Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ultra Sound! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 22/12

Why do companies insist on messing with their product when it works just fine. This means you Blogger. Seriously messed it up. Could you make it any harder to post?
Then the email concerning the 2012 Mercury Prize nominations gets lost in the spam box. So we'll do that show next week. There the whinging is done! lol

Hope you saw the post about the upcoming Best Albums Of The Last 25 Years show. If you haven't seen it yet, scroll down. Take the time to pick a few of your fave albums and participate in the special show. The more lists to compile will make a better final list and show. We have received about a half dozen already. So don't delay and pick away!

Been waiting for a while for the new Ultrasound and the wait is finally over.

jesus & mary chain - reverence
gaslight anthem - baba o'rily
alt j - something good
happy mondays - tart tart
no ceremony - hold on me
all we are - i fantasize
ultrasound - nonsense
ultrasound - beautiful sadness
skunk anansie - sad sad sad
pop will eat itself - ich bin ein auslander
adrian sherwood - starship bahia
ed sheeran - small bump
nzca/lines - okinawa channels
lp session - gallon drunk "the road gets darker form here"
gallon drunk - hanging on
gallon drunk - stuck in my head
gallon drunk - the big breakdown
toy - change
the horrors - new ice age
the lost souls - shoot me down
we three & the death rattle - hey detonator!
the darkness - she just a girl, eddie
bat for lashes - all your gold
2:54 - a salute
artmagic - heaven is here
suede - my insatiable one
evans the death - i'm so unclean
the moons - jennifer (sits alone)
the milk - nothing but matter
the milk - lay the pain on me
thee vicars - your eyes
blood red shoes - stop kicking
the specials - ghost town (live)

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  1. haha yes.. there was definitely "interesting goings on" at that show.. i better not get kicked out at dinosaur this week for enjoying myself..