Sunday, February 12, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 11/12

As Black History month continues, in week 2 we celebrate dub music and it's influence on British indie & alternative music. From the kings of British dub at On-U Sound to the onset of dubstep, it's permeated it's way into British indie music through remixes, dub versions and influencing original compositions. I wish we had more time to feature many more examples but we had lots new indie/alternative releases for you too.
Next week, Northern Soul is front and center. Although most Northern Soul is actually American in origin (mainly based around releases from Tamla/Motown), it certainly spawned a huge scene in the UK. And a handful of British artists took up the mantle and made contributions. In fact, Northern Soul helped give birth to one of the most recognizable British pop culture movements of all time, the Mods.

bombay bicycle club - lights out, words gone (rub a dub version)
steve mason & dennis bovell - dub outside
the wedding present - you jane
tribes - when my day comes
feeder - borders
little barrie - i can't wait
fever dream - this waste
british sea power - lullaby for what you are
big deal - cool like kurt
kinnie the explorer - scissor dance
alt-j ∆ - fitzpleasure
hard fi - cash converter (dub machine part 2)
the ting tings - soul killing
renegade soundwave - women respond to bass
spacemonkeyz versus gorillaz - p45
lp session - the twilight sad "no one can ever know"
the twilight sad - alphabet
the twilight sad - don't move
the twilight sad - don't look at me
errors - the village
the maccabees - ayla
the big pink - jump music
stephen duffy - london girls
this many boyfriends - starling
fire island pines - oh therese
johnny & the giros - the day friction overcame fun
the cherry action - dreaming of sonya
the barmy army - mind the gap
dub syndicate - fringe on top dub
lp session - django django "django django"
django django - hail bop
django django - hand of man
django django - life's a beach
turnpike glow - the turn, the pike and the glow
primal scream - dub in vain
dead 60s - police radio dub
burial - street halo

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  1. thanks for the suggestion, i will play them this week! i miss the long blondes...