Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 6/12

Coincidences & Covers may have well been the name of the show tonight. We featured lots of covers, some planned some not. Then there's the coincidences, like running out of printer ink the day after I run across The Grammatics cd for the first time in a long while. That cd has a track called Inkjet Lakes. Could have used a lake of ink this morning I tell you.
Another coincidence is the new Mojo featuring a free cd with indie tracks from 1982-1987 while this show is collecting peoples best album choices for the last 25 years. Submissions for that show will close Wednesday Oct.10 by the way, with the show airing Saturday Oct. 20.

still corners - fireflies
the grammatics - inkjet lakes
fossil collective - on and on
the blue aeroplanes - action painting
aztec camera - oblivious (12" mix)
hurrah! - sweet sanity
the heartbreaks - i'm on fire
the savages - give me a gun (live)
pins - luvu4lyf
sissy & the blisters - killing time
eyes on film - something wicked (this way comes)
crushed beaks - grim
the fall - lost in music
human league - you've lost that loving feeling
cfcf feat. austra - soul love
lp session - tim burgess "oh no i love you"
tim burgess - white
tim burgess - the graduate
tim burgess - the great outdoors bitches
chvrches - lies
the good natured & vince clarke - ghost train
the flatmates - i could be in heaven
emperor yes - wasps
close lobsters - nature thing
ultrasound - glitter box
the xx - unfold
alunageorge - watching over you
dionne bromfield - my boy lollipop
rainy milo - come up and see me (make me smile)
lp session - errors "new relics"
errors - engine homes
errors - relics
errors - pegasus
felt - sunlight bathed the golden glow
girls names - the new life

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