Saturday, April 14, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 14/12

Featured a set of tracks from the Strummerville site. They are all free downloads, you should check this site every once and a while. There are some truly great songs to be heard from bands that don't get a lot of attention. Which is the whole point of Strummerville, to give up and coming bands access to resources they wouldn't otherwise have. I stuck with the more indie bands tonight. Next week we'll delve into the reggae/punk side a little more.

Also, a new track from Yuck and 2 great new debut albums in the LP Session.

band of skulls - wanderluster
trailer trash tracys - strangling good guys
yuck - chew
echo lake - even the blind
father sculptor - blue
the cast of cheers - animals
backyards - goodhart's law
(the strummerville set)
bank of joy - coat of ice
last winter dance party - the dawn chorus
the welcome committee - rich kids
littlemores - femme fagin
little switzerland - four years time
florence & the machine - try a little tenderness
rocket juice & the moon - dam(n) feat erykah badu & m.anifest
massive attack (3d) & scarlett johansson - summertime
lp session - evans the death "evans the death"
evans the death - bo diddley
evans the death - letter of complaint
evans the death - morning voice
evans the death - wet blanket
curxes - haunted gold
joyce - keep the lights on
human league - the sound of the crowd
blank spaces - start!
totally enormous extinct dinosaurs - tapes & money
dislocation dance - midnight shift
sigue sigue sputnik - atari baby
breton - edward the confessor
cornershop - milkin' it
14th - take me there
lp session - the black sharks "the black sharks"
the black sharks - chamino
the black sharks - disconnect
the black sharks - stagger
the crookes - afterglow
hatcham social - ny girl
paul weller - sleep of the serene
scars on 45 - give me something

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