Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smoking Like The Barrel of a Gun! Show tracks for Sat. July 7/12

Smoking indeed. One of the best shows I've done in a while.
First time in a long while that all but 2 tracks were new releases (or at least first time plays). Still had more that I could have featured. I think I need a longer

As most of the free world has heard by now, Blur have released a new single. Their last? As far as they are saying it is. We featured both tracks tonight. I was thinking of doing a whole retrospective show on Blur when their big box set is released at the end of the month. What do you think?

Father Sculptor are recording & releasing a new song every fortnight throughout the summer of 2012. Make sure you head on into their site next Monday to download it for free.

bombay bicycle club - beg (tom moulton mix)
.torches. - sky blue & ivory
blur - under the westway
blur - the puritan
guMM - lionheart
seasfire - heartbeat
theme park - jamaica
coastal cities - relief
get people - grove
society - all that we've become
knickers - baby it's you
elia & the low tears - violens
magazine - thank you (falettinme be mice elf agin)
lp session - echo lake "wild peace"
echo lake - another day
echo lake - in dreams
echo lake - swimmers
father sculptor - rhein
meursault - flittin'
i like trains - mnemosyne
air to achilles - wild palms
the view - how long
the view - hold on now
the crookes - maybe in the dark
the would be's - ivy avenue
emeli sande - where i sleep
candice gordon - smoking like the barrel of a gun
the kills - satellite (the bug remix)
artmagic - down in the river
artmagic - the spark
fear of men - green sea
cheerleaders - puzzles
an blonds - breathed you out
châteaux - oh, darling

To download or follow;
Part 1 10pm-midnight
Part 2 midnight-12:30am

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