Sunday, December 11, 2011

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 10/11

After days of trying to figure out the holiday schedule for the show, I finally decided on the schedule. You might say, and you'd probably be right, that it's not that big of deal but both Christmas and New Years Eves fall on Saturdays this year.
So here it is:
Saturday, December 24, 2011 - A Special Holiday Rewind!
Saturday, December 31, 2011 - The 2011 Festive 50 Part 1(#50-26)
Saturday, January 7, 2012 - The 2011 Festive 50 Part 2 (#25-1)

I'm not used to there being so much new material this late in the year. That is certainly something that has changed since the digital age of music. More new releases tonight including a late addition to my singles of the year from The Lovely Eggs with Allergies. Standard Fare is in the LP Session with their great new indie lp Out Of Sight, Out Of Town.

manic street preachers - revol
the horrors - monica gems
noel gallagher's high flying birds - aka...stop the clocks
bos angeles - beach slalom
the winter falls - this good life
evans the death - hello seems to be the hardest word
kate jackson - the atlantic
we have band - where are your people?
disappearers - leave what you love
appaloosa - patchwork
elia & the low tears - perfect circles
giovanna - out in bold
wu lyf - cave song
famy - dogg dogg
young british artists - everything in front of you
gunning for tamar - chocolate hooves
lp session - standard fare "out of sight, out of town"
standard fare - look for lust
standard fare - kicking puddles
standard fare - crystal palatial
the lovely eggs - allergies
coastal cities - night school
internet forever - break bones
young husband - tropic of cancer
theme park - wax
[strangers] - promises feat. lara smiles
little boots - shake
breton - edward the confessor
james blake - love what happened here
life without buildings - pop life
emmy the great & tim wheeler - christmas moon
emmy the great & tim wheeler - zombie christmas
smith & burrows - on and on
stereo mcs - boy feat. jamie cullum
gorillaz - tomorrow comes today
esben & the witch - hexagons I (the fall)


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