of Motown covers.
the who - the punk and the godfather
the who - bellboy
the family rain - trust me…i'm a genius
the sundowners - hummingbird
houdini dax - heavy tease
temples - prisms
lizzy & the yes men - deserts
witch hunt - chairman
foals - inhaler
club smith - no friend of mine
the mutineers - my words desert you
les mistons - fear of the dark
ocean colour scene - do yourself a favour
japan - ain't that peculiar
the associates - pastime paradise
lp session - martin rossiter "the defenestration of st. martin"
martin rossiter - sing it loud
martin rossiter - where there are pixels
martin rossiter - my heart's designed for pumping blood
paradise - endless wave
breathless - i want you to realise
money - who's going to love you now?
model railway exhibition - stolen goods
kindness - bombastic
breton - population density
andy stott - sleepless
alice russell - heartbreaker
the rolling stones - honey what's wrong
nadine shah - aching bones
born blonde - the architect
born blonde - these days i dream of pyramids
theme park - two hours
mystery jets - saviour (the hale bop)
kate nash - fri-end?
kirsty maccoll - you just haven't earned it yet baby

To download the show;
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